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UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users



"Why are people file-sharing? The answer is simple; they object to the artificial trade barriers (region encoding), staggered releases, late releases, inflated prices, poor distribution and other (some anti-free trade) practices by the RIAA et al members."

Sorry, but this is not the reason people are sharing files, people (like me) are sharing files as we would rather not pay for something if we can get it for free. Simple as that.

Essex youth's cop headbutt heads for YouTube


I hope the little b*****d goes to jail

"The Officer initiated physical contact (i.e. started the fight). Anytime anyone starts a fight, it is the right of the victim to defend themselves in kind. The Officer would not have pushed the kid if he wasn't a policeman and basically immune to prosecution."

Horses**t, prodding someone is not starting a fight! and as for "the Officer would not have pushed the kid if he wasn't a policeman and basically immune to prosecution"; if we wasn’t a policeman he wouldn't have had to deal with the little scumbag in the first place (and considering that the little toe-rag is only 19 years old, I would hardly think that any grown man is going to be scared of prodding him, copper or no copper; its not like he was prodding Mike Tyson).

FYI the police are not immune to prosecution, the reason the punishment for assaulting the police is greater than assaulting other members of the public, is so they have they protection to be able to do their job. All people are entitled to work in a safe environment, however the nature of a coppers job does not make this practical, thus the justice system prosecutes those who assault the police much worse than the rest of us, as a way of helping to protect the police in what is an essential but very dangerous job.

Jedi to open Surrey academy


Theyv't got nothing on LOTR fans

Whilst Star Wars geeks maybe the template for grubby underpants wearing, spotty nerds of film fan-dom, nothing and I mean nothing, beats the utter level sadness that is Lord of the Rings fans; Star Wars fans are ambassadors or dignity compared that lot.

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor


Eye Colour isn't a breeding inhibitor

"I thought chances of survival and a mutation succeeding was not just down to chances of survival, but also successful breeding. If it was an unwanted mutation, our ancestors at the time would not have been attracted to the new eyes?"

People have been breeding with unattractive people for thousands of years; eye colour is not going to stop a man wanting to sow his wild oats.

Critics split over DDoS attacks on Scientology


Freedom of Speech has limitations

Whilst ‘Operation Clambake’ may be in agreement with old Voltaire quote (i am not even gonna bother repeating it, we all know it), freedom of speech has limitations and should not be used as a ‘get-out-of-everything’ card, $cientologys use of ‘freedom of speech’ has ensnared thousands of vulnerable people, who have been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have had their lives ruined; the financial loss to the CO$ victims is the amongst the lightest of effects it followers have suffered.

I fully support Anonymous in their attack on this repugnant cult, and only hope that the CO$ are put through the same stress, worry and loss, their victims have been.

Basically, f*** ‘em.

The Dark Knight - 2008's biggest movie?


I would thought Indiana Jones 4

I mean Batman Begins was good, but it was not a mega-blockbuster in the ticket sales stakes, so its sequel is unlikely to me the biggest movie of '08.

Facebook takes the Captcha rap


Too much assumption

"the rest of the world knows them as captchas, short for completely automated public Turing Test to tell computers and humans apart"

What on earth makes you believe the rest of the world knows that?

eBayer punts Wii for £1m


Demise Richards

Denise Richards - Showing your age arent you, she hasn't been any mans fantasy woman for at least 10 years!

Video download site ordered to spy on users


What country is torrentspy in again?

Maybe i am missing something, but isn't Torrentspy based in the Netherlands, and therefore beyond US duristiction?, surely the torrentspy admin are well within their rights to tell the US courts to go F*** themselves.


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