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Don't break your swanky new Motorola Razr, you probably won't be able to get it fixed

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OK - I’ll bite.

I presume you mean “Yet another POS device from people who COULDN’T care less”. If they could care less, then they actually care at some level... which would seem to be against your argument...

Five years in the clink for super-crook who scammed Google, Facebook out of $120m with fake tech invoices

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Re: Bad speech

Not sure the argument here is about being a ‘bloody pommie’, more about poor English. Of course, there are lots of ways the language is changing but ‘would of’’ vice ‘would’ve’ just doesn’t make sense whether you want to change the use of English language or not...

At least Sony offered a t-shirt, says macOS flaw finder: Bug bounties now for Macs if you want this 0-day, Apple

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Re: Well if Apple won't pay ...

No, not a sarc tag but maybe a dummy/pacifier might be more appropriate.

Macs, just like Windows and Linux boxes are just another tool to get things done; some prefer one and some prefer another.

This constant ‘wah wah wah’ around “my choice is better than yours and therefore I’m superior” is getting f’ing tiresome.

Maybe we need a tag/icon for ‘I’m superior’ shit so we can avoid those posts and move on to the genuinely entertaining ones.

I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing

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AT&T did the same....

I’ve been getting billing/payment stuff for a guy in the US (I’m in London UK) - normally does his business in a Georgia store. I even got his ‘welcome to AT&T email. It’s not clear however if he used my email or AT&T logged the wrong one although I have my suspicions.

AT&T usually respond with all the same details I can’t supply either, what with not and never have been a customer and all.... And if I can’t log in to their system to prove who I am, then well, I can’t be dealt with.

They aren’t very good....

Chrome OS: Yo dawg, I heard you like desktops so we put a workspace in your workspace

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Re: GEM ? 1980s ?

GEM! I seem to remember (it’s a long time ago), pairing this with something from ‘Brown Bag Software’ to create a switching environment but it’s all hazy now - I do clearly remember though installing a 20MB Hard Card in my Amstrad PC1640 and wondering how I’d fill it. I also used to create a RAMDrive and run programs in there for maximum speed, given it was a 640K machine with some memory above that, could you imagine doing that with the size of programs today? Admittedly I was using the WordPerfect stuff then (and DataPerfect if I remember right). God, I’m old.....

Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software

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Re: VB, phone home

The Snoop Nazi? Took me back to Maryland mid 90s... fab ref and fab re-use!

Three UK slammed for 'ripping off' loyal mobile customers by £32.4m per year

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Re: Bonuses

Yep, the best way to use Three 4G in London is to switch it off and go back to 3G. That are trying to sell me 5G when even their 4G is utter shit. I don’t have much interest in chasing more shit.

In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street

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Re: At werdsmith.

Doesn’t stop you sounding like a twat though...

Side-splitting bulging batts, borked Wi-Fi... So, how's that Surface slab working out for you?

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Re: 1 year warranty? I don't think so...

Also - at least in Peter Jones in London, they don’t actually stock many TVs over (they told me) around £800 so needing to be ordered. So yes, great warranty but in many cases you’ll get it quicker from Amazon...

ood new, fanbys. Apple spds up n-str McBook latop kyboad rpairs, ccrding t hs leakd mmo

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Re: Stopgap at best

“I personally would rather bring the repair to a real technically knowledgable person like Louis...”

In this context I think you mean ‘take’ not ‘bring’..... and no, I have no idea why that usually US misuse of ‘bring’ and ‘take’ irritates the living daylights out of me. But it does.

In hilariously petulant move, Apple shuts Texas stores and reopens them few miles down the road – for patent reasons

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Re: wow

‘Americans’ is the plural. And not sure what you are trying to say with the ‘binary’ bit but the article was shit so scores a ‘0’ for me, not a ‘1’

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

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Re: I'm just going to say...

Care to mention which bank that might be? Rhymes with....?

Boom! Just like that the eSIM market emerges – and jolly useful it is too

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Re: So how is an eSIM better

Same thing, no waste.....

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Re: And jolly useful it is too....???

Apple are already using it - my iPad pros both have esim t-mobile activations for the US alongside the UK Three physical SIMs. Works really well, no suggestion of making it difficult, and oh, did some one else already say it’s a standard?

Really convenient for me, maybe not for you, so, bottom line, don’t like it? Don’t use it and spare the rest of us your bias.

Mourning Apple's war against sockets? The 2018 Mac mini should be your first port of call

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Re: some of these comments get on my wick<

Read the context you ermm macsterbaiter...

Probably for the best: Apple makes sure eSIMs won't nuke the operators

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Re: eSIM sucks

Maybe I misunderstood you but I’m Not sure that’s true - recently returned from a few years in the States. Forgot to unlock the iPhone before returning, Apple would not and could not unlock the phone - the ability to do that is maintained by the network operator if it’s a network locked phone. 10 minute call to the States (T-Mobile) and the phone was unlocked. According to Apple, this is to ensure they didn’t help people break their commitment and contracts with the network operator.

The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC SSDs

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Re: Ah, but

Ahhh the Amstrad 1640 - to get round the controller issue I bought a 20MB ‘Hard Card’ which was not quite the right size (bit too tall on its edge) to fit in the compartment at the back and then close up the cover but I could live with that for the wooooo 20 MEGABYTES - unheard of capacity.

I also remember creating RAMdrives with the 1640 to run WordPerfect etc in RAM which felt out there on the edge at the time (for me anyway!).

And ditched GEM for a shell program (Brown Bag software rings a bell) to run various programs I had at that time.

Wow, 20 Megs and a CGA screen - I was living it big!

Boring. The phone business has lost the plot and Google is making it worse

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Re: Hardware design choices

@ psychonaut “it'll be some apple twat who is secretly really pissed off that he has to buy stupid expensive wireless headphones,”

Why? Apple supply an adaptor with the phone expressly so you don’t need wireless headphones..... Who’s the twat now?

Six things I learned from using the iPad Pro for Real Work™

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....Allowing OneDrive able to integrate into Files so I don't have to bounce around between different apps/workflows would also be a huge help.....

I think you can do that - I have onedrive, iCloud and Dropbox set up as locations in Files but maybe I’m misunderstanding what you want to do.

NHS England told to get a grip on patient records after £6.6m blunder

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Re: "Shared Business Services"

Cheap you say.......

Vanity, thy name is: M1SCO company car reg plates for sale

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Re: Many

And a few years ago near the Chelsea Embankment was a couple of cars with “2B” and ”NOT 2B”. Think 2B was a Bentley, and I may have recently seen it on a Range Rover - but not at the same place.

What do you call an all-in-one PC that isn't? 'Upgradeable', says HP

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Re: My boss will hate it

‘Really? I have had several people try to convince me to buy overpriced shiny plastic with mediocre specs a Mac - their principle reason being that it is prettier than a PC...”

Plastic you say......

Donald Trumped: Comey says Prez is a liar – and admits he's a leaker

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Re: I'm curious. How often do US Presidents have 1/1 dinners with their senior civil servants?

"Personally if I was the Head of a US agency my WTFometer would be pinging like a Geiger counter in the engine room of a Soviet nuclear submarine."

Upvoted purely on that. Excellent work Sir!

Gift cards or the iPhone gets it: Hackers threaten Apple with millions of remote wipes

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Re: Password reuse

Not sure I'd be recommending LastPass.


Will rush for New Radio compromise 5G quality?

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High Frequency Band?

"While regulators and operators in some areas – many in Europe, for instance – see the centimeter and millimeter wave bands as a second phase, adding targeted dense capacity after a more conventional sub-6 GHz network has been built out, the US carriers are impatient to start using the underpopulated high frequency bands."

Hmmmm - I shall look forward to new phones using the 3-30MHz range. Antennas might be a bit big though...


Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies

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Re: "...poor bleach down their throats. if they live, cut their hands off."

"The people responsible for this are the ones who shared credentials for critical systems on front-end web services. Those who made it so that the control systems were connected to the public Internet."

Hmmm, I can't disagree that it's completely stupid to do what you've outlined above and that they have a level of responsibility but your argument is a bit like "it's your fault for being burgled as you have nice stuff!". Regardless of the cluelessness of the individuals who perpetrated this, they are ultimately responsible for what they do and "bumbling into exploiting it" does not absolve them from that responsibility....

My view - YMMV.

30 years ago today, the first commercial UK 'mobile' phone call was made

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Re: Meanwhile back in the early 70s

Remember many an episode with Frank C placing really small stones on the bonnet (hood) to check if someone had opened it and put really obvious looking dynamite sticks in there and picking up calls after his Lincoln Continental alerted him by 'bibbing the horn' as we used to say then.... I'm not sure that phrase wouldn't get you in trouble these days...

iWatch 'due November'... Y'all know what time it is? Now you do

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Re: Another PR exercise


Given that any 'smart watch' is likely to need to link to a 'smartphone', it would seem somewhat unlikely...

Three offers free US roaming, confirms stealth 4G rollout

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Re: What's to stop a US native using this?

You are missing the FAQs. I too as a Brit in the States with a running Three contract and a t-Mobile US contract lit up when I saw this BUT if you use the service exclusively for a month or at least three times in a 12 month period, they reserve the right to suspend your roaming service...

Australia's net filter sneaks into operation through back door

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Re: Nasty....

ermmm - why fascist?

Schmidt explains the Google way to self-erasure

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@Google's privacy - The Emperor's New Clothes #

You're right! Google can't be trusted at all - 'Don't be evil'? Complete crap!

But if one uses Google and one knows what they are like..... Then it becomes difficult to complain.

This assumes of course that you believe that Google are actually doing exactly what they say they are doing. And who would believe that I wonder? Oh yes, the ICO, silly me.

Apple to support reps: Don't confirm Mac infections

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Yep, seen that!

Girlfriend was looking for at bike shops and the top link on a google search (which looked completely normal until clicked) opened what looked like a finder window complete with nasty looking stuff in it, downloaded a package and popped up the instalation confirmation dialogue!

Well, that caught my attention and a swift 'let's not do that!' stopped what might have been bad news.

As more people are drawn to a platform I guess we can expect ever more attempts to dupe the innocents.

Bastards! (malware producers, not the innocents)

OSX did

Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say

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Hmmm - do no evil?

Out of curiosity i had to check my APs MAC address to find it listed in the place I used to live (and very very accurately). I don't use Android by the way.

Whilst I understand that people will say 'it's your fault, you are broadcasting etc etc', I don't think that's the point really, I see no reason why Google should log and compile all of that data - and this for the ones who talk about 'opting in' - I hate Google, I hate the fact they slurped data on Streetview and lied about what they were doing and I hate that our utterly utterly useless ICO isn't prepared to do anything and therefore I *choose* not to use their services and therefore have *not* opted in. But they log my stuff anyway......

So, Google, tell me how I opt out of this and you delete my (old) address - you bastards!



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