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Sensitive council data sent to hundreds via PERSONAL EMAIL

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Is it déjà vu or have I already read this story about 3 times THIS WEEK alone? And these are the ones that go public so you can bet your ass it's happening a lot more often and is quietly swept under the rug.

The fines don't work, signing bits of paper saying 'sorry, won't happen again' doesn't work, maybe we should look into some other form of incentive for not COCKING THIS UP time and time again?

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

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Let's face it, this is hardly the first time (this week?) that sensitive personal data has been 'lost' by our glorious overlords. Clearly fining the council is absolutely NO deterrent whatsoever as the only people punished (correct me if I'm wrong here) are the taxpayers.

The only way to make those in charge take this seriously is to publicly fire the morons responsible who repeatedly let this happen. If whoever lost the data has undergone training, bye bye to them, if they haven't, sack the bloody managers whose job it is to make sure everyone knows the rules.

Signing bits of paper saying "Sorry, we won't do it again, honest" is not working!

FIVE more councils say soz for exposing people's privates

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Where's your trust?

Surely it's obvious that once the council has signed a bit of paper we can all trust that this will never happen again. I mean it's not like this happens all the time is it?

After the hefty punitive signing they'll never play fast and loose with our data again. Hurrah!

Man sues boss for 'condemning him to eternal damnation'

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There's one born every minute...

I thought that 666 was a mistranslation and 616 was the actual (scientifically proven) beast's number. So according to the religious nut-job in question, he was already condemned to eternal hellfire 50 days earlier. So there.

El Reg in email address blunder

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Wonder how many aeons will pass before you live this one down...

Woman in strop strip for Bermuda airport customs

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Pics or didn't happen

See title

Star Wars: From dream sci-fi bride to perfect Blu-ray wife

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Back in the day...

...I remember going to see all three movies (the good ones, not the shit ones) as a blissfully happy 8-ish year old with a mate and his Gran (Gawd bless her, probably not quite as much fun for her).

In order to relive the halcyon days of my not-misspent-enough youth, I would like to add myself to the increasingly long list of people who would actually pay for a minimally interfered with copy of the original cinematic releases.

Don't make us beg, George.