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Alleged Brit SIM-swapper will kill himself if extradited to US for trial, London court told


Re: Keep him please.

More crime uses fiat currency to transact - should we ban that, too?

Years of development, millions of lines of code, and Android can't even run a toilet


piss pour show

Don't touch that dial – the new guy just closed the application that no one is meant to close


Re: Pardon?

Assuming make an ass of "u" and.... someone called ming?

Oh the humanity: McDonald's out of milkshakes across Great Britain


https://mcbroken.com/ isn't showing any UK sites at the moment


Re: They have to deliver by lorry nowadays...

Probably because they changed the piplines for ones made of paper

Supermicro spy chips, the sequel: It really, really happened, and with bad BIOS and more, insists Bloomberg


Re: This is so stupid

Oh my.

NAT is NOT yours or anyone's friend, it fundamentally breaks the end to end communication model of IP. Using a "public"range for an internal network is NOT a bad idea, either. Having no stateful security (which some NAT implementations happen to have as a by product of their packet mangling) is a bad idea.

Boeing puts Loyal Wingman robot fighter jet through its paces... on the ground


Re: Taxiing challenge

Who needs several flying clubs, when one Harrison Ford would likely bring the whole venture to an end?


Skynet pootling around a field, actually.

Rambo: First Bork. Turns out John Rambo is no match for a bad CMOS checksum


Re: A new CR2302 would fix it

Depends on your computer. Soldering a battery holder to the NVRAM chip on a M48T02 was not much fun


Quick thinking and an explanation for everything – key CTO qualities


Re: Tiny Elvis!

takes you back like a honky tonk angel?

When you gaze long enough into the bork, the bork will gaze back into you


I saw a sign in a University toilet that said "Please only flush toilet paper down this loo" and someone had written underneath "Where should I put my poos?"

Not related, but I think about it often.


"... guy sort of hangs about and hands you paper towels..."

Groom of the Kings Close Stool is not a job to be sniffed at.

Yahoo! Groups! to! shut! down! completely! on! December! 15!... Tens! mourn!


Re: I! Will! Miss! These! Headlines!

Agreed. For some reason my brain reads them to me in William Shatner's voice.

Thanks brain.

Excel is for amateurs. To properly screw things up, those same amateurs need a copy of Access


Does you does or does you don't take access?

Access is my flexible friend

Someone not only created a comment-spewing Reddit bot powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, it offered bizarre life advice


20% of internet traffic is bot generated.

Some of the best comments on here are AManFromMars

Robot wars! Scandi automation biz AutoStore slings patent sueball, claims it owns Ocado warehouse tech


Re: Patents

Watching his stand up is almost like watching a Tom O'Connor show, word for word.

Who watches the watchers? Samsung does so it can fling ads at owners of its smart TVs


Re: Good reason not to upgrade

You assume that the customer is the person buying the TV, but the customer is actually the advertiser. They are worth way more money. Samsung are building an audience platform and sell slices of that to advertisers.

However I agree with everything you say.

Help! My printer won't print no matter how much I shout at it!


Re: HP

Not so easy to reverse when I've just separated the gearbox and engine.

Here's what Europeans are buying amid the COVID-19 lockdown – aside from heaps of pasta and toilet paper


Re: Lost post

Maybe all the lamps are needed at NHS Nightingale?

Red-faced chip-fryer AMD pulls blog offline after hackers munch 32KB


Re: I like this simple solution

AC 20 August 201219:09 - Its nice to see the daily mail readership has made it onto the reg.

The Ethernet Alliance is thinking fast


"A few years ago, 100GbE would have seemed like fantasy. Today it is becoming reality."

It already is a reality - check out geant and Ja.net these days!

Give the Met Office £10m, says Transport Committee


They should

Be investigating clouds

Hacker cops to payment card fraud worth more than $36m



Doing this kind of thing for 20 years and he is described as "Rogelio Hackett, 26"? They just keep getting younger.


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