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Prototype iPhone 5 lost in bar, right on schedule

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Then again, Maybe it is staged

A couple of the sources (CNET and Engadget) I follow have reported that the source of the stories can't be confirmed as it having happened at all. If anything this seems like media hype more than anything else.

Sure there's coincidence; but when it comes to the manner that Apple gets outrageous amounts of product placement, and anything that seems to happen from the Apple HQ hit the news faster than you can say, "Monica Lewinski" I find myself skeptical of coincidence occurring.

Does Office 365 keep its promises?

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Personally I'm not too keen on "Cloud"

Frankly I've never been took keen on this whole of "Cloud Computing". While it might be a good thing for those that are constantly on the go -- one of the biggest problems that I've experienced both as a business traveler as well as technical support -- is just how spotty connectivity can be. There are still places in the world that simply refuse to join the information age for Instant connectivity. Not to mention the countries that are still running on dial up connections as well as those that meter out to the KB/MB/GB how much throughput you can use on their networks.

Given the costs of laptops with more hard drive and process space than the average desktop, perhaps spending a little extra money on licensing for an offline mode would be cheaper (and perhaps even saner) than trying to clamor onto the whole "cloud computing" world.

DARPA wants weapons-grade military cloud computing


gods below!

They have enough of a hard time keeping track of their documents when a Senate Congressional Hearing is demanding to oversight them. This would make it easy for them to one-button delete everything and claim it to be a server error and that it's going to take weeks/months to restore.

And can you imagine how they'll freak out when their memos and what not that are stored un-redacted on these servers suddenly gets leaked to the outside world? They'll think the debacle with Wikileaks and Bradley Manning a romp in the park.

I don't know whether I should be feeling amused or dread.... Probably both.

FBI fights to protect ISPs that snoop on their customers


Give it time...

Someone within the ISPs that finds out and ends up getting shit-canned in a way they don't like will whistleblow which ISPs are allowing for warrantless tapping. That's how it was found out about AT&T and Verizon after all.

Microsoft coughs to wobbly Office Live problems


Cloudy Office? I'm not surprised

This isn't surprising in the least to hear given that back in the late 90s there was this start-up that tried to offer the same thing: The ASP (or Application Service Provider). What a complete joke that was trying to perform the same local work through a dedicated xDSL/Leased Line to these companies for thousands of dollars a month.

One company that I had been working for tried to use this for their office in the Atlanta area (with the ASP up the road only 5 miles away). 100 users would feel the pain with everything coming to a crashing halt routinely during the course of the day.

It sounds all well and good -- but the real world is still not ready for "Cloud Computing".


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