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First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks


Re: Less gimicks, more stability

A Robust Apple is an oxymoron, they have never made a product that you could throw across a room and still have it work.


Re: Innovation vs "innovation"

None of the current "smartphone" manufacturers actually innovate anything. All they are involved in, especially Apple and Samsung, it's a "mine's bigger than yours" competition.

Apple is a great one at "innovation" or should I say taking credit for stuff that already exists in other phones like, for example, internet access or email which the Nokia Communicators introduced in the late 90's around 10 years before the iPhone was ever released.


They've said this before

I seem to remember Apple carrying on about "holding it the wrong way" quite a few years back, at that time it was to do with the phones reception.

Nokia had a go at them stating that you could hold a Nokia phone anyway and it still had network connection.

I think they have something else in their hand and it's not a phone.

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?


Re: "If someone wants to revive that Qt-based Symbian hotness"

Another making a comment who really has no idea. Symbian was not the downfall of Nokia, it was the management.

I actually saw an N8 with a Qt UI overlay and it made Symbian sing. At least Symbian was developed for mobile from the ground up, not some crappy desktop port to mobile, as an example, Windows springs to mind

New iPhone details leak: Yes, Apple is still chasing Samsung


Re: Apple excels in iterative technical improvements, and marketing

Well the first "smartphone" was actually the Nokia 7650, but if you wanted to really push the case you could say it was the Nokia 9000 which entered the market a good 10 years before the iPhone and you could cut & Paste, access the internet, send& receive emails etc. etc.

So, Apple is no innovator, just a good copier who takes all the credit.


"Apple continues to play catch-up, although it always paints its ability to do something for the first time as if it is a first everywhere – and the legions of devoted followers for some reason play along."

Always has and alway will do. Go back to the original "dumb as a brick" iPhone and Steve Jobs made out it was first to do everything and that has continued.

If you believed their hype, Apple invented the cellular phone and if they said it their fanboys would believe that as well.

BlackBerry sued by hundreds of staffers 'fooled' into quitting


Re: Transition from Maker to Troll

The products they infringe the patents are not handsets but infrastructure products. Good luck to them, Nokia has to be one of the most diligent companies I know where it concerns the use of patents and the licensing as well.

Apple sues Nokia's pet patent trolls


Apple Innovative???

Apple is certainly not an innovative company, they are one of the best at copying and then telling the world it was their idea in the first place.

Their only innovations are based on ridiculous patents like round corners used on screen icons.

Apple’s macOS Sierra update really puts the fan into 'fanboi'


Not all non-Apple sw is good.

Ok, I have updated every apple product I have to macOS, stupid, yes, so don't have a go at me.

Firstly, after updating, everything was running as slow as a wet week until I complained like crazy to Apple Support and they then had me delete a bunch of stuff and clear out a lot of the temp library files.

Also, I never use Safari, I miss too much from websites when I do use it, once I double booked air tickets because of its failings and only found out when I checked using Firefox.

Chrome has huge issues with macOS, to ensure it works all the time and not go rogue on me such as refusing to connect to sites, or presenting blank pages, I now have to clear all the browsing history for the previous week. Also until I did this I could not access the web interface of my NAS.

Speaking of the NAS, with El Capitan set-up the access and the connections stayed in place, now, I have to physically confirm the connection even though the access is stored in my keychain. Apple support are still trying to find out why this is the case.

I am now kicking myself for updating so soon, should have waited for the next release which I am sure will come soon as it did with El Capitan.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains


They Still Break....

As with all smartphones on the market today, drop the blasted thing and then you are up for a fortune in having the display replaced. I have had several HTC's, Samsung's and the odd Apple over the years and they just cannot stand even the simplest drop from your pocket.

When I had Nokia's they were indestructible, my N8 was dropped on so many occasions I lost count, the only noticeable damage was dings in the corners of the case. My communicator was run over after I dropped it on the street, it still worked no problems.

I now have a Galaxy S5 and to overcome all the shortfalls (excuse the pun) of smashing the display when dropping I now have a shockproof/waterproof case on it which makes it a big lumpy device, a far cry from the sleek design it had when I opened the box.

Microsoft: Even cheapo Lumias to get slimmed down Windows 10


So What.....

To be honest who really gives a toss......MS will end up making a complete mess of what was once a magnificent phone business.

Apple preps to DUMP crappy, sluggish iPhoto FOR GOOD


I suffered the pain....

I used to be an Aperture user, that is until Apple decided those that did more with their photos other than selfies and cat pictures didn't matter.

I now use Lightroom, the workflow and all the capabilities outshine Aperture 10 fold and iPhoto 1000 fold. I'll never go back to using anything that Apple develops.

I had well over 6000 images at the time and it did take me quite a while to redo them all. I have recently seen that there is now an application that will alllow you to transfer your Aperture images to Lightroom.

Aplle really screwed me over, now they can just go take a flying leap.....

Microsoft rolls out even cheaper 'Notkia' Lumias



So they are dragging the hardware down to the same level as the OS, namely rubbish. As was posted earlier, all the Zunes in landfill will have some neighbours soon.

Uber BLOCKS COPS to stop stings


What if??

Drivers who are operating for the UberX platform are really putting themselves and their passengers at a massive risk. Scenario - They have an accident, the paying passenger is injured and ends up in a wheel chair for the rest of his/her life. I would bet the drivers third party insurance company would not pay out a dime leaving the passenger to take the matter through the civil court system. Not a great prospect of getting anything in compensation as the driver I bet would not have the funds to remotely pay a dime. He would then have to declare bankrupcy to avoid any further legal action.

So, 2 lives ruined all for the want of a bunch of yanks flouting our laws in the name of making money. There are a number of cases in the US where these guys have actually threatened journalists if they write anything bad. I wonder if they will try that trick here in Oz? They are not a very nice bunch and the word ethics does not exist in their vocabulary.

The laws governing taxi's are there to protect the public and they do it well. Pity the drivers are not put through the same process as those in the UK and have to have "The Knowledge" which is one reason why people are pissed off and then go and use an unsafe system such as Uber.

Frisky patent WAR: Samsung seeks to BLOCK Nvidia graphics chips from US market


You try to block our products

The patent bullshit continues, all this does is line the pockets of the legal profession who just rub their hands together and smiling thinking about the next company to start a patent battle.

Here's something innovative, why don't these companies just agree on reasonable licensing grounds for the patents or work on a bater system of patent for patent.......oh yeah, that is supposed to be alredy working.

It get down to bloody egos, testosterone and mine is bigger than yours.

Who are the losers? You and me with increase product costs due to the fact they have to recover the costs of these stupid actions.

NOKIA - Not FINNished yet! BEHOLD the somewhat DULL MYSTERY DEVICE!


Re: Looks smart

.."Pretty sure most of the Nokia team of old are on the dole or have moved on."

Maybe, but a lot of us are ready to join the fold once again......


Re: Really?!

Well that is a load of crap.

The downfall was created by a management structure that was too self absorbed to really notice what was happening out in the real world. They also refused to listen to all of us at the coalface on what we should be doing about it.

Nothing to do with "me too" products. The N9 was certainly NOT a "me too" product and had the potential of nailing Apple to the wall and putting a serious dint in the advance of Android.

Nokia's N1 fondleslab's HIDDEN BRILLIANCE: The 'Z Launcher'


watch this space....

This is just the beginning......I bet Android is purely an interim OS solution and the platform will be running Sailfish in the not too distant future as has been suggested earlier here.

This is a real disruptive play on their behalf, watch how badly things will now go for the M$ Lumia range with the potential of other true Nokia devices appearing and the real Nokia fans hanging on to their current devices for dear life just waitng for that to happen.

Elop thought he won, well buddy you have just been played beautifully and it couldn't happen to a nicer person.....

Jony Ive: Apple isn't here to make money. And students shouldn't use computers so much


What a dickhead....

If you didn't want your design "copied" and you are so passionate about it then why didn't you insist that Apple go and lodge design patents all over the world to protect your valuable "time" spent on designing iJunk?

I guess they were arogant enough to think that no one would dare copy their designs....pffft.

Farewell Nokia: First ever 'Microsoft Lumia' set for Tuesday reveal


The Nokia name is NOT dead

The media are hyping up the "fact" that Nokia's brand is going because of that bunch from Redmond. Well kiddies, Nokia still exists in a big way, firstly its Infrastructure business is going great guns, secondly the HERE mapping platform is better than Google and Apple's mapping platform is just making it from water to land on an evolutionary scale. Nokia has also retained its Technology Development.

So, the brand may not be adorning mobile devices ant longer, but it is certaionly not dead.

What makes me wonder is how long Microsoft will be able to maintain the support from consumers with the Lumia range, it is NOT theirs they are interlopers who with a plant within Nokia destroyed the best mobile company and an OS with so much potential in Meego to be replaced with an also ran OS that just can't seem to get into double digit penetration figures no matter what is done.

Opposition: we passed Australia's 'spook's charter' on PURPOSE


Mark 65 needs to take a chill pill

Do you REALLY believe what you wrote??? Have you been living under a rock during the Rudd/Gillard years?? THEY srewed this country into the ground and it now has to be fixed.

As far as the terror threat is concerned I bet if the Abbott government did nothing and we were then subject to an attack, people like yourself would be the first ones to be screaming the loudest at how slack the Libs were.

If you are not doing anything wrong then there is no reason to fear the new laws....simple as that.

Man buys iPHONE 6 and DROPS IT to SMASH on PURPOSE


Why should I buy extra bits

The phones today are basically crap from a durability standpoint. As siad, you should not have to go and buy extra bits just to protect the phone if you drop it. I have had many phones over the last 25 yerars and only since i got a Samsung GS III and then HTC One XL have I had to pay money to repair screens after they have been dropped.

All my Nokia's could survive the drop test and I even had one (9300 communicator) run over by a car and it survived.

I also have a Jolla, it has been dropped on several occaisions and it is still going without any display damage.

You should be able to drop, sit-on or basically trewat your phone like crap and it should still work.

BONEHEAD FANBOIS encamp outside Apple Stores


Honestly, it's only a phone.....

I find all the hype around not only Apples "new" phones as well as those from Samsung such a load of tripe it beggars belief.

IT IS JUST A PHONE.....not some lifesaving event, but I guess those who have very little excitment in their lives are to be expected to hang around a store for days just so they can say they got the first one....big whoop

FEAST YOUR EYES: Samsung's Galaxy Alpha has an 'entirely new appearance'


Still rubbish

I don't care what anyone says, today's phones are junk and built to a price no matter what the manufacturers do from a cosmetic standpoint.

I dropped my GS3 and guess what, the display decided not to work anymore. So I got an HTC One, sat on it and the screen shattered, had that fixed and it was dropped a couple of weeks later and it shattered again, it's still shattered.

But, I dropped the Jolla I purchased and all that happened was the ToH was scratched - go figure.

I can remember when you could play football with a handset or even if they were run over by a car the things would still work no problems.

As the meme says, drop an iPhone, it breaks, drop a Nokia, the floor breaks.

Do YOU work at Microsoft? Um. Are you SURE about that?



After witnessing the great MS successes in the past such as Zune, MS TV etc., getting rid of any of the ex-Nokia people and replacing them with MS drones will mean the success of the buyout will be one great failure....again. It will then propel that less than optimal desktop port of WM8 to the bottom of the heap where it belongs.

Blackberry can only be rubbing their hands with glee.

Murdoch calls for ISPs to be liable for users' activities


Murdock pffft

What everyone needs to remember, and especially here in Australia, is that Murdock is a US citizen and him sticking his nose into our countries business warrants a big F!#$K OFF from us all here.

From an Australian standpoint the reasons why we have people downloading content is directly associated with his FOXTEL being arrogant rip off merchants. THEY were the ones who stitched up the deal so GoT episodes could not be seen locally until after the season had finished on FOXTEL, so what happened? all the tech savvy fans just went and downloaded them.

The Free to Air broadcasters here are also in the same boat, they screw up the order of the series, stop showing it if the ratings period has finished and then if some ridiculous reality show comes along where they make more money they either dump the show or put it on late at night.

We in Australia have been putting up with being ripped off for too long, as far as I am concerned they can all go jump, the US networks don't care, they have made their money.

ALP email SNAFU spaffs campaign plan to world+dog



These guys can never get anything right be it in the NSW Labor party or the National one.

That is not to say the other side has not made some boo boos but within Labor it is part of their job description.

Ditching renewables will punch Aussies in the wallet – Bloomberg


Re: What about all the conventional capacity needed

OK, then how come the Spanish SOlar farm is having issues? Solar today is viable only because it and other forms of renewables are heavily subsidised by politicians who want to be seen doing something rather than just staring at the wall thinking about what to do.

Germany certainly went backwards at a million miles an hour when they had their massively political knee jerk reaction to Fukishima and chose to utilise coal. Their polution counts have gone back to where they were 20 years ago.

Why didn't they choose to go further into renewables if they are so competitive??



Not here in Australia, there is way too much resistance from the public into this.

Also look at the US experience, they are now seeing seismic events happening in States that were stable in this regard until fracking was allowed in those areas.

Coal Seam Gas in another battlefield as the farmers and rural townspeople are quite rightly scared of what this will do to the water table and the massive artesian water system we have here. The water in that is prehistoric and a lot of landowners rely on that as their only source. Contaminating that would be unthinkable and who do we hang if it happens?

The Gas lobby here used the bullshit story that if we don't find more gas then we'll be paying through the nose for it, well we will still pay through the nose for it due to Global demand and the local pricing will be set by those global prices.


Re: Junk modelling (Absolutely correct! Bloomberg is ALWAYS suspect)

Non-renwables such as nuclear ARE economic in the long term. The issues with renewables is they are unable to provide 24/7 energy requirements, that is not to say they are redundant, quite the contrary they all make up part of the overall solution BUT there needs to be that continuous base load energy supply.

If you wanted to supply Sydney alone with power from wind you would need to cover 97,000 sq km's with wind turbines to provide the RESIDENTIAL energy that Sydney consumed in 2013. The costs of building these turbines are prohibitive and then you have to add the cost of transmission as well as additional generating capacity to allow for energy loss from the transmission system.

IF nuclear was used then you would only need a couple of square kilometers of space.

Then the question is what nuclear fuel do you utilise? Forget Uranium as it is too expensive and limited in supply, Thorium is the answer and Australia has the largest easily accessible Thorium reserves on the planet and those reserves are basically unlimited as the whole planet is made of the stuff.

Until Governments actually move into the 21st century and support the growth of Nuclear we will always take the easy cheap path and mine and burn coal.

Game of Thrones written on brutal medieval word processor and OS


I can understand where he is coming from, he just wants to write and not have the interruptions from software that thinks it knows better than you.

I actually liked WordStar, a completely uncomplicated program, it was a favourite amongst programmers as you could turn everything off completely which allowed you to write code quickly and simply.

Nokia Camera guru: I'm finished being Finnish, and off to 'the company you're thinking of'


Re: iPad and tablet photography...

I would have to say the most ridiculous place I have seen people using an iPad for photography was at a charity surf carnival here in Sydney. The idiots were up to their waists in water trying to get a decent shot of Kelly Slater.

I was on the beach with my Canon and 600mm lens and I bet I got a lot better images.

Stephen Elop: I was RIGHT to BURN the PLATFORMS


Nokia going to MS

Can we please finally get it correct that Nokia was not bought by Microsoft, it was the Devices and Services group of Nokia. Nokia still exists with HERE, the technology group and NSN. You can bet your life they will come up with new products that will only give more grief to MS which is why HERE was not on the table in the MS negotiations although they wanted it badly.

I think we'll all finally see that MS didn't take Nokia to the cleaners in getting the Devices & Services but it will be the other way around and the Nokia board is quietly smiling like Finns do.


Re: "He likes pizza and R&D. Presumably not together"

He only says that because his new boss is an R&D Nerd....


Re: What was the point of getting Lumia out in record time?

"...and any of those three (even Symbian) could have made a far better competitor to the iOS/Android ecosystem than measly WP."

Totally agree. Symbian with an improved interface from the guys at Qt Mobile would have nailed Android, iOS and especially WP. It was an OS developed purely for mobile not like the others that were either a Linux fork, a port from the desktop and a really bad port from the desktop. MeeGo would have been the icing on the cake.

All you had to do was look at the success, although limited due to Elop, of the N9, it was giving the iPhone grief in Europe.

As far as Elop is concerned he will survive, it always seems those that screw-up royally always do. One of the best guys to read on the Elop effect is Tommi Ahonen in his Communities Dominate Brands blog, he show Elop no mercy.

Awkward? Elop now answers to ex-junior Nadella as Microsoft closes Nokia buyout


Re: "...grand turnaround plan from Elop that was supposed to save Nokia."

Symbian was left to its own devices but I saw an N8 that had a Qt interface that made the thing fly, yes I worked for Nokia at the time. All Symbian needed was a better interface from a consumer standpoint, it did have other issues that were not seen by the consumer.

Meego had the potential to really cause some problems for Apple, look at the brilliant N9, Android and absolutely kill off anything mobile from M$. These issues were not just limited to the mobile handsets but also other products.

Elop could not allow another OS to appear as he still had ties with M$ so both were destroyed.

If Nokia had gone Android at the time, their hardware expertise etc would have kept Samsung and Sony where they belonged.


Re: If I was an engineer at Nokia

They did, the company is called Jolla and the OS Sailfish

Bendy or barmy: Why your next TV will be curved


4K pffft

4K, 8K Curved screens??? It is a load of rubbish until you have the content providers and broadcasters across the globe actually providing the ability for consumers to watch their show in those formats. The manufacturers have run out of crap to stick into TV's and they think this hype will get people to stump up the cash to but these, basically, white elephants.

In fact people will, they still fall for the Nigerian scams so why not this one :-)

This is typical of what happened here in Australia, but from a different camp, the broadcasters had a wet dream about HD so they pushed for it although there was no HD content available and it took quite a number of years for that to change.

Greenpeace reveals WORLD'S FILTHIEST CLOUDS – and the cleanest may shock you


Greenpeace? no greenwarfare

It is interesting to note that once the Cold War finished all the radicals had nothing to crow on about so they joined the next wave, namely Greenpeace. They infiltrated the organisation to such an extent that the original founder resigned in disgust.

Greenpeace is basically an eco terrorist organisation and they won't be happy until we are sitting in caves reading our stone tablets lit by beeswax candles, at least the planet will survive.

The organisation smacks with hypocracy along with the global green political parties, it has nothing to do with saving the planet, if they wanted this to happen they would get of their butts and support the promotion of nuclear energy, the only true carbon neutral base load power generation system there is. Then, if you want to go further support the use of Thorium as the fuel source.

Instead, they use the old shock methods and bring up 3 mile island, chernobyl and now fukishima as reasons why we should not use nuclear.

I totally agree with the first poster, they need to be gotten rid of, they are totally irrelevant.

Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?


iPhone a leader !!! Ha!

Why you would want to copy the iPhone is beyond me. The original was as dumb as a brick, nearly every other phone on the market had more smarts, they just did'nt have the cash to throw into the spin machine as Apple had.

Rotten to the core: Apple’s 10 greatest FAILS


Re: In the interests of fairness...

I think we should also include those "features" that Apple crow on about that the rest of the mobile phone manufacturers, especially Nokia, had for years before the iPhone.


Another for the list

Screwing with Aperture and taking it from the best photography workflow program to a crappy hasbeen. The winner is Apple's old foe Adobe with Lightroom which is now light years ahead.

Judge sighs at 'whack-a-mole' lawsuits as Apple deals blow to Samsung


Patent for everything...

The next thing Apple will have a go a patenting is Cellular Radio, they have had a go at everything else, the stupid thing is the USPTO may even grant it !!

Samsung: Men, our Gear smartwatch will make you a hit with the sexy ladies


Utter Rubbish

If Samsung think that this lame attempt at humour will get people buying their lame attempt at producing something that noone really wants at present then they have another thing coming.

Oh Jack.....you really are a dickhead and a loser aren't you?

Nokia's phone division burned us so badly we HAD to flog it, says CEO


Re: HERE for Android?

There has been a beta version around for a while. I just wish they would hurry up with the full app, I an sick of Google's unverified mapping solution and Apple's is just a joke.

Labor names Jason Clare shadow comms spokesbloke


Just because Jason Clare is younger than Malcolm Turnbull doesn't mean he has a better appreciation of Communications. Everyone seems to forget that Turnbull is the ONLY politician to actually run a telecommunications company in Australia and that was Ozemail of which he was one of the founders.

Labor has an uncanny ability to stick luddites into this portfolio, Steven Conroy was the first, a career pollie who has never stepped out of that closet, and then Allbo, who admitted he knew nothing about it.

Thorium and inefficient solar power? That's good enough for me


Rare Earths are not rare

I think after reading some of the comments people don't really understand what a "rare earth" is. Does not mean it is rare as in limited quantities but it actually means it is rarely used. In the case of Thorium, basically the whole planet is made of the stuff, it is what gives the planet its heat.

This abundance is also one of the main reasons why it should be utilised as a nuclear fuel instead of Uranium and it cannot be weaponised. You do need the waste from current uranium fuelled reactors to kick the Thorium reaction off but that's it.

Also regarding fusion - dream on it will never happen, just as getting base load power from Solar and Wind.

Robocars, backseat fun, satnav 2.0: Meet the bit of Nokia Microsoft didn't buy


Re: "We will still surprise people with leading-edge hardware."

Well Apple, Samsung and the others certainly aren't

Jolla Sailfish OS to support Android hardware, apps


Re: What would be the point of Sailfish?

Because Sailfish is pure Linux coming out of the Meego project. Android is a Linux fork and certainly not an open system.

Apple 'insider' explains why vid adapter hides ARM computer


Re: Are you kidding? (jai)

Nokia had that with the N8, well before any Android devices or iDevices for that matter. In fact they had a lot of things well before Apple decided it was them who enlightened the masses....sorry Fanboys.