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Microsoft frees Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 from the shackles of, er, Windows?


Re: @Martin Gregorie - Or bigger still..

This is running in an optimized Hyper-V virtual machine. It's not Linux-on-Windows anymore like it was originally intended, which is just like Windows-on-Windows works. They have abandoned the Linux-on-Windows approach because in order to update anything they had to use the Windows Update channels, and they were tired of waiting. That's too bad because the Windows NT environment was designed to have these software abstractions like WoW and WoW64, even OS/2 on Windows before that was abandoned.

So, now, WSL is just another boring and lame virtual machine on a stripped-down and optimized version of Hyper-V. Oh, and there are no accelerated graphics in Hyper-V, by the way.


It downgrades VirtualBox to use Hyper-V, and with that change NO ACCELERATED GRAPHICS.

GoTenna: How does this 'magic' work?


Airplane Mode does not disable BT

Airplane mode on my phone does NOT disable BlueTooth.

Maybe you need to get a new phone?

Look out ARM, Intel, here comes MIPS – again


Hopefully, now that the patent that caused Lexra so much trouble (in which processor instructions dealing with misaligned memory) is resolved, MIPS64 can really take on real life.

The Chinese Loongson (Godson) processors have been used in their supercomputers for several years. MIPS is not a dead technology by anyone's opinion. A simple RISC core even more easy to scale and license than SPARC is exactly what the world needs, and China knows it. Now the rest of the world can revive this somewhat forgotten alternative to the hundreds of hyped 32-bit ARM-based derivatives flooding the market. MIPS is has been 64-bit for over a decade.

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev


He's a late-stage drunk. Someone's going to have to step in and fix this problem before Linux starts to look like BSD with four forks.

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!


CompuServe's PDP-10 computers

CompuServe kept their 36-bit PDP-10 computers in production late into the 2000s. By then most of them were clones that were produced for CompuServe's specifications decades after Digital Equipment Corporation stopped making the machines.

They were finally turned off and disposed of in 2009, far outliving most of the line's VAX successors.

Joyent cuts prices on cloudy infrastructure


I miss the Jolicloud Linux distribution

Am I the only one who genuinely misses the Jolicloud Linux distribution?


Satellite broadband rollout for all in US: But Europe just doesn't get it


ViaSat is *not* Dish Network

Are you kidding me? ViaSat is *not* Dish Network.

The Dish Network product is the Hughes satellite service.

ViaSat is the new WildBlue service.


Gov: DAB must battle on, despite being old and rubbish


The author obviously doesn't know much about DAB

I'm not even from the U.K. and only visit from time to time, and even I know that most stations are already on DAB+ or are in the process of converting to it. All current radios support both. The DAB+ format uses HE-AAC v2 and sounds wonderful compared to the old DAB format's MPEG Layer 2 codec. The HE-AAC v2 codec is the same audio codec that replaced the iBiquity IBOC system's original codec here in the United States, and is very similar to the codec that is used by the XM Satellite Radio system. Furthermore, DAB+ has better coverage due to advanced forward-error correction.

Digital radio in the UK is in a good situation, I think.

Amazon outage spans clouds 'insulated' from each other


Here is one of the data centers.

Here is one of the data center in question: 39.002704, -77.481850. You can bet the dumpster is full of pizza boxes and soiled underwear.


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