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Crown Prosecution Service solicitor accused of targeting judge ex-wife's lover through work computer systems

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What is this, the D***y M**l?

Brit unis hit in Blackbaud hack inform students that their data was nicked, which has gone as well as you might expect

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Re: Just received the email

Likewise, received email from a university where I have attended events in the past (public lectures) - not as an alumnus.

What was my data as an EU citizen (then - pre-Jan 2020) doing on servers in the US? Isn’t this proscribed under GDPR?

TomTom bill bomb: Why am I being charged for infotainment? I sold my car last year, rages Reg reader

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New one on me


(Yet Another Bloody Acronym To Remember)

The reluctant log trawler: The buck stops with the back-end

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Is that you, BOFH?

Jeff Bezos tells shareholders to buckle up: Amazon to blow this quarter's profits and more on coronavirus costs

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Any fule kno that Amazon don’t make profits for a reason, as Scott Galloway has pointed out in his inimitable way:


'That's here. That's home. That's us': It's 30 years since Voyager 1 looked back and squinted at a 'Pale Blue Dot'

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Thank you

True romance!

Supreme Court says secret UK spy court's judgments can be overruled after all

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Thank you ...

... for “appealed against” rather than “appealed”.

That’s all.

The D in SystemD stands for Danger, Will Robinson! Defanged exploit code for security holes now out in the wild

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Kudos ...

for Lost in Space reference.

I’ve gone all nostalgic now.

123-Reg goes TITSUP – again

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They're claiming a "huge scale" DDOS attack:


Kremlin wants to shoot the Messenger, and WhatsApp to boot

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So, just let me get this straight ...

Our Western governments impose sanctions and use all sorts of bad words about the government of this pariah state, yet when it comes to protecting the rights of their citizens they wish to enact exactly the same kind of laws which deny these citizens the right to privacy and secure communications for banking, commerce etc.

So just who are the bad guys here, eh?Western nations are now governed by a class which views the law as being a protection for them and their cronies against the people - not at all like the Kremlin, then.

Chinese loan sharks seek salacious selfies as collateral

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Monty Python had this sorted 45 years ago ...


Electrified bird bum bomb shuts down US nuclear power plant

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Norman Conquest, King Edward, cyber pathogen and illegal gambling all emerge in Apple v FBI

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No - it's binary

There are no shades of grey here. Either you have secure data or you don't. Once you create a backdoor into a system, unlock just *one* phone, make just *one* exception for law enforcement or whoever, THAT IS IT. There will be no going back:

a) once the vulnerability is made, do you really think it will stay in the hands of "the good guys", even if they were the ones (whomsoever they may be) for whom it was specifically created?

b) once the precedent is set so that "the good guys" (whomsoever they may be) can get the information that they want, do you think that others will not seek to use whatever means necessary to avail themselves of this, whether by rule of law or commercial pressure or some other means?

It's binary, people - being referred to as "West Coast law" in some articles I've been reading.

German mayor's browser tabs catch him with trousers down

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" ... when I got to my room I wanted to get clued-up."

Nice turn of phrase - not heard it called that before.

Direct translation, maybe?

Hackers mirror 250GB of NASA files on the web

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Black Helicopters

Oh the conspiracies ...

"One of the main purposes of the Operation was to bring awareness to the reality of Chemtrails/CloudSeeding/Geoengineering/Weather Modification, whatever you want to call it, they all represent the same thing."

So they also got access to the giant network controlled by the blood-drinking baby-eating lizards (David Icke, we know you're in there!) too, did they?

"NASA is looking at the effect of cloud seeding in the upper atmosphere, but sadly – for the hackers – there was no smoking gun suggesting the agency is engaged in an active conspiracy."

Oh what a surprise ... gee, I know the standards of education here in the UK are dire these days, but ffs, how do these people even manage to go to the bathroom (sic), let alone reproduce?

Did water rocket threaten Brum airport Airbus?

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Very impressive

There's a write-up of the project, and some photos here:


Pay up, Lincolnshire, or your data gets it. Systems still down after ransomware hits

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And that's exactly how it's pronounced.

Apple and Google are KILLING KIDS with encryption, whine lawyers

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Re: Tough titty, this is the price we have to pay

@cowherder ^ this^100

Pluto plastered in what looks like 1970s orange wallpaper – proof

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We had a kitchen wall this colour, which my mum thought would be "nice and cheerful". Bad enough in the tin, but once on the wall it really did catch the eye, especially in a 3m x 3m kitchen with a low ceiling.

Thanks for bringing back this rather poignant memory, SwRI and El Reg.

High on bath salts, alleged Norse god attempts tree love

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"Battery on a law enforcement officer", eh? On a charge?

Very appropriate for an electrically-related would-be Norse god.

I would suggest some more, but that would just be re-volting.

What's 'appening with WhatsApp? '800 MEEELLION LOSERS* actively use us', says boss

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Why "chumps"?

I don't get the negativity here. WhatsApp is an extremely useful messaging app for those people who need (or simply want) to communicate with others who live in places where data connectivity works differently (often less effectively and/or more expensively) than in their own neighbourhood.

As an example, I have several clients with whom WhatsApp makes timely communication possible and straightforward, and a far better choice than email. Clearly YMMV with WhatsApp, but just because it's part of the Zuckerburg empire doesn't automatically mean that everyone who uses it is bereft of all intellect.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

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Re: Not worth going then

Terry Pratchett — 'Things that try to look like things often do look more like things than things.'

(Wyrd Sisters)

Voda UK CEO says one thing about not-spots, Minister of Fun says another

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"But Vaziey thinks things are fine. He disagreed with our saying that independent research has found the UK to have the worst mobile coverage, particularly on trains, saying that the UK had a good mobile phone network."

So you cite evidence for UK mobile networks being inferior, and the minister simply contradicts you, without bothering to cite any contrary evidence himself?

Good God - I despair.

Silk Road seller 'blew through all that money using drugs and going to strip clubs'

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The rest he just frittered away ...

The Extreme Centre, Rise of the Super Furry Animals and The Kind Worth Killing

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Marxist, certainly - fool, I think not.

I'm of an age to remember Ali and the IMG (International Marxist Group), a time that kindled my interest in politics. At a time when politics has become a short game of "what'll get us (me) elected?" We **desperately** need people of all shades of politics who will fill the gap with well-argued polemic and who are committed to ideas, concepts and movements.

My politics are pretty far-removed from Ali's these days, but I always find him interesting to listen to and to read. There are precious few people currently writing about politics about whom I would say that.

Want to find LOVE online? Make sure your name is high up in the alphabet

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I'm amazed that they don't cite the Ted Talk Amy Webb: How I hacked online dating (https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_webb_how_i_hacked_online_dating?language=en).

She did the research three years ago, and presented it very nicely in this talk.

Ex-Soviet engines fingered after Antares ROCKET launch BLAST

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Re: Re:The simple fact is

Absolutely spot on about Russian maths and physics. The former Soviet Union had a formidable education system, producing absolutely brilliant people in these areas. Even though the system is now not what it was, young Russians coming to school in the UK are still usually well ahead of their UK peers in mathematics, despite not having started formal education until the age of 7.

Apple's ONE LESS THING: the iPod Classic disappears

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Takes me back ...

to when no bid for research funding from our university (or, at least, my bit of it) was complete without the inclusion of a "portable data storage device" for each member of the research team. I still have mine, in regular use - 60GB. Killed by the cloud, indeed. RIP.

Twitter blew $36m on patents to avoid death by lethal injunction

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Re: Come on IBM..

You beat me to it - an intellectually bankrupt business, allowing the intellectually-challenged to air their ignorance for one and all to see. Two great examples from the UK this week. Yes, David Cameron, I'm including YOU in this one ...

Microsoft joins the two-step verification party

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User's accounts ...

They have only one user now?

UK Border Agency to create 'national allegations database'

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Well, let's think, shall we?

The obvious things, like malicious complaints about people we don't like (or who "don't look/think/act like us"); the usual IT-based cock-ups, producing false trails/leads which have to be investigated; cost over-runs as the mega-specification provides the usual suspects with the excuse to up the budget for "unforeseen circumstances" - the list is endless.

Here's an idea - immigration control could check people's passports when they LEAVE the country as well as when they ARRIVE. That way, the UKBA would actually know how many "illegals" there are here instead of just guessing and going through this kind of silly charade where we're all encouraged to snitch on each other and be subject to constant surveillance ... or perhaps that's really what "they" want?

Sepaton plans to crush mid-range boxes

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You're quite right ...


"How will you do it, might I enquire to ask?"

"I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!"

They don't write 'em like that any more ...

New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

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Nice picture, but ...

... to echo the comment by "Compound Eye" on Flickr:

It'd be nice if you had an image with the US, Europe, Asia going left to right - that way, even allowing for curvature, far more people would be able to gain a sense of enjoyment / pride from what they saw... There are other countries in the World besides the USA, not that the 96% of Americans without passports would care.

Russian security start-up kits up 30,000 state bank ATMs, terminals

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Not THAT bank ...

Think you'll find it's Sberbank ... not sure how you managed to come up with fberbank ...


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