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Driverless cars deal death to Detroit, says Barclays


Re: Yes/no

This county sure does not abide by any 5 year old rule, nor will it anytime soon. Another ridiculous statement.


Re: Not really

Cars with less than 150k miles in this country are not typically scrapped, they are sold as used cars, or sold as parts cars. That is just an idiotic statement.

The last three cars I have owned had well in excess of 150k miles when I traded them in.

99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials

IT Angle

This is why....

I see no need for a "smartphone". When a private eye can send a bot to your phone to turn it on so your wife can catch you with your pants down with your office co-worker, I see no need for one....

Obama gov wants 3 yrs porridge for infrastructure hackers


Re: RE: Don't do the crime, etc → #

"However, if someone stood at the bottom of your drive with a big box, then called you up asking you to put all you belongings in said box, and you did, whose fault was that?"

That is what hacking is?? Standing at the edge of someone's property and asking for a donation?

Big Brother

On Principle...

Yes, I agree. But this statement:

"Now I understand that going out of your way to fake credentials may be considered a proof of bad faith, and possibly of nefarious intents. Whether that must be considered a criminal offense is debatable, I say no, it's civil matter, but I'm open to discussion."

Not so much. If someone was to try to gain access to a military base using fake credentials, and was caught, it would certainly be seen as criminal. Trying to use fake credentials, by any means, to gain access to a network, especially one that controls vital equipment, should be seen as criminal also. We put up fences around military bases to keep people out, and we put up perimeter defenses on our networks to keep hackers out. If either are compromised by "nefarious intent" they should be dealt with accordingly.