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UK taxpayer 'fleeced' in spectrum selloff windfall


Same Old Story

You know ... we live in a world so mad that there are people out there who would actually kill for something as silly and insignificant as money.

The sellout of sovereign nations to corporate interests is now an old story.

People can talk all they want all day long but actions speak louder than words and therefore "... by their actions shall you know them".

The writing is clearly on the wall for all those that can see it.

Turn on, Tune In and Drop Out.

Iran accused of hacking nuke inspectors' phones, PCs


I Agree ...

I too defend your right to your opinions and freedom of choice when taking action on those opinions.

If you feel that the best thing for you and your loved ones is to sanction another war then more power to you my friend for knowing what you want out of life.

Thank the lolcats this world has room for all of us.


Dear Matt ...

In case it wasn´t clear - I´m not actually selling anything.

I have an opinion which is based on previous experience and what I know of the human condition.

This of course does not make my opinion correct.

Everybody needs to find their own truth.

What is clear and undeniable is that the people of the world have been lied to by successive administrations the world over on a plethora of issues.

The problem is that there is never any possible rectification of the actions of underhanded people after the event has occurred. (God alone knows how deep does the rabbit hole actually goes).

Anything that encourages debate with a view to finding a system that is better than the one we currently have can only be a positive thing.

So hows about we all do a little less insulting and a little more thinking for ourselves.

Because I promise you that if you don´t ... someone else will surely take that choice from you.

Black Helicopters

... How convenient.


First the US announces that they will physically attack anyone who "cyber" attacks them.

Then we have reports that Iran is a big bad hacker.

Who the frack writes this stuff ... ?

... and more importantly ...

Who reads this tripe and actually believes it ?

The US has been shown to be lacking in providing proof on everything from 911 to Osama´s supposed death.

The UN has been shown to be a puppet entity since its lost its balls when the US decided to invade whatever country it liked in flagrant violation of international law.

Are we really all going to just sit about whilst they try and sell another pre-abricated war to us ?

McKinnon battles renewed Obama-era extradition push


First they came ...

Guess no-one here has heard of the poem "First they came ... "

Why is it that the UK is the only signatory to the extradition treaty when it does not run both ways and the US is exempt from actually providing any actual proof.

At what point did you all decide your "elected" officials could behave this way?

Check out this interview with Gary himself for more ...


Perhaps he did break the law ... but if the rabbit hole is a deep as some suggest then there is no-one who is going to come and save us except ourselves.