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TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN

Ali 2

Honestly, this is a company I wouldn't use if they offered me their service for free. They we're an absolute nightmare to deal with and left me hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

TalkTalk claims wooden spoon for highest level of broadband gripes

Ali 2


Yep, same thing happened to us. Then they sent the debt collectors after us when we cancelled the DD having given them several months to stop billing us and close the account. No amount of letter writing or phone calls seemed to make any difference. Eventually, after involving the regulator they returned half the money as a "good will gesture". We couldn't take any more of the frustration so accepted it just to end almost a year of being wound up.

Worst customer service experience of my life. I loathe them with a passion and will always deter people from using their service. They are fine until they cock things up, then they really cock things up. Left us hundreds of pounds out of pocket. Thieves.


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