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Parents to get classroom spynet in 2010

Ross Arnold

useless feature alert

Millions spent again so parents can subscribe to brat1.rss and brat2.rss

While giving teachers another broken system to waste time with.

Robot gender-bending reptile is a lover, not a fighter

Ross Arnold

Re: Wait a minute...

Unfortunately the Tuatara population has already been severely reduced by habitat loss etc.

Perhaps they're in a more precarious position now than during previous climate shifts?

> Graham Dawson:

> We're talking about a 200 million year old line of creatures, right?

> A species that has survived several ice-ages, hot spots, cold periods

> and warm epochs, and dates from a time when temperatures were

> several degrees higher than they are today, yet the miniscule

> temperature change predicted by the end of this century is somehow

> a threat to the buggers?


> I don't think so.


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