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BioWare latest hack victim

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What about the end users?

What do we the end users need to do to secure our data, passwords, credentials etc?

I can relate to both liquidphantom and b166er comments. I also had to laugh at b166er, because he's right. Which do you want.

None the less, what do we do? We can point fingers all day but one of the weakest points in security is ourselves and our crappy security. Studies find most people use the same password for both serious web use like banking and for recreational web use. If you do, all it takes is one of these breaches to gain the keys needed to access all your accounts.

Use complex pass phrases - Try the techniques near the end of this article for easy ways to create unique and strong pass phrases you can remember. http://wp.me/p1rE6R-4O

I also recommend using LastPass for multiple reasons. First off, its free! One of the other big advantages is its ability to help you easily create and manage strong, unique passwords for as many web accounts and services as you may need. You can see a review here http://wp.me/p1rE6R-dO


FBI affiliates hacked by LulzSec


re: passwords exposed

I know this is a serious breach, but I appreciated your comment! A little humor plus I'm hungry for hash browns now!


Is that a bit of "egg on their face"?

Exposed passwords, big fail. I would hate to be in there shoes right about now!


You have to use unique, strong passwords! Here's how I...

"users' re-use of the same passwords"!

I'll keep saying it, use the same password and hand over the keys to any other sites or services you use. Follow easy techniques how to create complex and unique passwords you can remember listed near the end of this article http://wp.me/p1rE6R-4O and I use LastPass reviewed here http://wp.me/p1rE6R-dO


Sony BMG Greece hacked


Secure unique passwords...

One thing is for sure, secure unique password are becoming a must in this age of hacking and intrusion and compromised data! Attacks have changed and are shifting away from hitting one person at a time to hitting mass stores of data. What happens when thieves have your user and password information that you've used for other sites or banking or what have you? I'm as guilty as the next guy for using simple or the same password for everything but no longer. I use the techniques found near the end of this article on HiTechBrew.com http://wp.me/p1rE6R-4O and I use LastPass (info on recent possible breach http://wp.me/p1rE6R-dr )

Sony closes PC games site over security 'concern'


I hope they track them down! How to secure your password(s)...

Very troubling news. Make sure you you've also changed your passwords and use strong passwords that are unique to each system and service. How is the difficult part... I use LastPass and the techniques found here -> http://hitechbrew.com/password-recreational-browsing/

Dropbox snuffs open code that bypassed file-sharing controls


How I use Dropbox...

I still use Dropbox daily and will continue to. Stuff I put there is either my own or open source. This does have me wondering about recorded public broadcast radio shows I sometimes store there? How I use it --> http://goo.gl/pAS4B


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