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Hold it! Don't back up to a cloud until you've eyed up these figures


Why not use Amazon Import/Export instead of upload/download?

Working on Big Data, we routinely have to transfer terabytes in to the cloud and we would not use upload for anything that is over a terabyte. Amazon offers Import/Export service which allows you to send physical media (think cheap SATA drives) and for $80/disk they will import it for you and return the disk back to you. For large volumes of data it is the only way to go.

Amazon outage spans clouds 'insulated' from each other


To bad ailability zones did not work as advertised but separate regions is an option

We are also us-east-1a and us-east-1d. We do make extensive use of EBS. We thought we were well prepared by having our DB2 database in two availability zones. We got lucky and stayed right through the mess. I think we will have to consider going across regions and not just availability zones with our database. We are fortunate enough to have this option as DB2 HADR ASYNC mode works well across great distances. The fact that availability zones did not work as advertised is a disappointment. Let's see if different regions will do the trick.

I blogged about this http://freedb2.com/2011/04/21/cloud-crash-has-a-silver-lining/


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