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Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT

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Re: "I've been struggling to articulate just what it is about Windows 10 that bothers me"

Very well said all.

One thing that I've been wondering was the fact that the only people who are pushing back this change in technology, and its use, are the very people, supporting it, using it and enjoying it (lets face it we all love tech on here).

I'm guessing then that MS must have employed people from another industry to build their business model and operating systems because it sure as shit can't have been someone who enjoys technology!!

The future of IT is – to deliver automation. Discuss

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I can read fine thanks. Check the forums, the current response time for tickets is 4 weeks. At best, if the wind is behind you.

The company is a joke.

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Try contacting them. Support system my ass. They simply don't have enough staff to deal with all the issues. They might be doing well now, but unless they sort out their platform and help customers they won't be for long. 4 Weeks 4 tickets and still not even a reply. Worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Success won't last unless they re-evaluate their current business model.

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All for it

Having spent time with Cisco's UCS Director in recent months Automation done right is a massive benefit. I still don't think it'll reduce the requirement for techs. We recently setup a system where when the customer wanted to increase their VMware Cluster they simply added a blade into UCS clicked a few buttons in a web interface and the system setup the blades hardware, installed ESXi, added it to the cluster, assigned the host profile and initiated DRS to balance the load onto the new host. Took the tech 5 minutes tops and the rest was done for him.

Most businesses I see tend to constantly be firefighting. Trying to balance system management and projects at the same time. Automation removes some of mundane tasks (building windows, patching etc) and allows them more time on the more interesting stuff.

Its not the same for all companies I see but this is defiantly a reoccurring picture I see in plenty of customers I visit.

Yes if taken to an extreme there could be a hit on staff levels but where I've seen it done most of the time it just frees staff up for keeping on top of things.

Now India probes Google, threatens $1bn fine over 'biased' search

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Dear Google,

Please stop providing solid and good search results. Its making us look bad.


Bing Team.

Jailbreaking pirates popped in world's largest iCloud raid – 225,000 accounts hit

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Space Saving? Really.

Never known a vendor add their own software on an iPhone. Certainly not in the UK. And as for saving space, give me a break, you'd get a few 100MB back. Not GB. At best.

Jailbreaking is for running some interesting tools, customisations or simply for ripping off paid software.

Not jailbroken an iPhone since the 4S as Apple added most of the features I was using in the end so I stopped.

Ten extreme data centres. OK... nine

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Data Centre Porn

Great little piece. I'm sad enough I'd love a tour of these places. Or better yet to work in one! Still got to see some large Co Location Data Centres with some incredible kit but its not the same as a single company owned DC built for one customer.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

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Re: Who should take the credit for this?


Have multiple up votes on multiple comments simply for them being well constructed factual and quite frankly, amusing too :)

It's 2015, and someone can pwn Windows PCs by inserting a USB stick

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So can

Android, IOS, Linux etc. Special thanks should be given to java and flash too.

Jail incompetent council folk who leak our data, thunders furious BBW

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Failure at all levels.

There is no quick fix. Failure at all levels in all departments. IT not securing networks and equipment when they have the tools to do it, users not understanding how to handle data, local auditor not doing any checks on how data is handled, I could go on. I'd question if half of them even knew the protective markings, let alone how that data should then be handled.

A while ago Central Government came up with some controls so help local councils protect and handle dat so they are trying, although badly, to make things better. Controls and regular IT health checks are now common place, they have yearly PEN tests from CESG approved testers. The tech is generally in a good place, its us humans letting the side down.

Been a few years since I've done any work in that sector but guessing the same issues still exist.

Edge out rivals? No! Firefox boss BLASTS Microsoft's Windows 10 browser brouhaha

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Apple don't give me browser choice, Linux doesn't give me browser choice. Why single out MS? Oh wait, because they managed to corner a large percentage of the market. Did they do this because their software is crap. No, if it was crap it never would died out years ago, they did it because at times its quite good. Never understood the IE issue. Not my browser of choice but certainly feel like MS have been unfairly hit on this one. They Bundle a mail client too if Mozilla want to throw some more toys out of the pram.

What can't sell Galaxy S6s and keeps going down on you? Samsung and its profits

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But those people didn't buy the Samsung. I for one was willing to forgive the plastic feel for those features. Although it won't be the sole cause, I'm of no doubt it's contributing to the drop.

We put Windows 10 on a small fondleslab: STILL not ready, 3 days to go

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Maybe not the place

But I've been running Apples Beta as well as the MS one's. To be fair I've had far more issues with the current MAC Beta than MS on recent releases.

This isn't a debate about which is better. Simply stating Beta's, previews etc are just that, unfinished products. I'll save my breath for when this is full release. If its still failing short, then I'll pipe up about it.

The green salamander is out: Cisco gives up on Invicta flash arrays

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Such a shame if this is true. I still think invicta on a blade in a UCS Chassis could have been quite a powerhouse.

Nutanix would make sense. Cisco have the hardware, Nutanix have the software, put it on 3100 series or what ever its called (Never really sell them) and you've got a decent hyperconverged setup. Better yet stuff if on 8 blades in a UCS Mini and you've got a monster. Using a UCS mini they could call it super-hyper-converged.... Or something similarly daft anyway. That'd be a monster setup!

I've downloaded the community version of Nutanix but still not testied it on a UCS Blade. The new Demo UCS Mini and Nimble CS215 should be here in the next few weeks so as soon as I've got a few deployments out of the way its play time!! I'll be playing with Nutanix first!

Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish

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Re: Pointless

Jeez, I guess I needed to add some extra sarcasm to that post. I'm attempting, and it would appear failing, to be a bit funny.

I'll get my coat.

Joe 48


This must have been the most pointless exercise of all time. I can tell without looking at a single face that everyone must have drugs on them. They are going to listen to Slipknot! No way you can do that on drink alone!

Why the USS NetApp is a doomed ship

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The slowest death ever?

Netapp are still making money as far as my limited understanding of their figures goes. How long will their death take? 10 years? At least by then we'll know if Nutanix or EVO-Rail have gained any traction or if they are still too busy making pointless blog posts about how shit each other is!

Netapp's original strength was smart software in OnTap, lets face it 8 years ago it was good, very good. By todays standards its lacking. Who knows what they've got in development but one of their issues recently was how long it took them to respond with cluster mode and how poor it was when it arrived.

The other issue is how they treat their partners. I'll be honest I've not installed a Netapp for a couple of years. Tends to be EMC or Nimble these days. Not because Netapp are doomed, simply because they've been a pain in the ass to deal with, deal reg's are going to larger partners and they simply don't seen keen to engage. EMC and Nimble are both keen to engage and are passing leads over all the time.

Due to their size and market I suspect they'll survive this blip, as long as they can innovate again. They might be doing it now, as far as I know they won't be publishing what they are working on right now. People have been predicting the death of traditional storage for years, yet I'm still installing them at the same rate I always have.

You have reminded me I need to stick my community edition of Nutanix on a couple of UCS blades and see it in action! Oh and I need to play with VMware Vsan and an EVO-Rail.

More than 13,000 emails swiped in Edinburgh council cyber assault

Joe 48

Just Email?

Odd that just email was extracted. I'd normally expect that to link in with other information a council would hold, like PI or information relating to the services they use via that email address. Seems a lot of effort.

Migrating from WS2003 to *nix in a month? It ain't happening, folks

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@Trevor_Pott - If I upgraded a system without a prior change notice and it didn't work, I'd hope it was also the Print server, at least that way they couldn't print my P45 in the morning, as thats what would happen. I'm hoping the smilie face you added means you're being a little tongue in cheek :)

Joe 48

I still maintain a month isn't enough time to migrate from Windows, to Windows. Just as you pointed out, the issue is all the client politics, change processes, configuration management, and the endless pointless meetings people will no doubt request. That will eat up all the time and before you know it you've missed the boat. Regardless of how simple the technology elements are.

For me I'd never do an upgrade, fresh os install, full end user testing of the application, and then a controlled migration to the new infrastructure.

If working with a company that really is doing things right already, I'm yet to find one, the maybe it's doable in a month. All their processes would have to be slick, with extensive documentation of the application and top notch support staff on hand should it go pear shaped.

I'm not disputing the fact a Linux migration would take a whole heap longer, as I agree it certainly would.

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Re: Sorry... what OS were we talking about again?

Echo the above.

This article could have been a simple one liner. If you haven't migrated from 2003 its already too late!

HMRC ditches Microsoft for Google, sends data offshore

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Hang On

Is this legal? I thought all Gov Owned PI information had to remain in the EU.

My letter explaining what they do my my personal information must have got lost in the post.

Why did Snowden swipe 900k+ US DoD files? (Or so Uncle Sam claims)

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Re: I know I'm in a minority on here

"But I think the US & UK governments are the traitors, and I consider our current (British) governments plans regarding surveillance & encryption an attack on the human rights our grandfathers fought to protect!"

Amen to that. A little worrying at the moment.

What a Zuckin' drag! 'Frisco queens protest outside Facebook HQ over 'real names' policy

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Next thing they'll be asking Facebook to pixilate all their faces so they can't be identified. Jeez, talk about a pointless process. Facebook and Privacy are not two terms that work well together.

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft

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Re: Hmmm....

And the ability to game with xBox one users without the need for a console. I can't wait to see how this works. Although no doubt you'll need an xBox subscription!

Joe 48

Re: How many of you Windows user will be...

Yes Linux can do anything you want. If it can't someone in sandals will whip up some code to make something that can. Trouble is 'open source' doesn't mean free and for business supportability is just as important as everything else you mentioned.

I love everything tech. Windows works for 60% of what I do. Mac works for 20% of what I do, and when I'm feeling all nerdy I'll boot linux.

Each have plus and negative points. For most people Windows works and does what they need.

I for one won't scoff at a free upgrade.

MS posts, Apple posts they always end up with an OS equivalent of a willy waving contest.

Case for drone usage now overwhelming as Enrique Iglesias concert almost stopped

Joe 48

The Camera Man

Was heard muttering something about "Missing".

NetApp consciously uncouples from 500+ staff

Joe 48

Re: "Operationalising our Strategy"

10. and repeat, assuming still in business.

Blocking mobile adverts just became that little bit easier

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Ads might be an irritation but anyone they irritate, like us tech types, tend to know how to get around them.

Guessing the general public don't really care anymore. They blend into websites like its the 'norm'. I might test this later by seeing if the wife even notices ad's in apps and webpages.

Can't really see this fixing anything to be fair, except removing a revenue stream from a company who will be forced to come up with smarter ways of marketing, sorry, irritating us, and in turn we'll have to come up with innovative ways of blocking them again. If nothing else I suppose this will generate some smart ideas!

Steely wonder? It's blind to 4G and needs armour: Samsung Galaxy S6

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Re: I'm sad I know....

Considering I have it I suspect the website is wrong :) Looks stunning.

Joe 48

Re: I'm sad I know....

Nope, the 64GB Edge is due tomorrow. 10th as is the 32GB 'normal' version. The fancy gold ones and larger capacity phones are due 24th April - 1st May.

Joe 48

I'm sad I know....

But for the first time in years I'm genuinly looking forward to Friday when my pre order turns up. I've gone with the edge. In for a penny in for a pound, or quite a few as it was....

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains

Joe 48

For the most part I agree. However Cyanogenmod has in recent years lost track of what it wants to be. Its simply too buggy and can't use the newer hardware correctly any more, mostly due to the vendors not releasing their proprietary stuff, finger print readers etc.

On the S3 I'm with you, I ran it all day long. Not so on the S5, nor will I run it on my edge (when I get it) but I will of course give it a try as we all love to play with these things. TW wasn't too bad on the S5 and to me it looks almost the same on the S6 so can't see the learning curve being that big.

So, you know those exciting movie-style 3D visual cyber attack ops centres?

Joe 48

So basically

1.4 Million to make the below work with a 3D headset...


Dream job: Sysadmin/F1 pit crew member with Red Bull racing

Joe 48

World touring car?

Joe 48

Dream Job Indeed

Always been tempted to apply for a F1 job. Would combine both my passions.

BACK OFF, spooks: UK legal hacking code should be 'resisted at all costs' says lawyer

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Re: What I find most worrying...

That's one thing I'm not sure about. My understanding, and its limited, was that the data was mirrored out the side of the ISP, as such no direct connection is made between the end point and the [insert 5 eyes here], so they can't side load or do much with the traffic bar analysis it.

Joe 48

Re: What I find most worrying...

@AC If they can intercept at the ISP then they can do a "Man In The Middle" manipulation of data streams to install trojans etc on a person's devices.

It doesn't quite work that way. Besides with man in the middle you'd need the encryption keys. Traffic with those services are encrypted at the end point so the ISP can't see inside the data any more than anyone else.

Hated smart meters likely to be 'a costly failure' – MPs

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Do the smart meters work like one big, really flipping big, powerline adapter setup? Sending the data back over the power grid? Wonders about security......

Oi. APPLE fanboi! You with the $10k and pocket on fire! Fancy a WATCH?

Joe 48

Who cares

Some like watch A, some like watch B. Doesn't matter if its, expensive, cheap, functional or beautiful! What matters is if it does what you need! If it doesn't then don't buy it. Jeez, wish these things would talk about the tech.

Phabba-dabba-do: Samsung hypes up Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

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Re: NSA and GCHQ will be very happy

Missed the edit for there/their.... I'll get my own white coat....

Joe 48

Re: Slimmer?

Might be a tad worse than the S5. Hence I think Samsung are pushing the quick charging piece and wireless charging, they already know users are going to need those features!!!

Joe 48

Re: NSA and GCHQ will be very happy

Who removes there phone battery because they are 'that' worried about being spied on? If they are that sort of person I'd suggest a foil hat and a bunker, rather than a Galaxy S6.... Or a padded room with a white coat.

NERDGASM as Apple announces 'special event'

Joe 48

In the News today

We have no news. They don't even invite you so why bother wasting screen space on a story.

How good a techie are you? Objective about yourself and your skills?

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Re: Unqualified

You're hired!

Nvidia U-turns on GTX 900M overclocking after gamer outrage

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Re: @Joe 48: Laptops

Great bit of kit. The GS range is slimmer and better looking than the high end GT. The GT is the top end rig, but for me the difference was negligible.

Two warnings. Despite the fact its quoted as a 15" notebook its rather large (width and length) but nice and thin and light too.

Last but not least don't get a 4K screen. Its the only thing I'm not keen on. Windows doesn't play nice with the scaling and nothing can really use it yet so seems a touch pointless but it was on offer when I got it. Normal HD screen will do just fine imo.

BT fixes home hub drop-out glitch ONE YEAR after denying flaw existed

Joe 48

There is an unlimited BT infinity 1 package by the way.

Joe 48

Re: Wow BT is getting faster at responding to user problems


Same here. I'm currently chasing for a refund and downgrade to infinity 1 as they, despite the line being good enough, can't give me the speed I'm paying for and never have!

Joe 48

Re: Fixed it ages ago.

Not 100% sure about FTTP as its different to my FTTC connection. How is your FTTP presented? RJ45?

Your should be able to connect straight into pfsense which can do the connection with FTTP. For reference I run as follows.

OpenReach Modem, ECi Model (Either versions work ok on FTTC)

IPfire (pfsense alternative)

Sophos UTM (Because I'm paranoid)

Connected like this


I also run a blue (Guest Wifi) connection off the side of IPfire. Double NAT can cause some odd issues, my xbox hates it so lives on the Blue Wifi connection.

Loads of option out there. Good luck.

Joe 48

Fixed it ages ago.

Purchased an OpenReach modem and separate router was my 'fix'. The only thing the homehub 5 is good for is the AC wireless, which it still does.

Reliability wasn't my biggest issue with the Homehub 5 though, its inability to allow me to change to my own DNS servers was its big downfall for me. Its a great plug and play device for most people but anyone who wants some customisation look elsewhere!