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Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING


Re: Fawlty Software

Personally I have used Bit Defender Total Security since its concept. I know as in all such programs there are people out there that have issues with different programs. Still I have tried a number of other Firms AV/Firewall programs & found them to be wanting.

I recommend Bit Defender as private & Industrial protection. NO I am not working for them, I am just a very satisfied customer of theirs.

EE rolls out London bus pay-by-bonk app – only fandoids need apply


Re: Simple payments...

You are only right to a certain degree with cashless payments!

I live in Germany & paying wirh cash is still & will be for quite a while the main method to pay. Also not everyone has an i-phone & when are not prepared to risk paying double etc.

I have to rely upon Public Transport & I do not own an i-phone neither do I wish to.

So when in London I shall not be able to use the buses then while I do not have a i-phone as many others here in Europe.

Good I must not go to London & this idiotic decision makes my decision easier. I shall stay in Brighton & surrounding districts when visiting Family & friends.

I can only shake my head at such lack of choice. Typical of society today.

Rally supports Snowden amid claims GCHQ tapped G20 summit


Re: If the US spooks have done nothing wrong

How very true indeed.

Critical Java SE update due Tuesday fixes 40 flaws


Update? What update? 2

Update. I was on Javas website & although I have the update function on automatic I had to do it manually. I have checked & the settings were for automatic updates. So even that does not work properly.

So the motto of this experience is do it manually as in my case one can not depend upon Java/Oracle to automatically inform you of updates. Absolutely unbelievable.


Update? What update?

So there is supposed to be an update on the 18th June. It is now the 20th & I have have not received any update from Sun. Do they expect us to go to their site & download it? This is really a joke, were it not so serious.

Have they even released the update? My last update was on the 11-03-2013.

So off I go to take a look at the homepage from Java. It is not as though I have nothing better to do.

Amazon faces its third strike in Germany

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So a typical viewpoint of a share holder!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say to you also, read up on the subject before making such a fool of yourself & insulting the workforce. Unfortunately you prove the point that shareholders are motivated by one only one thing Profit on the backs of the Employees. In other words "Parasites".

If you have no idea of the situation then be very careful of what you write.

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Re: Close down the distribution site and move the jobs elsewhere.

First of all read up properly about the employment market here in Germany, before you type your totally ignorant & biased comments.

FACT is that a great number of workers here in Germany have to apply for State Benefits so that they have enough to survive upon!!!! Just so you understand.....they get paid such a low wage that what is left over after taxing etc is under the exsistance minimum. Verstehts du jetzt? Do you now understand? Your comments are completely way off the the mark & completely insulting.

To your point about a Union buying a company & running it successfully, well you "ignorant" that is the case here in Germany!

I have spent over 30 years in the Trade Unions (although I am now retired I am still a member) & Shop Stewards Commitee, therefore I feel myself informed enough to shoot you down. Your ignorance is really beyond belief.

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Re: Also...

You completely ignorant idiot.

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The Germans also love......

You really have posted a load of Bulls**t"!

Thank goodness here in Germany the Trade Unions still have some sway in how much the general workers earn. If we did not have them, the workforce would be working for €5 or less as in some cases with the "Slave Labour Firms". (Tempory Employment Firms).

Amazon earns more than enough to be able to pay their staff a decent wage. One only has to see how much Tax they avoid paying as someone else here rightly pointed out.

The general workforce does not like to strike but so long as Firms continue to blackmail them (ie we will go abroad, or there are enough people without work that will do your job for less!!!). That amongst many other reasons is why the German workforce is left with no other choice but to strike. The measure of success that the Trade Unions have proves my point.

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: What gives ANY company the right...

Here in Germany the Contract would be considered an "agreement contrary to public policy". Basically that means that Googles "Condition/Contract of sale" would be completely invalid, especially if as mentioned here that there are a lot of flaws in the Contract. In fact Google would have to continue to provide the services that the original buyer received, otherwise they would not be allowed to sell it. I believe also that the Contract breaks a number of E.U. laws regarding the restrictions.

Yes Google & all the other United States Companies (ie Amazon, Microsoft, Apple etc) that keep trying to push on to us in Europe, their ideas of fair business keep running into a brick wall. Rightly so I would suggest.

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

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Re: "Use custom settings for history"

Quote "Time to get the ignorant (as in lacking knowledge) assholes off of the 'net." Unquote.

I take it you mean yourself as well? It amazes me how much drivel some people place in such Forums.

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Re: Watch the film "Branded", and see that advertising is mental pollution.

You are either spending the few hours on the net, between "fucking"! & sleeping.

Your posting would have been somewhat interesting were it not for the fact of the excessive usage of the word "fucking". There is surprisingly enough an abundent number of other words one could use. Sorry it spoilt the posting & was using your own words "so fucking all intrusive and all pervasive"! Completely over the top.

By the way, Ad Blocker + is free. You can donate if you so choose. I would recommend it to everyone. You could spend a little less on donating money to Ad Block & spend some on an English Dictionary!

Pirate cops bust LITTLE GIRL, take her Winnie-the-Pooh laptop


Re: Orlowski will be able to put a positive spin on this

Yes that is true. The problem here in Germany is that a few windy Lawyers have taken it upon themselves to send out threatening letters with totally out of proportional demands to pay certain certain sums of money. I have a friend who apparently tried to download a film (for 6 min´s) at the same time as uploading it & stating their IP adress as evidence. The fact that the IP adress was wrong (& the line was only 1.2 s so therefore absolutely unable to do such a thing!) they should also sign a form to say they would not do a anything like that again ( DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!!) was for the Lawyers irrelevant. So now my friend has taken the correspondence to their Lawyer. He just laughed & said wait & see if they are prepared to go to court, as it would be thrownout before it got before a judge!!!!!

What has happen to this poor girl is so heavyhanded that the Father should & must go to a Lawyer & also press charges against these shameless idiots!!!!!!

The fact that the Artist is not bothered enough to help this girl says also a lot about her morals!! I hope she looses a lot of fans& income.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


Re: Maybe it's time for Martha...

Your nickname does you more than justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this day & age we hear & read about the children & youth of today show far to little gumption. Here is the case of Martha doing just that & she is being taken to task for doing just that. At the same time she is raising money for far less better off children so that they may get at least a meal a day.

She has been very imparticial in her blogs & on the whole has been very fair. May you should take the time out to read her blog!!! Then again, someone such as yourself would not really understand what her message is. That she is at the same time, helping others does not appear to interest you.

Then maybe witless no brainers as yourself would not write such drivel. Get a life. Maybe go down to Africa & see what her efforts are helping to change. That though is as I do realize, would be far to much effort for someone with your level of intellect. People like you make not only ANGRY but make me want to vomit.

P.S. Sarcasam is the lowest form of wit/humour & you have shown that with your posting today admirably!!


What is being forgotten!!

What has annoyed me about this whole matter is the fact that this wonderful & clever child is being basically punished for being honest. Also that she was raising money for a very deservable charity at the same time seems to be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!

I also donate to this charity so I am all the more up in arms about the stance of the local Council. Still elections will be soon coming around & I have the hope that the voters make a clean sweep & vote these idiots out of office, before they do more damage.

Talk about over reacting. She was posting/blogging very fairly. They should have taken the time out to read the blog themselves, then maybe they would have seen she was being very fair & honest in her judgements. At the same time raising money for other children very much in need of a decent meal.

I am extremely angry to the point that I shall be writing to the Council to state my point of view. I live in Germany & this story is in a lot of newspapers & in television reports. Guess who is getting the sympathy??

'Catastrophic' Avira antivirus update bricks Windows PCs


I dumped Antivir 8 years ago. I invested around €55 for Bit Defender Total Security & have not had a problem since!

For all who still chose to use the freebee or any other freebee for that matter is asking for trouble in the long run.

I have never regretted the €55´s investment.

Avast false alarm hits Steam's weekend gamers

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Avast & co

Ja I had noticed problems at the weekend everytime I wanted to play Deus Ex. When I opened Steam up came the Update bar. I did wonder why after the third time.

Steam could also do its users the favour of getting some serious servers up & running. When one sees how long it takes for a relatively small file to down load, I am reminded of the days of floppy discs 5,5!!!! Not really anywhere good enough in this day & age I think personally. When you have the number of games as I have stuck there you can be at it for literally hours. PLEASE TAKE NOTE STEAM!!!

As to Freebees & Av you get what you pay for. As in most things in life.

I use Bit Defender & have NEVER had a problem with them. Well just Firefox seems unable to provide add-ons straight away when updating. That though is another problem & off topic, sorry.

Hackers claim to have penetrated Foxconn backdoor



Is it still to late to sign the Petition? Also is it available online.

Could someone enlighten me, please?

Many thanks.

Bank emails punters asking for their, er, email address

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Santander again!!!

I have to say anyone using Santander is at risk in all aspects of their lives. I HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF HAVING DONE BUSINESS WITH THEM & THEY ARE DEFINATELY NOT TO BE RECOMMENDED! That they have done something so stupid just confirms what I have written.

Stay away from them.

Judge blasts Cisco's 'unmitigated gall' in ex-exec's arrest

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@ pershingDriver

I wonder if you have thought about just exactly you have written here:-

""Personally I would love to bring all our people home and let the world fend for itself... How long do you think South Korea, Tawian, Japan, would be safe? How long till Russia invades its western neighbors... oh wait that is already happening. How long till some extreamist pops a nuke in Europe over your interfearance in north africa or the middle east?""

I notice that you forget to mention the fact that your Countries meddling in the affairs of Iraq & Afganistan. The blind support of Israel. Meddling you call what is happening presently in North Africa. Is that the American Government sees no lucrative contacts in the making?

Your sick comment about one day a Nuke could be thrown into Europe, leaves me to comment that that could happen because our complacent Politicians kow tow to your oh so wonderful Government. I find YOUR comments distasteful & typical of the mindthought of to many of you from the "States"

I could mention many other examples where American Foreign Policy has caused very much distress & loss to innocent people & Countries. This thread though is not about such things.

Sun attempts to ID entire FA Cup Final crowd

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Wot not with me!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally I would find it an invasion of my privacy. Anyone taking a photo´ of me & then publishing it with out my express permission would be in for a big fight.

Maybe it is allowed in England these days, it is after all said & done the most observed country these days in Europe.

Here in Germany it would be not so easy to do anything like this. Unless of course you have waivered your rights through buying a ticket etc.

So, that is my pound of mustard said. I am sure that my views will cause some bellyache, but that is life, eh?