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ITU calls for cooperation in keeping kids safe online

Andraž Levstik

OMG Brainz!!!!

Someone HAZ them!!!!

Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

Andraž Levstik

Please please please

Lock the IWF away in a dark dark sub sub sub sub basement and keep it there... We don't want it... We have a perfectly workable system around here...

http://www.safe.si/ -> english version: http://english.safe.si

It actually works reliably and it is about EDUCATING children and parents about issues on the internet as well as a point to report kiddie porn and such. Though some points I don't agree with like monitor your kids behaviour online, check their chat logs, browsing history etc...

I would prefer if kids and parents actually had a dialog about what's going on instead of this being a one sided the parent is always right debate.

W3C launches appeal to scupper Apple patent

Andraž Levstik

Only trademarks

need to be enforced to keep them. Copyright and Patents are not. They are a time-limited monopoly on something.

Pirate Bay launches encrypted private network

Andraž Levstik


The point of this service is to bypass the IPRED legislation. That's the main thing it's used for. As for paying electronically and being anonymous it really isn't an issue. As a legal entity which I'm assuming they are, to receive payments they are required to have those records.

The main thing is that there would be no logging of traffic. Like what IP you accessed when which is what the IPRED legislation is all about iirc.

But yeah 5€/month for a throwaway IP that battles the "graduated response" system and gives you greater anonymity if used together with tor. Not to mention running tor exit nodes through it and so on. It's worth a lot more than 5€.

I do hope they offer other methods than paycrappal.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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@Scott Mitchell

Thanks for the offer to be my barber but already have a job and didn't need to shave or trim anything ;)

BOFH: Stick this

Andraž Levstik


Mmmmmm I think I'll make a nice statue of a bloodied stick sitting atop a broken carrot. Would make the perfect holiday gift for a BOFH to have on his desk when users walk in...

Nokia's N97 flagship to sail in this month

Andraž Levstik

N95 for now... N900 when it get's there

I don't much care for the "slick touchscreens" etc... I do want a good keypad/keyboard and long autonomy though. Preferably with some other features. Frankly I'm hoping the n900 if nothing else will last 3-5 days on battery in power safe with 3g on.(hey I can dream can't I)

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor

Andraž Levstik

Here's another one

<> shaped keys. You still get plenty of dead space around it and so on ;)

EC pressure on Microsoft grows

Andraž Levstik

Micros~1 should make...

...it possible to uninstall any piece of the OS without severely affecting the functionality. That would get it on par with other OSes. I don't mind it bundling but it should be possible to replace(not install side by side) REPLACE all the initial tools with others. What would that entitle? Opening the APIs so that the apps would be able to hook into the same bits and provide the same functionality without needing to resort to the official tools.

Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun

Andraž Levstik

Do not feed the troll


This piece got me laughing so hard. I won't comment on this language vs. another since nothing in this article warrants that kind of thought. It's a good quality joke. But beyond that it has zero value.

Maybe PHP isn't the best but so isn't Perl or Python(whitespaces anyone) as is Ruby...

There is no one true uber language. There never will be. Different uses different means etc...

So have fun and thanks for this great joke of the day... And not even friday...

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond

Andraž Levstik

Hmmm what does Linus have to do with this?

He has the kernel... not the C library(glibc). And this sounds like part of the C library not the kernel...

Or do you mean not using it in the kernel?

US P2P bill aims shackles at browsers, IM

Andraž Levstik

So that's sorted then

Desigend dialog box What user sees....

|--------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------|

| you need to click something | | ehioerihb,rcgikerbikrcb,pixboaei |

| | | |

| [OK] [Cancel] | | [something] [something else] |

|--------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------|

As said... sorted ;)

Sad but true... most users just start punching buttons until things go away.

Google should punt content thief ad payments to rights owners

Andraž Levstik

Somewhat interesting

What I want though is an opt-in scheme to be able to pay for the content I consume using any means I damn well please. I would even voluntarily report what content I consume so that the right content owners would get reimbursed.

I'd like a flat rate of 10-20eur/month for each group of audio, visual and text works. I guess something similar for software would be added as well.

FFS give me a means to pay easily and consider content to be a flatrate subscription in the digital age and you'll start making money. But make sure you allow the consumer to choose their method of getting it NOT provide your own half baked apps to do it.

Symbian maps out mighty app hangar

Andraž Levstik


they could just open it up... and this is what will happen if the community not Nokia does anything with it....

Asus Eee Linux-based Skype Videophone

Andraž Levstik

@comes with full source code

No it does NOT it lacks the key piece of source code... a Skype Client

Apple seeks to patent movement, vibration and pleasure

Andraž Levstik


My Year old N95 with some apps can do a lot of this... Shake it to hang up a call or pick it up etc...

Linux chief calls for FAT-free Microsoft diet

Andraž Levstik

Your doing it wrong

It's not: "Linux chief calls for Microsoft-free everything"

But it is: "Lets get rid of FAT and forget about Microsoft"

I agree. I would like to see a common flash filesystem that would be able to operate on all OSes and camera devices etc... BUT it should be patent free and preferably an ISO standard

U2 song whacked my hard drive

Andraž Levstik

I tried to resist... really

Simple cause:

New type of DRM... if you play it to loud so that others than you can hear it it'll crash the hdd ;)

Researchers poke holes in super duper SSL

Andraž Levstik


Already exists a free CA... that does exactly that. And it requires you to have one of a few standard email accounts on that domain.


Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban

Andraž Levstik


It was later claimed that the killer spent hours playing videogames, including Counter Strike.

I do that as well... but never had an urge to go shoot real people... And I tend to have quite an overactive imagination at the best of times but then I enjoy being disconnected from reality.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people

Videogames don't kill people, people kill people

Worm breeds botnet from home routers, modems

Andraž Levstik

@Adam Azarchs

Considering it's a salted hash it's not that easy ;)

Google kicks Amazon in the Kindle

Andraž Levstik

@Antony Riley

Even before the pirate bay and the web etc... people have scanned, ocred, typed, etc... books into digital formats and made them available for others to read.

I prefer to buy the real book and would like to get the electronic form drm-free along the way. There are people that sell drm-free a lot. There are even those that offer the electronic forms free while they sell the paper variety.

I'm actually preping my own eBook of Poetry atm to release drm-free for non-commercial distribution.

Guns N' Roses blogger faces music prison

Andraž Levstik



> Watch movie on TV, record it to harddrive with your triple play internet offer. Legal.

> Watch movie on TV, forget to record it like a muppet, download it overnight. Illegal.

> Difference: a lot, apparently.

Yeah sad but true. I wish it was the same actually both ways legal...

Infact I think the person to start the following:

Open up a new licensing agency that deals with ISPs...

Pay for a license to consume content... let's say 10eur/month(that's 120 eur/year) meaning you pay that much for content... Not for any service. And are then allowed to get the content in any way you like(even through P2P and other more shady ways). This is of course to the content in a non-physical form. And I'm talking any content... not only something specific... Or maybe have 10/10/10 split... i.e. 10 audio content/10 video content/10 textual content(as in ebooks)

Will more or less dominate the market. Getting 120eur/year from a person that generally maybe buys one audio cd per year but would download a bit more AND maybe buy an extra CD... Would be quite a money making machine.

Amazon waves DMCA in Kindle channel lock-down

Andraž Levstik

@Frank Thomas

They have existed since before Kindle at that... look up Hanlin Jinke V3 is about the same age as the kindle but they also have devices that go farther back...

Designers mock up bonkers 'leccy car concepts

Andraž Levstik

I want...

Damn... so many nice designs... I should design one as well...

Here would be my specs:


It would be all-terrain with easily deployable various wheels... i.e. tracks, wheels, hovercraft(combo with an inflatable rubber boat ring), wheel tracks or wheels should be deployable by stopping, hitting a button which would automatically jack the car up, remove existing wheels, and put on the new ones,

all automatically with automated arms that would be also part of the frame(but not the rollcage).

various ground clearance, hydraulics with a lock after lift, configurable body with a core rollcage, i.e. body panels would be small-ish affairs that would be able to be shifted all around as one sees fits with a few pre-configurations... i.e. rain, winds, open roof, sun roof, etc...

And all that in a car a bit bigger than a Clio.

hey I can dream can't I...

French yoof offered Halo-esque electric buggy

Andraž Levstik


I want one... it's nice... perfect for people to hack into something great... but at the same time the cost is a tad high imho... Especially looking at the range...

PRS v YouTube: No UK vids, but royalty row runs and runs

Andraž Levstik

Simple solution

when neither side trust each other stop dealing with each other. Simple as that... If you actually want to work togheter then both agree on a trusted third party that you both provide data and let it sort it out.

Vatican vetos 'dot god' domain

Andraž Levstik

@How about a compromise?

Don't insult fiction writers please...

Nokia releases cuter Qt

Andraž Levstik

@Jay Jaffa

Yeah right... You should try QTs60 sometime... What that can do there through the fluidlauncher of theirs.... A very nice thing and I think something that will take s60 kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat ;)

Caching bugs exposed in second biggest DNS server

Andraž Levstik

@Dustin Marquess

Here's another piece of software that is doing that ;)


Swiss boffins build bonkers iPhone-operated electric sportster

Andraž Levstik

Running on...

...Apple[TM] iJuice[TM] ONLY


Cuba crafts extra-communist Linux distro

Andraž Levstik

It's Free Software NOT open source

"open source luminary Richard Stallman convinced attendees to take open source software not only to their heart, but to their computers."

Please correct this to:

"Free Software luminary Richard Stallman convinced attendees to take Free Software not only to their heart, but to their computers."

OpenDNS rolls out Conficker tracking, blocking

Andraž Levstik


trust issues much... Sheesh... rather explain to the kids about the facts of life and what p0rn is or isn't...

MySQL chief Mickos quits Sun

Andraž Levstik

@Chris C

> "I'll be able to get support for eternity" <-- no... I'll be able to get the sources for eternity and if I have 5% of the knowledge of someone else chances are I'll be able to get it to build on any future systems and so on...

But anyway

/me starts waving bye bye to mysql

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?

Andraž Levstik

I think you're missing something

in the screencap from flightgear... like their copyright notice...

Like this one that's on this exact same picture:


Countdown to Conficker activation begins

Andraž Levstik

The Great CyberWar

So I guess china is making the first move in this...

Or maybe once it's all set into place it will replace windows with ubuntu to kill off all the fscking zombies...

Apple moves to unify its OS and interface

Andraž Levstik

@LaeMi Qian

Try Source Mage GNU/Linux as well...

Microsoft raises anti-piracy posse

Andraž Levstik

It still wouldn't help them much though...

"McKenna said buying fake software was not like buying a fake scarf or

handbag because you could not know what damage it could do to your


Same could be said for buying any proprietary piece of software and running it.

Verity's further education

Andraž Levstik

Not always true

> I think, for an educational institution, having a flexible approach to facts is probably a little like

> misspelling your name at the top of the test. You wouldn't have gotten any marks for getting it right,

> but you damned well better get the boot posterior-wise for getting it wrong.

Not true... we actually got marks for putting our names and so on on the piece of paper for the test... A whole 2/100 for anyone that was capable of doing that...

It's amazing how many people have problems answering that basic of questions... And this at college level...

Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

Andraž Levstik

@If it works

If the chip is cooled below body temperature (soldier dies, chip cut out, etc) the authorization codes are randomized and will no longer activate the weapon.

So a soldier hidding in some mud or sludge etc... where his temp drops rather heavily would suddenly be unable to fire off stuff...

How about having it rely on heart rate etc...

Secret Service camera bought on eBay

Andraž Levstik


Make SURE to wipe any and all forensic evidence from anything you touch

a) So first buy a doggy storage device of ecrap or whatever

b) make a lot of byte copies of the device and stuff them onto various places like

freenet, tor hosted services, wikileaks, archive.org, google, etc...

c) take some photos with a disposable cam and provide that to your lawyer

d) provide a secure dead drop zone for the kit and deposit it there

e) get a lawyer to handle any interaction between cops/intelligence agency and yourself make sure to

give the lawyer strict instructions to NOT divulge your name or any other information

f) get a few throw away pay-as-you-go cell phones and sims and provide the numbers to the lawyer

use liberally and at various locations around the country(then dispose of them either by stuffing

them some place or some other way) assume one time use only as safe

g) once process is complete mail the access instructions and items to the lawyer for hand-off to the


I think that would cover it. Don't ask for any compensation etc... Just provide them a secure way of getting their kit back ;)

After they have it send links to your byte copies to various news agencies etc... :)

Debian all business with Lenny and Squeeze

Andraž Levstik

@Kevin Bailey

How about Works for GNU+Linux badges... that way we simply get the benefit of it working with any system that uses a particular version of the kernel...

Googlephone unworthy of Satan tag

Andraž Levstik


Massive FAIL from google I guess... Maybe they'll learn that this isn't just branding and all but that you actually need to provide functional devices. Something that Nokia seems to have learned and then forgotten. Maybe they'll relearn it with the new symbian... One can hope

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

Andraž Levstik

@Solomon Grundy

A troll by any other name is still a troll.

Free Software doesn't need marketing that just the idiotic idea of the few business users that think it

does. The way Free Software spreads is by word of mouth from admin to admin to CIO etc...

Free Software has nothing to sell hence no need for marketing. Only crappy projects such as Firefox need marketing.

Lol without MS you would actually have users that would be able to sort things for themselves. Not dumb users from 0.0 to 7.0 and beyond...

As or useless pretty pics like Aero, Beryl/Compiz, etc... Keep it in lockup since it brings NOTHING usable to the whole user interface idea.

And no unlike your thinking MS does NOT innovate. It hasn't done so since the windows 3.X days. Win95 GUI was grabbed from OS/2 which they then shafted IBM. I actually used OS/2 Warp 4 and

compared to the junk that is windows I was impressed by it. It was remarkably usable.

Anyway do not feed the trolls...

David Blaine does a Benito Mussolini

Andraž Levstik


Whatever another nobody...

SanDisk seeks to replace the CD with the SD

Andraž Levstik


You meant ShitMusic right? Since that's what it tends to be. Also the idea is more or less

dead from the start. Reason... most people have things on their phone sd cards that they kinda want around even while playing music. The only thing I see here is that you actually buy a sd card because you need it and get the music along the way.

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash

Andraž Levstik

@Roger Barrett

And what exactly would one be stealing? Last I checked you couldn't steal ideas... just copy them over to the next lot...

Google's IP 'anonymization' inadequate, says EU watchdog

Andraž Levstik




And more...

It just needs to be put into law finally...

Miracle airship tech sustained by DARPA pork trickle

Andraž Levstik

title to long

"the famous Pentagon wackboffinry bureau known for its defiant reliance on the appliance of science to all military problems."

That would have cost you a new keyboard and screen and mouse IF I were drinking coffee

ITC to probe Wii patent violation claims

Andraž Levstik

Reflections upon themselves

Yet people innovate all the time without patenting ideas... Seriously. Patents are not a good idea. The worst patents are software patents look them up... they Patent seriously obvious ideas. The same goes for business methods and such like.

As for copyright no it's not like a patent. A copyright would protect the blue prints but not the device itself. A patent protects how the device is made but not the blue prints so there you go.

Basically if I made a potato peeling device and patent something like:

a device to peel potatoes using a power source

It doesn't matter from what blue prints it would be made as the mere idea of a device to

peel potatoes would be patented. This is why patents are bad.