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We're not throttling you, says Vodafone, claiming slow vid streaming is down to the 'cards'

Matt Major


I had been with vodafone for quite sometime, mainly due to the price.

but since i got my "your bill will be increasing" email, i noticed the service fell through the floor.

it killed my on-line gaming with pings going from 30ms to 5 seconds, which made it pointless.

moved to Sky, and not had a problem since, and downloading files (and speed tests) are much better.

Couldn't recommend Vodafone less to anyone

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

Matt Major
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BE are great

I love my BE connection

syncing at the full 24mb.

can't fault it really, tech support is great, speed is good. beats the pants of virgin

Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

Matt Major

got one

I have a MPMan F10 here, still works.

was gonna chuck it on ebay, wonder what it's worth

BOFH: Friday madness

Matt Major
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another good one

another cracking BOFH.

really brighten up my friday

Boffins develop quantum-computer building block

Matt Major

Theres only one important thing...

with the Quantum computing what will my quake FPS be like??

and will it lower my latency times on World of Warcraft??

Jobs chucks Leopard titbits to Apple masses

Matt Major

Re: What really annoys me...

It's backend is darwin unix

which is made by apple


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