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O2 be a fly on the wall during BT and Vodafone's video calls: Telefónica's UK biz, Virgin Media officially merge

Austin Montego

Re: Logical Next Move in the "comms+pay tv" "market"

EE and now this VM/O2 merger have shown that two international firms can come together to create a single UK provider.

Comcast have only just bought Sky, though, so I doubt they're in any mood to further complicate their investment. And Vodafone seem unlikely to offload their operations on their home turf.

Austin Montego

Re: Cellnet

Ditching Cellnet was a long term solution to a mid-term debt problem. The good news for BT, though, is that EE has way more 4G spectrum than O2. The bad news is that O2 has a bit more 5G spectrum than EE.

Austin Montego

Re: Logical Next Move in the "comms+pay tv" "market"

But where do Sky go? EE is owned by BT. There's Vodafone, which is presumably still slated to carry Virgin Mobile from 2021 unless they can get out of it with a change of ownership clause in the contract. Or Three, who as you say look ripe for a merger or acquisition ... especially considering Li KaShing's previously stated desire for such a merger.

UK.gov demands urgent answers as TSB IT meltdown continues

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Re: Whose idea was this?

It's nothing to do with the government. It's so that TSB's parent company can stop paying Lloyds Banking Group millions of pounds each year for access to their IT systems.

The switch is to Banco Sabadell's systems (i.e. those of TSB's parent).

EE squashes Orange UK: France Telecom's been 'destroying it for years'

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Re: Orange was great... 'till the French arrived

I hate to be that guy, but I'm totally going to be that guy. Freeserve was the original company that was then bought by France Telecom subsidiary Wanadoo.

Peak Apple: Forstall was 'closest thing to Jobs they had left'

Austin Montego

Perhaps some people are motivated by fear but I don't see it, myself.

I've seen it kill teams and stifle otherwise good products. It works where a team of less-than-great people come together under a dictator, benevolent or otherwise, who has a strong vision and a stronger temper. It can't last, though, because the dictator is fallible and mortal. It also pushes away talented people who find they can work somewhere there isn't an arsehole making their lives a misery.

Why is 4G so expensive? Answer: The Post-Voice Era is coming

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Re: By the time the other operators get 4G, EE will have raised the acceptable price point

Switching to Three would be leaping from a congested service to a very patchy one, with no data on 2G.

UK's first 4G network just switched on - and it's not from EE

Austin Montego

Ionica did indeed charge line rental: their service was marketed as a direct replacement for a landline. It was a fixed line style of service delivered at 3.5GHz using a network of line of sight base stations and little flat dishes on houses that are still visible in West Yorkshire, East Anglia and the West Midlands.

Austin Montego

A minor nit-pick but Ionica was for telephone calls only, not broadband.

They had problems all of their own, including lack of base station capacity and the expense of building a line of sight transmitter network with voice calls and line rental as the only way to pay it back, at the same time as a boom in the number of alternative providers available over BT lines.

BT Vision beats rivals to honour of being worst UK Pay-TV

Austin Montego

It's a bit cheeky for BT to partly pass the buck onto poor quality broadband...

Dixons warns it's getting worse

Austin Montego

The hard-sell warranties are the problem

Went into one of the newly merged Curry's/PC World out of town shops the other day. It was to buy a TV that I knew was a good price and a good spec ... I could hardly believe it myself.

The staff on the floor were actually helpful and polite. However, when I got to pay, the guy behind the till went straight into the hard sell on the like-for-like replacement cover and then got mightily offended when I politely refused.

Until they remove the incentives that lead to that behaviour, they'll continue to alienate their customers.


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