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CEO of UK's National Grid warns of datacenters' thirst for power


Charge my car

Take your pick: shall I charge my car, or check Facebook... can't do both!

Demand for PC and smartphone chips drops 'like a rock' says CEO of China’s top chipmaker



Best diversify and make some chips for cars instead...

Cisco warns of premature DIMM failures



Not sure if I'm being over cautious, but I'm personally avoiding anything that relies heavily on chips made from Covid (early 2020) times onwards at the moment....

'Hundreds of computers' in Ukraine hit with wiper malware as conflict continues


Re: And this is why you should turn off all updates now

Disable windows update service

Microsoft patches the patch that broke VPNs, Hyper-V, and left servers in boot loops


Re: Use Linux

I can understand your point about restoring from a snapshot, but easier said than done when you're 12-24hrs in before the issue is realised on a Domain Controller and things have changed moved along, and restoring to a previous time will cause more issues than just uninstalling the patches.....

Microsoft unveils swappable SSDs for Surface Pro 7+ but 'strongly discourages' users from upping their capacity


What's the point

We'll give you a slot to make upgrading easy, but don't use it... So what's the point?

Microsoft's underwhelming, underpowered dual-screen Surface Duo phone arrives in the UK this month for £1,349


I did the same and came straight to the comments

.uk registry operator Nominet responds to renewed criticism – by silencing its critics


Reason: Covid

Covid will and has been used as an excuse for so many things - rightly or wrongly.

By emptying offices, coronavirus has hastened the paperless office



I too have a laser which its toner should out last me, and I never buy any paper either, as I do all my printing at work :-)

Google rolls out pro-privacy DNS-over-HTTPS support in Chrome 83... with a handy kill switch for corporate IT



Can anyone seen a 'doh' coming when it goes wrong?

UK COVID-19 contact-tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told



What happened to GDPR and the 'right' to be forgotten?

Pandemic impact: Two-thirds of polled Reg readers say it's business as usual in the IT dept, one in ten panicking


Pie chart missing

Pie chart missing the piece that highlights mad panic in early days to get everyone setup for remote working and then business as usual.....

That awful moment when what you thought was a number 1 turned out to be a number 2


30 years on

30 years on and I still receive those types of calls..........

That's Microsoft price: Now you can enjoy a BSOD from the comfort of your driving seat


Click and Collect

As I can no longer click, does that mean I can't collect either?

What's the last piece of software you'd expect to spy on you? Maybe your enterprise security suite? Bad news


Re: Stop spying on me!

Should be written in the companies IT policies


AV owned by a Gov

All you need is government to own an AV product and they have access to everything on everyone's systems that use it...... Result

Poland may consider Huawei ban amid 'spy' arrests – reports


Re: Put everything in Perspective

Oh the irony....

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD



Even if you don't use IPV6, you must have it on for Edge and Windows Store apps to work.... Good plan.. Worked that out the hard way - I try to keep unused protocols etc to a minimum.....

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Re: Why even touch user folders?

So as I thought then, the Windows 10 edition updates are more like a fresh install of Windows and a 'transfer' of your files and programs to the new/freshly installed version......Great......

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone


Re: Time to claw some back

One place I used to work had a complete /16 address range for internal use (130.1.??.??)

What took you so long, BlackBerry? Facebook BBM suit is way overdue


Long overdue?

Always thought WhatsApp got its ideas from BBM. I expect Blackberry were biding their time on this one... Wait until there was some money to chase....possibly.... Good luck!

Batteries are so heavy, said user. If I take it out, will this thing work?




Problem In Chair Not In Computer

Well done, UK.gov. You hit superfast broadband target (by handing almost the entire project to BT)



24Mbps? That's more like 2.4Mbps for me... BT said it was too expensive to upgrade my exchange so moved on.....

WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor



https://files.mycloud.com/login.php Is the login page for the WD mycloud NAS. How does the site redirect you to your NAS using those hardcoded login credentials? Or will it only work with those who have enabled SSH?

Yes, your old iPhone is slowing down: iOS hits brakes on CPUs as batteries wear out



All a conspiracy to slow your device so you have to buy a new one? In all seriousness does replacing the battery restore any lost performance?

Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update


Re: Will this turn out to be

"My brother's MSWin10 machine in The Catskills has had updates shut off since April "

Perhaps you need to share how to do that with all the folks here who complain about their Windows PCs rebooting every 10 minutes due to updates.

** Just disable the Windows Update Service

DJI drones: 'Cyber vulnerabilities' prompt blanket US Army ban


Phoning Home?

No, I call it droning home :-)

Microsoft posts death notices for Windows 7 sysadmin certifications


Microsoft Partnerships require you to have so many Certified Professionals on the books.

I personally am pleased to have achieved MCSE in 2000 & 2003, but haven't bothered since - I can do it, that's enough - Anyways, kids etc got in the way of carrying on with them... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Apple sued by parents of girl killed by driver 'distracted by FaceTime'


Re: Sad

FaceTime Audio should be allowed however........

Is your Windows 10, 8 PC falling off the 'net? Microsoft doesn't care


Easy to explain fix

Had to fix two machines for friends already... Quickest way to explain to users (does delete saved wifi passwords so not as efficient as the netsh command)

Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Click Network Reset at the bottom... Reboot PC and reconnect to your wifi network if required.

SHIFT + F10, Linux gets you Windows 10's cleartext BitLocker key


Windows 10 Advent Calendar

A bug behind every door

Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen



Hope they enjoy the pr0n as much I do ;-)

Canadian cops cuff 11-year-old lad after Grand Theft Auto gets real


'Will somebody please think of the children'

The do gooders will be on for banning these types of games again - it's the parents that need sorting!

Allow us to sum this up: UK ISP Plusnet minus net for nine-plus hours


Re: Meanwhile, on BT Infinitesimal

BT won't allow me to use another DNS provider....can't remember their exact web error message.....Bypasses their web nanny service which I have supposedly disabled!

Multipath TCP: Siri's new toy isn't a game-changer


Re: TCP/IP has been multi-path from the git-go.

"However, my netbook has both on at the same time, not sure how it decides."

Routing table decides which route to use....routes have a cost and it will use the cheapest route if more than one route exists

RIM shares jump as analyst decides it isn't as dead as he thought


Make or Break?

BB10 I think is make or break for RIM. I will certainly be supporting them in the future.

PGP founder's mobile privacy app goes live


Re: AC

How about the Tor Project?

RIM makes Bold move with OS 7


It is out

OS6 is out for the 9650 and has been on Verizon since January '11. http://vzw.smithmicro.com/blackberry/download.aspx?ct=personal