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Woz says 'Jobs started Apple for money' – then says it must pay 50% tax like he does


Yeah jobs would be spinning in his grave after hearing Woz's comment, but I like Woz for saying it. I'm not an apple fan but I have a feeling if Woz was CEO I might respect them. From this tax bs, to child labor, apple is just like the mob and a cult in one. Good for Woz for speaking up. All companies should pay their taxes, then we wouldn't be in as big of a mess as a country as we are.

Apple Watch: Exactly how many vids does it take to teach a fanboi to tell the time?


apple fanboys need these video's because their idiots. People with other smart watches don't need videos like this because its just common sense and if you play around with the watch you'll figure it out yourself.

Apple gets patent for WRIST-PUTER: iTime for a smartwatch


so apple is putting all these sensors in the band. What usually breaks first on most watches? The band. So I'm guessing this won't be much different. The band will break, but you won't be able to just replace the band so you'll have to get it fixed. Also with all this stuff in the band I can see other issues happening.

Sad things is apple fans will buy this like they buy the iphone and ipad. It'll break, functionality won't be great but it'll sell well. apple fans are hopeless and mind numb. "oooh, it has an apple logo, must buy". That's the downfall of electronics.

18,000 Apple employees could get bite of profits with class-action lawsuit


This is typical apple. Like the other two people said they'll get off with a slap on the wrist and that will be it. We can only hope this doesn't happen and they owe these poor people what they're owed. Even if they do though the apple fanboys won't look at them as doing anything wrong and keep buying their crappy products.

Dish Network to FCC: Block that Comcast/Time Warner merger


"Similar complaints have been voiced by Netflix, which has previously accused broadband providers AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon of intentionally throttling its traffic – a charge that Verizon, at least, vigorously denies. Netflix has also made public its opposition to the Comcast/Time Warner merger."

I just love companies deny what they are said to have done. What are they going to do say "yes we are intentionally throttling customers? Like we don't know that Verizon along with Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T and others are throttling customers, all the wireless companies are doing the same and they deny it as well.

PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!


I'm using Windows 8.1 update 1 on a dual monitor PC and it works fine for me. I don't see where you're having issues except for maybe just looking at it and not giving it a fair try.


"Worse, it’s a call to war by Microsoft on PC makers because Microsoft actually sees the Surface Pro 3 as a laptop killer. Panay on Tuesday called Surface Pro 3 “the tablet that can replace the laptop.”"

OEM's are making these hybrid tablet/laptops too. Microsoft isn't saying they can't. OEM's are important to Microsoft, the Surface is there to push them to innovate. So they're not pushing away the PC makers, they aren't treating them like the competition, they still work with them. So I think your comment is flawed and wrong.

Über-secure Blackphone crypto-mobe spills its silicon guts


This is pretty cool. Windows Phone needs to do something similar to get Government contracts and for people who want security. Maybe make a Lumia Secure. This phone seems cool, it'll be interesting to see it and one Android phone I might consider getting.

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it


Re: Here is the apology apple should write

And thats your opinion. I think OS X and ios are the worse OS' I've used in a LONG time. Windows 7 and now Windows 8 blow OS X and ios out of the water IMO.


Here is the apology apple should write

Sorry to the word we've been such a**holes, suing other companies over stupid things. We see now since we've lost cases in EU, Asia and Mexico that we are in the wrong. We won't sue over stupid things anymore. Go ahead and make rectangular phones with rounded edges, and make phones with icons, its fine we didn't invent them.

While we're here we're so sorry about our mishaps with our phones, Antennagate was our fault, we screwed up. Maps the me the CEO Tim Cook, I told people at apple to let it out sooner than it should have been. We're also sorry about Siri that it doesn't work like in the commercials, we'll take the ads down. Sorry we made the back of earlier iphones out of glass, they broke easily and scratched and sorry the new one scratches as well, and sorry about the iphone 5 camera.

We also stole the notification center from Android, we're glad they haven't sued us. We've stole numerous other things, lets let bygones be bygones.

The mac vs PC commercials were a lie, a spin to get more people to buy apple products. We feel mac OS is no better or worse than Windows.

We'll try and do better, and we'll try and care more about our customers. We know they are people and it was wrong to take advantage of them like we have. We'll make better products to show we are worthy to our fans and to show non-fans we can be nice and not evil.

Please forgive us, I the CEO got drunk with power and I see the error my ways.

Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark



Here is the thing the word app is short for application plus every company that has an "application store" for its tablet, phone, browser, OS, should be able to shorten it. That would be like Mc Donalds trademarking the word "Burger" so no other company could use it then Burger King would be "Hamburger King" (I'm not sure who first used the term burger so I'm just using Mc Donalds as an example. Or someone trademarking the word fries so every other company has to use "french Fries", or the word "Cam" so other companies have to use the word Camera.

Windows is the name of the OS. No one is saying that apple can't call their OS OSX. They're just saying apple can't trademark the shortened version of the word "Application" So there is the difference and why Windows isn't doing anything wrong and apple is and shouldn't get away with trademarking the word App.



I'm going to trademark the word Burger than sue all the restaurants that sell burgers because I trademarked it. Burger is short for Hamburger just like App is short for Application.. Windows is the name of the software just like Android or Mac OS. You don't see people getting upset because apple has the trademark Mac which mac being short for Macintosh because thats the name of their computer line and OS, just like Windows is the name of Microsoft OS. The problem is that anyone who wants to have an "App" store should be able to because that is a generic name. If apple wanted to trademark their next OS and call it "App OS" that would be fine because it would be the name of their OS but not letting other companies use the word App in reference to their "App store" is to general. Now if someone wanted to call their App store Apple App Store then that would be wrong. Just like anyone can make a restaurant called "name here" burgers.

Apple will probably loose the suite then everyone will have an app store and apple will be pissed, but oh well.