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Make life easier on campus with a simpler LAN


Re: Somone think of the ARP table!

You've eliminated the large broadcast domain by routing, but you've increased the size of the ARP table. You now need a device with larger ARP tables than you used to with 3 tiers, which current cheap silicon doesn't have, since it was built expecting to need only enough ARP entries for a 3 tier application. (And typically ARP tables are replicated across a stack, so they don't scale up).

Google Go boldly goes where no code has gone before


yes that's the the only way it works

Yes explicitly putting the {} and making sure the { is on the same line as the if statement works as expected. However the other three common "C" layouts fail: the one I mentioned above, the { on the next line, and the body on the same line as the if. I don't like C-like unless it is really C-like. Somewhat close trips me up.

Go also missed the "indentation is information" boat which python, haskell (and others I don't know--Eiffel I think) got right, IMO. It enforces that the code be pretty. That isn't nice for generated code, but great for humans.

Still despite its faults it's very nice for multi-threaded code, server or otherwise.