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RIM PlayBook strikes back at Jobsian internet dream


Missing points

1. Why are you using the mobile version of Gmail? You can use the full version easy.

2. Yes there is a Facebook app, and it the first Tablet to get one.

3. Nothing is suck on your playbook as it shows up as network share, meaning it work for Mac, Linux, Unix and Windows, even when it's powered off. That's why you get more battery drain that the IPAD which does nothing. You can copy movies over your wireless network while watching another movie and then outputting it to your TV using the HDMI cable, and then also surf the net, because you can display one thing out on the HDMI and display something totally different on the playbook. Yes you can do all 3 things at the same time and when the move finishes copying, it just shows up in your play list. You try sync 30gig of movies on your IPAD... it sucks, and you can do anything while it doing it.

4. My Playbook lasted 3-4 days without a charge... would have been longer, but it's hard to not want to play with the playbook.

Microsoft fails to turn punters on to WinPho 7


Skype buy out

I they should have saved there money on Skype and buy RIM... At lease they would have a tablet platform.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 7in tablet


And that is the only spec that's better then the playbook

ipad mono speaker, playbook usable stereo speakers

ipad mono mic, playbook stereo mic

ipad 900mhhz dual core, playbook 1gig dual core

ipad 512mb, playbook 1gig

ipad wifi has no gps, playbook wifi has gps

ipad cam's vga .640 and 1.3 mb, playbook 3mb and 5mb

ipad needs adapter for hmdi out @ 1080i , playbook micro hdmi out wkth 1080p

ipad only can mirror out, playboom can mirror or display two different displys. Also can do 3D out with hdmi 1.4 cable

ipad uses custom connectors, playbook uses standard, micro hdmi and micro usb


Difference between Bridge and tethering

Playbook can and does tether with any phone, including Iphone, Nokia, etc. The playbook tethering give you access to 3G / 4G services, where the Blackberry Bridge give you access to BIS and BES blackberry email services... it's that simple.


Diff between tether and bridge

The bb playbook can tether to any phone (iphone, nokia,etc.) it's the blackberry services like bes and bis the bridge to the playbook. So there two modes, tether to any phone which gives you access to 3g/4g service and blackberry bridge which gives you access to bis and bes. And b/c the web browser is so good, you can access gmail with full browser access or any other service like facebook or twitter.


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