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Re-light my diode: Trio of boffins scoop physics Nobel for BLUE LEDs

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How many Nobel prize winners does it take to change a light bulb?

Review: Mio Cyclo 300 cycling satnav

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Let's hope it is more reliable than a Garmin

As much as I love my Garmin Dakota 20, I'm now on my third. Customer support is all well and good but twice I've turned mine on to find that it has either forgotten everything (all built-in maps, tracks, waypoints, the lot) or won't even boot. Good job I wasn't camping in the middle of nowhere.

Remember kids, take a map with you. Technology is all well and good in the living room, but once outside it is a different matter.

Official: phones sting bees

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total nonsense

If phones really did affect bees, we'd be hearing about large colony losses in metropolitan areas. As it is London beekeepers, for example, do very well and are thriving. Explain that!