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Three mobile data network GOES TITSUP across Blighty


Best thing is on three website, no problems with service recorded in last 30s (puts tinfoil hat on!)

Rejoice, Russians! The annexation of Crimea is complete and legitimate – Google Maps proves it


Re: Which cliche works here....

Or Falklans / Las Malvinas :P

Angry anti-NSA hackers pwn Angry Birds site after GCHQ data slurp


Online ad industry weakens security and data protection

"The online advertising industry weakens Internet security, and has created pathways for hackers and gov agencies to exploit" ...... so by that he obviously means Google, one of the biggest if not the biggest Online Advertisment companies ever?

Boffins claim Voyager has already left the Solar System


Re: Can't we just agree...

6 centuries from now the Earth will get an Penalty Charge Notice from little green Enforcement Officer for littering and a court summons with note of 2500 space credits and possible criminal record for space littering.

Then we gonna get some green ballifs coming in and impounding moon for non paying up!

IT'S ALIVE: Groupon stock up, spreadsheets still soaked in red


Exec leaving

Lefkofsky has left the building!°

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance


I could live with this....

If this would be a lovefilm/netflix contract like deal... with a console added as a part of a contract and be used to consume the pay as you go or subscription based content.

Think OnLive! kind of thing...

Other then that they can just f*off!!!!

Better luck next time Blofeld! Five Bond plot myths busted


Helicopters (one) can have eject systems!

I'm gonna be anal and say - Zero-zero eject systems were introduced in helicopters - actually just one type; Russian Designed Kamov Ka-52 Blackshark.

It's notably the fastest attack helicopter in service thanks to it coaxial rotor design that allowes for higher Vne (co-axial design compensates for retreating blade stall effect and lift asymetry) and the only attack helicopter that is crewed just by one member (rather then the conventional designs = pilot + gunner)

And that's why the ruskies put the ejection system in - the way it works - a explosive charge blows and releases the main rotor blades and then the pilot is ejected preventing the unfortunete sould from being chopped to little pieces two sets of composite blades rotating at 200rpm!

Curiosity parks for a day, looks back in wonder


Re: Question?

But of course there is an Universal Universe UP and DOWN!!!! Look at all the SciFi movies, especially Star Trek - you can easily see that all the space ships move on the same plane and have the same UP and DOWN as everyone else!!!

Obviously SciFi movies are a FACTUAL!!!!

Culture jammers connect Lego clones with 3D printer files


OpenCB is the answer

No no no - this is all wrong.

What we should do is design an open standard - OpenCB (construction blocks) safe guarded by a consortium of stake holders and have a bi yearly steering comeete get together and discuss the direction in which the blocks should go.

In the meantime all of the vendors would be able to develop their own extensions to the standard that are not compatible with anyone's else!

Canon crossbreeds mouse with adder


white adder

This white mouse is so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasle!

So does it come in black... black adder for all!

How bin Laden thwarted US electronic surveillance

Thumb Up

good bandwith thou....

32GB USB stick - let's assume the internet cafe is 1h away that means he had 72Mbit/s bandwith upstream and same downstrim - not bad at all.

PING was sh*t thou.... :)


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