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Cu in Hell: Thousands internetless after copper thieves pinch 500m of cable in Cambridgeshire


Cash reward of up to £1000....

...or 20 Meters of copper.

Planes, fails and automobiles: Overseas callout saved by gentle thrust of server CD tray


Re: UID anyone ?.

i literally said this 4 posts up ^^^ and i was downvoted to oblivion!?


"Write a script to open and close the CD Drive"........

Why not just have the remote tech flash the UID on the affected server?...pretty much what its designed for.....

The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet


I'm no pilot...

...but why did the helicopter take off and perform an almost 270' degree left turn when he could have just turned 90 degrees right and still headed off in the same direction?....waste of fuel if you ask me.

Capita payments service Pay360 goes TITSUP


Double whammy.

Incident affecting capita - CHECK

Incident affecting the payment of fines - CHECK

Seems like good news all round.

HTC's 2017 flagship U11 woos audiophiles and bundles Alexa


Re: Alexa

Same here. Ive been HTC forever, but now that this is coming bundled with Alexa, yeahhhh im sure it can be turned off.....but is is REALLY off OFF?.

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT


Re: something or nothing....

ever tried deleting/moving/modifying a file on a network share that you only have "read" permissions to?


something or nothing....

I've never worked on the NHS systems but ive worked on a lot of systems and some were NOT setup to handle this type of attack.....i would hope that the NHS endpoint PC's which are being presented with this ransomeware message are acting as Terminals i.e Installed with windows but locked down to the point that data CANNOT be saved locally to the C:\ drive. That way if the PC is infact encrypted then the patient records that the PC has been accessing are on a Network location and that network location (server) is not affected? - the PC can be re-imaged although inconvenient, recoverable to OS Level. if the PC's hold local databases loaded with patient info then im afraid someone needs an @ss kicking.

N.B would be nice to heard from someone who has worked on the NHS IT Systems at Engineer/1'st/2'nd/3'rd line level to get an idea of the setup.

Well this is awkward. As Microsoft was bragging about Office at Build, Office 365 went down


if only

if only they had tweeted at 13:37.....all could have been forgiven

Itchy-fingered OnePlus presses refresh, out pops value champ 3T


Great phone BUT......

I have just upgraded to this phone, i've always been a HTC fan, but since O2 stopped doing HTC's i had to get the closest alternative....up until month ago, i had never heard of "onePlus"...so had really look at what the phone had to offer. It Looks almost like the HTC One M9 i upgraded from, it has more storage and the battery life is amazing, i can comfortably get 2 days out of a single charge.


It doesn't use a standard MicroUSB Charger, it uses its own "lightening port" charger.....so the Micro USB Charger i have at work, in the car and at home were rendered useless.......until i found Cheap Knock off Micro USB to Lightening port convertord on ebay for £3....they work, but don't charge at lightning speed.

Overall, amazed with the phone, but disappointed with the use of a proprietary charger....

Petulant Facebook claims it can't tell the difference between child abuse and war photography


"How are facebook supposed to tell the difference?"

....with sub average intelligence.

And if that fails then perhaps run the image past someone and ask for a second opinion. Or maybe even Google it.

This is another reason I am not on any social media, I left facebook back in 2013 after 7 years....haven't missed it one bit. I am actually proud to say I am not on any social media at all.

My motto is that there is Nothing social about social media.

That is all.

Brown kid with Arab name arrested for bringing home-made clock to school


2 things have caused this...

1) Terrorism...

2) Bad language - he probably said to one of his mates "look dude, this sh!t is the Bomb" in typical american fashion, to which the teacher has overheard and chosen to take action. if he had used proper English and said "well hello Charles, this is indeed my home made clock, which is far superior to yours" then all of this could have been avoided.

I blame facebook.

WARM, WOBBLING MOON believed to hide MOIST CRADLE of life


Re: i know the solar system is big.....

Ha, nice quick image change there, i like it.


i know the solar system is big.....

...and it's easy to get lost, but a quick Google tells you the image you have used is in fact Jupiter's moon Europa, and not Enceladus. Just saying

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive


"Ring, ring,ring,ring, ring......BANANA PHONE!"

Facebook unveils SECRET logo furtle – in a TWEET



...and why does it appear to be printed on a rolled up towel? - if this was the actual "logo Launch" surely you'd want it to be clean and crisp.....not slap dash on the back of a napkin robbed from the FB Canteen!?

.....Oh and one more thing....

WHY THE F'K is this news!?!?!?!

BlackBerry ponders putting Android on future mobes


striking while the irons hot!

BB are doing exactly what nokia SHOULD have done when they instead chose to go with Microsoft.

Now that the partnership with MS is over, Nokia find themselves in an awkward position whereby the cant use any other OS providers until the end of 2016 IIRC. so BB have a perfect opportunity to potentially open up a market lead on Nokia....if they ever do decide to go with Android, which my god, i hope they do!

Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'



The Moo Gooders are having a Beef at this.

They should really stop Milking it.

it's udderly pathetic

Feds: Bloke 'HACKED PLANE controls' – from his PASSENGER seat


the 11'th commandment....

...."Thou' shalt' not get caught"

he bragged, he posted, he mocked - he now be in trouble

if he had reported it PROPERLY to the airline - all would have been OK.

Jeez, AT&T. Billing a pensioner $24,000 for dialup is pretty low


this happened because....

1) AOL Software is terrible, always has been, always will be

B) Its used by people who think that because it has "On Line" in it's title it MUST be the only way to get on the internet

D) things don't "just change", the dial up number has obviously been changed by the user, or by malicious software *think back to early p0rn dialers that would install themselves back in the days of 56k modems"

5) For a dialer to be installed, you have to have been on some very dodgey sites or clicked on some very dodgey link on a webpage or email.

My analysis is this - he genuinely ran up that amount of bill because he had been browsing pr0n and not realized that the dialer had installed - he is now pleading innocence and using his age and senior citizen status to play the victim.

Who was downloading smut in the office while eating ice cream?


this reeks....

of BS...

Fed-up Colorado man takes 9mm PISTOL to vexing Dell PC



A man walks into the computer shop and says to the chap behind the counter...

"My computer keeps playing the same sounds, over and over"

Computer man asks

"what kind of sounds?"

Man says

"Rolling in the Deep, and Someone like you"

Computer man says

"i think that's because its, Adele"

Adele, get it, A, Dell......A.....Dell

Thank you, i'm here all week.

Nokia will be the mobile comeback kid in 2016 – wishful-thinking sources


i suppose the N95 was considered Smart in its Day, but by today's standards it can no longer be considered smart.


Nokia and Android

Nokia Phones, loaded with Android OS is a marriage made in heaven! - Nokia always made the best phones, and i think they have the Tech advancements now to make awesome phones with Android installed to make them iPhone killers. I'd buy one.

Met Police puts iPads, Windows and Android mobes on trial


i wonder...

who will be footing....The Bill

Samsung's bend blame blast: We DEMAND a Galaxy S6 Edge do-over



wow, i don't care who you are, or what you do, you cannot tell me that since the since the invention of the mobile phone you have been worried about it bending!? its such a none issue.

Things bend if you try to bend them - mobile phones will bend if you try to bend them and they will break, WOW someone stop the press, how did Newton not predict this!!?!?!

If you don't want a broken phone, don't try to bend it. and Normal use doesn't have to be defined, any human with sub average intelligence knows that if you use a phone properly, the chances of it bending are slim to none.

rant over

Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy



..it sucks

No password or PIN, but I have a fake ID. Sure, take the domain


Not just Go-Daddy

I had pretty much the same experience with another Hosting company recently.

Company website setup and registered by an employee who had now left. I had to get into the hosting control panel to be able to update the whois details and billing info.

i called the tech support people, gave them the whole story, they said unfortunately they couldn't give me access without some form of lengthy verification involving photo ID, letter headed paper, faxes etc....this was all too long....

SO, i called them the next day, and pretended to be the original domain register (the ex-employee who left) i said i was having some issues getting into the account, they said they'd send me a confirmation email to get access back to the account -i said that wont work as we are having email issues at the moment, they said OK we'll call you on the number registered to the account (the main reception number) i agreed to this, i then called reception, told her of the imminent call and when the person asks for "[ex employee's name]" to put them through to me......sure enough 5 minutes later they called reception, got put through to me to which i answered "hello [ex-employee's name]" - the guy was happy he had got through to the right person and i was then granted full access to the account and was able to change everything.

*legal disclaimer, it was our site, we pay for it and manage it, no laws were broken in the making of this post.

Siri, you're fired: Microsoft Cortana's elbows into iOS, Android


available for phone AND Tables?

"Reuters reports that Cortana will be available as a stand-alone app available for download to phones and tables running the Google and Apple platforms."

I want an android enabled Table, i really do!

Rosetta probe to try contact with Philae lander on Thursday


i hope it works

I do hope they manage to wake it up. it seems the hardest part is complete, actually landing on the comet. so providing it latched on securely and has managed to capture enough sunlight and store it well then hopefully it should boot up as expected....although i am no scientist and "Boot Up" was probably the wrong term to use.....

I'd love to see some new pictures of its managed to spin its camera around as the last pics we saw it seemed to be staring at a fairly un-interesting rock face....

I'd also like to see some shots from the orbiter if they manage to locate it on the comet to see just how far it was from it's intended landing site.

Apple Watch: HOT WRIST ACTION plus slim $1299 MacBooks - and HBO TV



Why does one need a watch that performs the same basic functions as a phone as well as owning a phone to interface with ones watch. without one the other seems pointless. do you want to tell the time? - buy a watch. Do you want to make a phone call? - use a phone. do you want to check your calendar, use your watch....oh wait you haven't got your phone on you, ah well you can only tell the time then.....oh wait it's been 19 hours since you last recharged, in that case you can now neither tell the time nor check your calendar on your £18k diamond encrusted wrist tat. a £1 watch from tat land will still outlast this iwatch in terms of purely telling the time. it all strikes me as pretty pointless.

thank you for reading, you have a good day now.

thank you,

much love

peace out..

Win! El Reg exceedingly fine mug collection


Are the Mugs...

Red, white or blue? perhaps we should ask the internet.......

Jamie Oliver serves up steaming pile of malware


They were probably...

...trying to steal some Dough.


maybe they kneeded the publicity....

UK air traffic mega cockup: BOTH server channels failed - report


I just hope....

...that when the sys-admins announced, "both channels have gone down".....someone from the other side of the office replied....."Surely you cant be serious!?"

to much hilarity of the command center which then proceeded to use further airplane quotes throughout the day, just to lighten the mood.

i do hope that happened.

NERDS KICK PUPPY 'bot in brutal attack


I love

Robotics! and now i want one of those! - i'd love to take one on the local dog walk to see what "charlie" the Estate's local hard Staffie has to say about it!

Assange's cop chaperones have cost £10 MEEELLION to date


i cant beleive

i'm paying for that twat to stay here. why cant we just get a warrant to enter the embassy and just shoot him? he's a stain on society, just exterminate him.

God bless Brit biz spending, gushes Computacenter


"due to the significant reduction in one particular contract"

Why not just say it....the contract is the Managed Service contract you were providing to the WM Morrisons Supermarket Chain, which you lost in Tender to Fujitsu. How do i know that? I worked there, on that contract! - A poor sales presentation and an inability to "sell" what a great service had already been done, you lost a massive amount of ££££ as well as a number of great engineers, myself included.

Who's come to fix your broadband? It may be a Fed in disguise. Without a search warrant


"they asked ISP's who told them what to say and what to check....."

...."have you checked your microfilter?"

....."Have you tried rebooting it"

"Special Agent Kowalski, our work here is done"

Arrow Electronics buys Computacenter tech disposal biz for £56m


Investors pockets well and truly lined....

as a someone who worked for cc for 7 years and left in 2013, i can tell you that Mr Norris's main focus is not the companies engineers or indeed the service that cc provides, his focus is simply to line the pockets of the Shareholders - this is another example of CC making big bucks and not passing any of it out (by way of bonus, or incentive) to it's actual hard working workforce - so glad i left them. #sourgrapes

Top smut site Flashes visitors, leaves behind nasty virus


Backdoor ...


that is all.

Dark Fibre: Reg man plunges into London's sewers to see how pipe is laid


Lets hope it....

...isn't affected by Brown-out's

So, these guys turn up with AK47s and offer me protection ...


Guns in Clubs

a friend of mine from SA told me that in nightclubs, clubbers are searched on entry and made to hand over their guns to a "cloakroom" style attendant who then hands them a ticket for collection at the end of the night......SO......a Sober person hands the gun over, and at the end of the night a Drunk/Drugged clubber collects said gun and heads home.......just think about that one.

Car hacker secrets revealed: Clutching up a tank engine in a classic motor


Re: Surely the shaft bearing is a thrust bearing?


the thrust bearing in a "normal" car is really only designed to take force Forwards and backwards form the clutch plates pushing against it and providing a method of keeping it all spinning while an appropriate gear is selected. Most thrust bearings are cheaply made and it's not uncommon to see plastic encased thrust bearings (the Citroen picasso for example) again a sign that they are only designed for a specific force to be applied.

In the case of this article, the shaft mounted bearing is only designed to take the "waggle" out of the shaft and is not designed to take a forward load for the engagement of gears.

so, im afraid it's not a thrust bearing. but just a Bearing.

Brit gun nut builds working sniper rifle at home out of scrap metal


any scrap mister!?

i came on here expecting to see a rifle that had been built from old washing machine parts that had been pinched from peoples front gardens by an overly friendly if somewhat intimidating irish man whose preferred method of transport is the Transit Van.............instead i am greeted by what appears to be a completely false NO SCRAP METAL USED WHAT SO EVER article, showing a rifle being built from every piece of correct equipment. i feel cheated.

This 125mph train is fitted with LASERS. Sadly no sharks, though


Do you have to...

Train, to do that job?

TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'



This has less to do with the build quality of the iPhone 6 and more to do with the parents that brought up those 2 benders.

Facebook goes TITSUP across WORLD! Who will look at your cousin's baby NOW?


Facebook went down today, so i decided to spend time with the family, they seem like nice people......

Chinese woman sparks net craze with virgin website

Thumb Up

Its her name

... thats the problem, read her name quickly......"Too Shy You"

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO


Steve Jobs last app..

He's calling it the iQuit

Agency sends contractors' day rates to 800 RBS staff



Like finding a needle in a Hays Stack...................HA AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA