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HP unveils biz laptops with pay-as-you-go 3G

Paul 115

Something is wrong on the internet!

Look at the link below for an example of a discount when configured with no Windows: Select FreeDOS and get a $100 discount - okay so there are some issues that this impacts such as OS Warranty etc: http://h71016.www7.hp.com/dstore/MiddleFrame.asp?page=config&ProductLineId=539&FamilyId=3377&BaseId=35568&oi=E9CED&BEID=19701&SBLID=

I can't seem to find a similar setup on the UK pages though, but usability of the website isn't what we are discussing. Sorry for the pedantic follow up, but just wanted to show that bundling isn't always forced.

Paul 115

Windows Free

It is possible to order them with FreeDOS or SUSE Linux if preferred, they are just not listed as in the quick glance options - probably because most direct customers looking at the front page will want Win7. I guess it can appear a bit misleading but check out the specifications tab, and if you want something non standard just click on the link to start an IM conversation with a sales rep, or get them to call you.

Enterprise clients will handle things via their account teams or channel sales reps to get the custom builds they require.


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