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Swearing doesn’t help pain if you do it too much


I have my doubts....

... as to the pain relief of any expletive. Now if they were to say that the shock of the pain momentarily overpowered the pain receptors then that I might have more faith in. Ofc I havent read the research so perhaps they did say that and el-reg just grabbed the headlines. Not going to read the research eaither, not when there are so many juicy bits to read here.

iOS upgrade swells iPhone battery-suckage grief


Optional you say?

"If every single person posting to this forum started calling Apple, then they would be forced to do something about this total screw up of a release."

Yes they wiyld be forced to >null

Az mayor offers Prince Harry beer and pizza in fornication row


Hang on a sec...

.... how can comments taken out of context be a total fabrication? Surely they have to have been said in order to have some context? Methinks someone somewhere is telling porkys!

Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit


one wonders....

.... if he notified apple about the exploit before publishing it?

Judge: Top Gear did not libel Tesla


All that needs to be said....

... was eloquently said by the Stig.

Sony asks for 1.6m LCD TVs to be returned



I never win the lottery either.

Users shut down Italian Wikipedia to protest Wiretapping Act

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To paraphrase Steve...

... Just change the article, its not a big deal.

iPhone 5 a no-show at Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event


Re: Well...

"there's only so many ways you can peel an apple."

In soviet Europe... the apple peels you!

Amazon fans order three Fires for every E Ink Kindle


And is anyone surprised?

IMO the advent of the tablet has killed the ebook reader in its current form, it may take a while dying but it will die. The best possible outcome would be a merging of the two technologies, the versatility of a tablet with the ease of reading and excellent battery usage of an ereader.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Ellison: 'There'll be nothing left of IBM once I'm done'



... I hadn't heard of his appointment as IBM CEO?

Apple TV owners lost legal movie playback this weekend

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Re: Downvotes

Indeed this is something I have noticed myself on here many times. cba making arational comment? Lets just downvote. Can we call them Downvote Fanbois? :)

Amazon's Kindle Fire is sold at a loss


No loss.

Any loss they may or may not make will be offset by the $1=£1 conversion rate they will probably employ.

Final insult for Full Tilt as Channel Islands kill its licence



You basically have to trust the site that you are playing with. As an inherently sceptical individual I therefore limit my online forays to the VERY low stakes and the free. Which makes sense as I have no illusions as to my skill at the game. I just like playing.

Provider: Anti-piracy ruling has 'killed Usenet'


To reiterate...

.... alt.binaries is just a title. Any group can be used to post any type of file. Removing alt.binaries.* wont remove copyrighted material posters will just move it to a new group without the term binaries in it.

Apple to Oz court: ‘Our products are lame, really’


Disbar him!

Lawers telling it like it is are not allowed!

Logitech fined for bogus bug-busting keyboard ad

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But depending on your ass it may do a lot to raise flagging attention.

Amazon accepts Kindle Fire will be rooted


Re: AC 13:45 GMT

So you're getting in with some pre-emptive whining about the whiners? LOL

If it gets release this side of the pond with anywhere near the price point it's at in the states, not at 1 dollar = 1 pound then I will be grabbing one of these. I need something to replace my aging book reader and after consideration reckon that a seven incher is the perfoect form factor for me. Large enough to \llow a comfortable font size and small enough to fit in a pocket.

Amazon revamps E Ink Kindle line


Bah humbug!

In my day we made do with a stone tablet and chisel and liked it!

Brits not keen on 3D, reveals poll


2D Please

I will always go for the 2D version. Mainly because I already wear glasses and being forced to wear a second pair is.... cumbersome.

How the Yahoo! homepage predicts your clicks


Chocolate factory!

Resistance is futile!

Spanish boffins unwrap anti-magnetic cloak

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So to sum it all up...

.... they have a THEORY? Yawn. Wake me up up when they break the good china. Cause the war barrier is a ways away.

TalkTalk still the most whinged about telco



Damn straight. Ofc we thought the were wankers from well before they said to their workers... "here have some breadcrumbs and then fuck off"

Mars trips could blind astronauts


Space travel.

If little Johnny doesnt stop it, he will go blind.

NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty



I would seriously like to read the source material that this article is based on as I doubt anyone outside of DARPA believes using a ground based launch system is in any way feasible at the moment. Perhaps transmitting power to a craft already in space as a way of supplementing solar power collectors?

Microsoft 'paid over £1m to silence UK exec over sexism'


drunken behavior and licentious conduct.

Where do I apply?

Valve pushes Portal freebie


Didn't you hear?

The cake is a fruit!

How gizmo maker's hack outflanked copyright trolls


Legal fund?

Is it too early to be setting up a legal fund for him? Personally I have no use for the hardware but this looks like something that might go to court where the small guy might actually win.

And that I would like to see.

BT Tower becomes giant lightsabre tonight


Kind of looking forward to the new game. With caution though.

PC World throws in free Bravia telly with Sony fondleslabs



Anything anywhere near the price of an iPad, then people will stick with notepad and pencil.

Intel goes virtual to root out rootkits


I thought the same. Perhaps they meant to say 1200 new rootkit infections per day.

Facebook lets users have separated social, er, Circles



Share a story with my family that I dont want the rest of my friends to see? In which case I sure as hell wont be posting it on facebook. Or anywhere else on the internet for that matter!

Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV


I remember CiH

Hit me once. Bugger to get rid of. Boot a workable machine, hotswap in buggered bios chip, reflash. What a pain in the ass. The thought occurred to me at the time that machines should be shipping with 2 BIOS ROMs. One of which would be unwritable and used purely to reflash the main BIOS back to factory specs in case of failure.

GlobalSign says 'isolated' webserver was hacked


The title is not required but may contain letters and/or digits

The message to the hackers should be "put up or shut up".

Whilst I agree with your sentiment, the hackers I think might be disinclined to participate. :)

Laptop batteries made of jelly invented



Enquiring minds what to know. If you are shipwrecked on a desert idland with nothing but your laptop and a can of shaving cream how long will your laptop keep you alive?

Hacker defaces Irish Catholic paper: 'Gotta love false hope'



You are welcome to your scepticism about religion, a scepticism I share by the way. However pushing it onto others is not so welcome. The fact that you and I dont believe in god doesn't mean we have the right to mock others who do so.

Man City boss quits over cancer email


Went to the sun....

.... nuff said.

British warming to NUKES after Fukushima meltdown


Limited resources

erm... and when are we predicting the end of our supplies of coal and oil? What are the greens going to say when all we have nothing but nuclear left? Unless someone develops another usable power supply, and unreproducable cold fusion doesnt count, then nuclear would seem to be the only current viable option. now is the time to be planning for when the oil wells run dry. Not when the last drop has been burnt.

Flame icon because thats what we are doing with the planet. If the greens truely loved the planet they should be in favour of nuclear power.

Patent wars: Apple attacks Samsung in Japan


Career choice

Its a good time to be a lawer.

Early Earth’s ‘golden shower’


@ Michael

Great idea, but unfortunately they are temporarily only taking orders from mice.

French bloke fined for failing to shag missus



The French legal system should have just stayed mum and let us all think they were insane instead of drawing out attention to this and proving it.

Wikileaked cable: AFACT was MPAA’s cat’s-paw


If you're dumb enough to pirate then you're dumb enough to go to prison....

... and if you're dumb enough to believe that then your dumb enough to join them. And whilst staring out your prison window you can watch all the yobs on probation for assault on their way to party.

Sony to ship VR-style 3D headset in November



Sony isn't setting a price for the headset - officially called the HMZ-T1 - but it said it reckons most buyers will NOT pay the equivalent of $600 (£369). ®

Last ever batch of TouchPads isn't coming to Blighty


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

@ 99 squids I was prepared to splash out as I read a lot of ebooks and even if thats all I used it for that was a decent price, add in the chance to androidize it and it became a no brainer. To the price points of the rest though they can bite my shiny metal touchpad.

Sid Meier's Civilization



... happy memories... picked up a friends ipad last weekend to discover the origonal Civ on it.. played for a few turns. Half an hour later he demanded its return. Still addictive. :)

Seven lessons from the HP Touchpad fire sale


Looking for the perfect price point?

Well the 17 for sale still on Amazon UK for £200 then would suggest so are they.

Insulin pump maker ignores diabetic's hack warnings


Re: OMG, this is bad news

In yet other news:

Judge tells woman she can skip customs from now on.

Woman in strop strip for Bermuda airport customs


Run and run

Heres to hoping this one will run and run and run... hopefully with much jubbly bouncing!

Vandal posts official's nude pic to protest cell shutdown


Light Sabre.

That really depends on:

a) The colour of the lightsabre?


b) Is it tastefully posed?

appToyz appWheel



This where mum beats the ungrateful little shit into the middle of next week?

Room-temperature brown dwarf spied just 9 light-years off

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Titties? We dont neeed no stinkin' titties!

In space terms 9 light years is next door. Just because you dont own a car doesnt mean the next town over isnt relatively close.

For large values of close.