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Sysadmin Day 2015: Fun things to do – and prizes to win from El Reg


SysAdminDay UK

After the last nine years banging on, creating websites and pushing for, it is nice that Ted is finally being listened to. Sys Admin Day is a great idea and I have enjoyed being the UK voice for all these years. Now if you could all go to sysadminday.co.uk and like the page, that would be helpful.

Plusnet customers SWAMPED by spam but BT-owned ISP dismisses data breach claims


Nope nothing here

I really have a unique e-mail address for plus net and I have just checked and nothing.

I feel a little left out

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in


sys admin day UK

And not forgetting sys admin day UK.

With a competition at sysadminday.org.uk with a chance to win a free t-shirt from getdigital

Job for IT generalist ...


Re: Job for IT generalist ...

I am an IT generalist and at the moment I work full time in the design department in a multi-national aerospace company (I ran my own IT company for over 10 Years previously). The IT generalist it seams is ideal if more aligned with the customer (rather than the ICT department).

I interface for the engineering department to the ICT department. My job shouldn't exist but most "clever" people need generalists like us to steer them through the ICT minefield.

A few years ago I didn't even know this type of job existed. I have done it for 2 different major aerospace companies. We need more ICT generalists because they are the ones with common sense.

Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC


When Steam goes to GNU/Linux I will get rid of Windows. The only reason I run Windows is for my games. Once that is gone, so am I.

World celebrates System Administrator Appreciation Day


From the official UK Sys Admin Day Admin

It has been a good year, this year.

We still need more fans on our facebook site at www.sysadminday.co.uk

The UK has celebrated iSaad for the last 8 years and we would like to thank all the Sys Admins that keep the UK running.

BT ad banned for 'misleading' customers over broadband speeds


Talk Talk

They ensure that all their customers have up to 20Mb

great so they ensure that all their customers have a connection then!

Made me laugh and then cry

Happy Sysadmin Day!


How about the UK site?

Every year there is no mention that there is a UK part of sys admin day!

Anyway it is located at

www.sysadminday.co.uk funnily enough.

Please can The Register mention the UK site next year.

Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody


Good advert

I never would have known about this if Apple hadn't complained.

It was funny though

Tesco store bans shopping in pyjamas


To illustrate the point

Its not just in Cardiff - In Newport I constantly felt over dressed

Here is a link to a local cartoonist


I think the cartoon says it all

Happy Data Protection Day


sys admin day?

Still not as cool as sys admin day!


No one knows that exists either!

Webmasters fume as Google profiles signed-out searchers


Sticking up the the SEOs (kind of)

I have met quite a few SEO companies and yes most of them are scum. They seem to want to get their customers in the number one spot above all else. It must be a personality thing.

Why does it have to be like that?

If one of my customers sells widgets in London, then they want people who need widgets in London to find them on Google.

Unfortunately most of the first page in Google for this kind of search throws up other search sites.

I hope that as time progresses that SEO will just become another part of designing a good website so that when you search for something, the designer has done enough to make sure that the customers site is on the first page and other search sites get pushed down.

As for all the hate against SEO - Get a life.

If you dont like the way people do things - Do it better!

BT brings jobs back from India


The move isnt about quality

From my experience the British BT call centre workers can be just as bad. Actually worse because I have never had an indian call centre worker put the phone down on me like a British BT call centre worker did.

Oh well at least my customer promised (and did) leave BTs incredibly badly run business ADSL service.

Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history


Virgin Media blocked too

All I Get is http://iwfwebfilter.thus.net/web/20030325211209/http://www.bbc.co.uk/


Happy Sysadmin Day!


Wales site is actually UK

There is a funny story behind the Wales Sys Admin Site.

Back a few years ago I missed buying the co.uk by 1 minute, so as a good sport I decided that who ever had the co.uk wouyld do the official UK site and I settled for the org.uk and offered to do the Wales site.

The co.uk was never used and last year I bought that too.

So the co.uk and the org.uk are the official UK site.

I have told Ted, but I'm sure he has been really busy.

So please send us your pics of your sys admin day party in the UK to sysadminday at smartfoxit dot com, or tell your co workers to visit www.sysadminday.co.uk


Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


DHCP error

I thought it was something to do with DHCP.

My external IP address changed to

Damn engineers, I was going to phone their Tech support and offer them some help, but it would have cost me.

DVLA coughs to data slip


@damon Raynolds

wow I wonder how we have been making money from our cbm.biz 0845 dial up internet!

It is true in some cases that you have to buy an 0845 but you dont (or shouldn't) pay for the calls you recieve.

And you can in certain circumstances even make money off them. (as we do for our dial up service)

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

Gates Horns

I agree...

Yep - Vista is not even worth pirating (Is that a word?)

@Anigel - I would consider a chocolate teapot a lot more useful.

You could eat it (Cant eat Vista), make a nice hot chocolate drink (Cant do that with Vista either), it would look nice (Vista is ugly) ,etc.

Poor take-up of e-tax system


paper sucks

I think we should use the online filling

My paper tax returns keep getting lost in the post!

(OK its not as good as Steves joke)

On a serious note, maybe people aren't using the online system because it is rubbish.

The .gov system is hard to use, not intuitive and I had a laugh yesterday when a woman from the VAT office was trying to guide me to download a form and I realised that because I was using Firefox the layout completely was different.

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007


More fun with numbers

For a bit of fun I had a play.

A1 77.1*850 = 100000

A2 A1-1 = 65534

A3 A2+2 = 100001

so that means its an error for 65535 and 65536 but not 65534 or 65537

Just to prove it try

77.1*850 = 100000 and 77.1*850+1 = 100001

Oh well.

Microsoft's Silverlight gets Linux treatment



4th line down.

Sliverlight - lol

Don't forget sysadmin day on 27th July

Rivals torture consumers via Microsoft


I disagree with this article

I don't usually comment, but this article is wrong.

I have used Vista and the desktop search was useless.

I have used Google desktop search and it was really good. (This was on XP)

I won't detail all the other (numerous) failings of Vista here because I have said them so many times. Suffice to say that Vista is the only reason I am now running Ubuntu as my main OS.

To summarise;

Couldn't play DVDs all the time with Windows media player

Networking was a pain

search was next to useless

Eye candy slowed normal use

Copying was very slow. (I have heard of the bug since but not heard that it has been fixed yet)

Oh and installing was only better than Gentoo. (vista business took 3 days to install properly - I gave up on Gentoo after 2 days)

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate


changed from per second to per minute as well

Dont forget that Virgin Media have changed from per second to per minute (I especially liked the example in the letter that said "if your call lasts for 4 minutes and 40 seconds it will be rounded up to 5 minutes" how about if your call lasts for 4 minutes 10 seconds?)

The only reason I haven't moved to BT yet is that they want to charge me £100+ for the privledge!


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