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O2 wolfs down entire 4G spectrum as pals fiddle with their shiny 5G band


Re: As always...

Ah yes. And of course it's much better business to just provide superfast broadband to households to watch netflix than bother going anywhere near industrial zones or business parks. After all, the businesses there can all easily afford to have FTTP installed, one at time. Mmm. £500 a month or £50 a month income for the telco's per customer? Mmmm.

Apple promises to lift Curse of the Drained iPhone 5 Battery


No batteries for the UK?

The Apple site might have said I need a new battery and am eligible, but at the time of writing this (13:43 28/08/14) I can't see the UK on this site:


Do you think Apple know something about the Scottish Referendum?

Lady Gaga helps ease the Vodafail pain


Correct link


The link in your article was for a copied ytube video that's now down - the geniune one is here:


Such a funny video, makes me think it could happen in any country.