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How much does El Reg cost the global economy?


And the lolphone angle is ?

I can see the Paris angle,

I can see the Chuck Norris angle,

I can even see the Jack Bauer angle,

but where's the iPhone one ?

Microsoft accuses kids of bullying Santa into sex chat


Reminds me of...

That MS spokesman that said: "the world was not ready for Vista" ...

Isn't it the contrary ?

Transformers director blames MS for HD DVD/Blu-ray format war


Blu ray DRM ? no thanks

Bluray's riddled with DRM so it's a no from me.

HD DVD doesn't bring MUCH more than a regular DVD so it's a no from me.

I'm perfectly fine with normal DVDs, which I rip to x264 mkv for convenience and are as good as the original.

Keep the overrated quality increase of HD discs, my "old" media is fine.

Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers

Paris Hilton

Paris hilton angle ?

I don't see a talented singer heiress angle here...

Codemasters eh ?

I bought supreme commander, I was planning to buy the addon; guess I'll play the backup of a friend, for private use only...

Tbh if you've received the letter, countersue for their pathetic threat at a frivolous lawsuit, don't take their threats lightly and claim damages for morale prejudice...

Facebook CEO capitulates (again) on Beacon


Think I'm gonna sue for billions :p

See title.

Under french law I have an untouchable right to information I submit to companies.

The right to review, modify and delete it.

Think I'll try to close my account -which I never use-, be denied the possibility, and sue for 1 or 2 billions...

French record industry, ISPs in entente to boot off file-sharers


@Raife Edwards

Widespread riots? discontent?

[excised by Reg moderator]

Don't talk about things you either don't know or don't understand.

You've seen in a rag that there are "riots and strikes" ?

For your information these are led by a *minority* that clings to its century old *privileges*.

Oh and FYI again, the president's popularity is alright.

[excised by Reg moderator]

Encryp... again ?

Lucky all the ubuntu ISOs I get from newsgroups come down an encrypted connection...

This is a lost battle.

I have some hope yet for the DRM free thing though, I'll happily buy a legit movie in a linux friendly codec (I use windows but that's not the point, I want the movie to be portable and compatible) for around 10e.

A DVD being 30-40e and having much higher distribution and manufacturing costs, I suppose 10e is fair.

Auction watchdog says eBay is illegal in France


About the Cour de Cassation


"A Maltese horserace betting site, Zeturf, had a ruling banning it from operating overturned in July by France's highest court, the Cour de Cassation."

Just a little precision.

A case goes like so in France:

1/ Regular court, where a judgement is given based on the case

2/ Appeal court, where a judgement is given again based on the case

3/ Cassation (break) court, where officials either uphold or break the decision of the Appeal court, based on the *proceedings* of the case.

IE they check that applicable laws were correctly enforced, that proofs were obtained legally... and so on.

They don't base their decision on the case like the 2 previous courts but rather on its proceedings and the legality of them.

Be enlightened, my brothers.

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP


Seriously who wants vista ?

Just bought an asus z99Sc for my father this weekend, comes with a centrino duo, 2gb ram and a (5400rpm :/) 160gb drive.

I plug the little beast in, hand it to him and he's like:

-it takes some time to load doesn't it... ?

some time later, the login prompt shows up and my father auths

-it's still loading things right ?

some time alter after the desktop is displayed but the OS still struggles

-reckon I can use it this evening... ?

The very next morning I was downaloading a copy of XP pro SP2 and installing it.

I'd have straight away, but nothing beats showing the user *why* you're removing vista.

Now he knows, and he certainly won't want to try it again in a hurry.

The only concern that remains is, how to use my vista premium licence to make this downloaded XP pro legit... think it can be done can't it ? the EULA (which I bothered to read actually) says so but doesn't mention a phone number.

Beer makes people have sex with you

Paris Hilton

Paris hilton angle incoming

Reckon I can score her for a beer or two ?

Even travel agencies won't get you Paris so cheap.

Activision and Vivendi Games merge into Activision Blizzard


Games worth buying

Profanes, infidels.


How long I have waited for a Total Annihilation sequel...

Oh, and Baldur's Gate 1/2 too, give us a sequel.

Balls blames parents, computers for English literacy slide


Re: a game helped me


"I honed my spelling when I was younger playing Ultima Online by asking my guild mates to correct me"

Hey, the world's small ain't it ^^

Can't say how glad I am I have chosen english servers in MMORPGs rather than french ones, here.

Ze french arr' very lazy at learning languages.

PS: Ultima Online ARE BELONG TO US, this game rocked.

Yahoo! and! Adobe! sign! ad-packed! PDF! pact!


Surprised ?

Anyone here that didn't see it coming, given the quasi _monopoly_ Adobe has on PDF ?

Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em


illegal and unwanted

So what ?

You're at the movies, you switch your phone to oh-yeah-babe-vibrate to not annoy other people.

1/ It tickles you, you're hard, you go out and answer: your fiancee's had an accident, you rush to the hospital, stopping only to buy a Wii before they're outta supply.

2/ It's jammed, it doesn't ring, your fiancee dies and you couldn't be with her for the last moments (and you forgot to buy a Wii to top it off).

Tbh in case #2 I'm suing the theater for literally millions.

If people won't silence their phone in places they're asked to, boot them out, period.

Analysts warn of US broadband meltdown


gridlock ? spam halting then ? :p

Seriously, let it be true...

We'll lose a lot of porn sites, but hopefully half the spam will get killed in the process...

Beer set to hit four quid a pint


"Oil in my beer !!" <--- failed IQ test

To all that went "oh my god there's crude oil in my beer o_O ?" :

You fail.

Californian sues Comcast over BitTorrent throttling


Re: give it 5 mins

Obviously, before filling such a complaint, the guy has taken precautions...

Wouldn't you ?

Hope the ISP gets raped.

Prince sends army of lawyers to take on Pirate Bay


Who's Prince ?

Seriously, who is it ?

Can't wait for the new web sheriff threat to TPB, gonna enjoy the read...

Apple hit with another class action


re: Microsoft dominance

@ JL about:

"The same goes for people complaining about Microsoft and it dominance!!!"


You have a point about other MP3 players, however you do not about Microsoft.

Try buying a PC without an operating system, you'll actually be charged money for them uninstalling windows (wtf...)

Even better, try for a laptop.

Pirate Bay aims to sink BitTorrent


Deezer ? legal music ?



Babbling net software sparks international incident

Thumb Down

Dutch minister: you fail

Formal complaint ?

Major incident ?

Come on, this minister bloke needs to snap out of it, who does he fucking thinks he is ?

These people could as well have sent their text in hebrew and let a local translator do the job.

Major incident my ass, you morronic dutch minister.

PS: did I sparkle a major major major incident ?

I live in France, and we don't surrender, we're becoming friends with the US again, they'll defend us.

Surge in encrypted torrents blindsides record biz


Glad I upgraded to SSL

Thanks Giganews, you charge a premium, but it's worth it.

And this evening, to upload an ubuntu ISOs on alt.bin and download it 10-12 times in the week, just to make a point about encrypted traffic...

Oh wait, my ISP doesn't throttle, I think I'll just pass, for now.

Verizon hijacks your browser


Opt out instructions

1/ terminate your contract

2/ get a new ISP

3/ you've successfully opted out from the uuuuh... "service"

Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on


Re: Hibernate

"Ah yes, the wonderful windows "Hibernate" option where it'll typically either just crash and BSOD on resuming. If it does happen to resume, when the desktop bothers to reappear, will be so unusably slow (and remains that way for about 20 minutes), that the only sane recourse is a hard reset and wait for the OS to restart from scratch.

Yep, can see that relying on that's a great idea."

Oh, using vista then ? UPgrade to XP.

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe



Paris wants to "leave her mark", releases NEW sex vid

After months of denial, Microsoft cops to IE vulnerability


@Simon Smillie

Well actually, yes it means so.

Using IE is just asking for trouble.

Using a decent browser that lets you disable/enable javascript on the fly (NoScript) or block adverts (AdBlock) which have been known to be an infection vector is a good start.

Besides, the point is not that firefox is more secure, the point is that firefox vulnerabilities get addressed much faster than IE's.

I don't know if you've seen this article on el reg ? Now hackers time their exploit releases with MS' patch days...

It would have been acceptable if you weren't so aggressive against the previous poster that _did_ have a point and wasn't insulting to people using IE, merely informative.

Hence I think you're the idiot, feel free to not respond I don't want a debate with your likes, sorry.

Student suspended in gun rights email row


racist ? no sir

It is fun how if you mock or discriminate any "race" or "color" at all you're being a racist.

However if you mock the white, it becomes crystal clear truth and not just racism or persecution.

What a shame, think about it, racism works the 2 ways, and it's highly underestimated against white people.

Exploit Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday Word update



Now the machines at work running OpenOffice will get infected :'(

Oh wait...

Britney's wares exposed online


Pirates ? that can't be :o

I mean, the RIAss.A is here to protect us from this scum isn't it ?

Isn't it ?

Mom ?

Anyone ?

I'm alooooone :'(

Curl mounts Silverlight and AIR challenge


oh not about the cURL app then ?

Crap, I thought this was about cURL not some random half dead company.

I've lost interest, sorry author.

This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail


These comments are dull

Thanks for reading.

Florida man faces trial for feeding homeless

Thumb Down


Enough said.

PS: Ah well, at least you guys are giving us a fucking laugh in Europe...

Sony Walkman NWD-B105 2GB MP3 player


Not buying because it's Sony

To be honest, I'm very attracted to it for it's small size and design.

I don't even own a MP3 player nor do I NEED ONE at all, but I really found this one interesting.

However just because it's from Sony I won't be buying it.

I don't like being taken for the fool I am not.

PS3 price, blu-ray DVDs shipped with tons of DRM and not even being readable, rootkits on USB keys...

I'll pass.

Sony, contemplate a lost sale (several actually, word of mouth) just because you're too deep in DRM hell to care about the CUSTOMER.

PS: my downgraded PSP works fine though, thank you.

Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man



To those that go "c'mon it's not that hard", you do it yourselves and show us.

I think they did a real good job here :o

BT home router wide open to hijackers

Paris Hilton


Reckon if these consumers get pwnd by Virtual 3D Internet Piratey Terrorists that maliciously install spam and P2P software and an illegal version of Clara Morgane's songs the RIAssA will go after the users ?

On a side note: where's the Nicole R. angle ?

Church slams cathedral gun battle game's Bafta nomination


Protection racket woooo

For those of you that didn't read the earlier news about this story:

The Church is AWFULLY offended, except is Sony sponsors they youth brainwa... err training programme.

If they do, obviously the outrage is much lessened isn't it ?

The game no longer depicts aliens in a cathedral, but a Bronze Sponsor's views on what the past may or may not have been...

iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

Paris Hilton

Now the funniest part is...

The RIAssA is gonna sue him for every mp3 on his ipod because he's an anti-american that prolly listenned to anti-american songs, or pirated anti-american american songs.

This post is now a Patriot Post and is henceforth invincible.

Bow to the might of the RIAssA

PS: Is the Paris Hilton angle related to the "glossy" bits ?

Computer glitch nixes death row appeal in Texas

Dead Vulture

Re: what an attitude


"Don't you just think a little leeway could have been granted when a person's life is at stake ?"


Oh my god a murderer's life was at stake...

What about the victim who was mother of _seven_, what about her children ?

That's just pathetic, if the guy was convinced using hard and founded evidence, there's no reason he shouldn't have been executed.

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

Dead Vulture

Re: boycott means boycott


"Svein Skogen has it completely right. If you want to boycott the RIAA, that doesn't mean you go out and show off the fact that you're the thief they say you are. That means you completely ignore their music. You don't download it, you don't listen to it, and you certainly won't have any motivation to buy it.

Unfortunately, the ones who "get it" have probably been doing that for a few years now, so not much will change.



Well actually, I was reading comments and wondering...

Who still buys audio CDs ?

I haven't, here, I haven't for over 8-10 years now, and I'm only 23.

If I want to listen to music I turn on di.fm or any other webradio.



It's as legal as recording radio on your old cassette 10 years ago.

Next thing we know, people will be sued for whistling music, for singing it, for mimicking it in karaokes, and for actually existing.

The only DVDs I've bought this year (and forthe last 5 years for that matter) are those of Kaamelott, to encourage them to continue.

And yeah, I suppose they're DRM'd but I guess 2 DVDs in 5+ years is ok.

The same scenario applies here, my ISP has a triple-play offer and the router/decoder they lend me has a hard drive that records the raw MP4 stream (no DRM crap, no encryption).

It's entirely legal for me to record a movie on TV (men in black, recently) to MP4 then transfer it to my computer.

Bring it on RIAA retards, my IP is , see you in court and enjoy.

You can sue me over all the media files I have, none of them belong to you see, they belong to _me_ because they're private recordings.

PS: for the non technical, when your computer gets a 169.254.x.x IP, that means it couldn't get one automatically from the network and is falling back to a "random" address.

Popping the question the 21st century way



That's just soooo ridiculous.

Where's the humanity and emotion here ?

In a box ?


Someone, shoot the dumbass that tries to make money with such foolish products :/

There might be a niche market for a similar product with rotten eggs and anonymous hate messages, for them who released Microsoft (r) Windows (tm) Vista (c) though.

eBay: Botnets are Linux-happy


Re: Linux Phishing


"For fun, just

cat /var/log/messages | grep sshd | grep failed

Anyone not setting up proper iptables filters to block multiple wrong attempts is very vulnerable."


Errr, so what ?

My FreeBSD's quite safe here.

They're trying to guess my root password ?

-root can't log from ssh

-root can't log via ftp

I can give you my root password any time, and watch you do nothing at all with it.

Why, if you like I can even give you my phpmyadmin root password so you create yourself a FTP user in the SQL tables.

Shame apache's going to deny your IP though.

Of course, if people aren't good enough to deny root access to ftp and ssh, it's more a problem of educating them than being highly skilled.

I say, the problem isn't with users on this one, it's with the software makers for not shipping secure configurations by default.

They recommend root login be denied ? Then disable it in the default conf and be done with it !

Just compare apache's default config file, and the recommended secure one.

First RIAA file-sharing trial begins


Youtube anyone?

Is that me or the bullies at the RIAAss. seem very keen to go after a lone woman, rather than after a multi billion giant like google, who knowingly hosts hundreds, likely thousands of copyrighted files ?

UK police can now force you to reveal decryption keys


Big brother's back

Let's hope this kind of legislation doesn't make it to the mainland...

Although, I must say, if this was to happen and I was ordered to hand over my private key file, I think I'd instantly forget its associated pass phrase...

Eircom wireless security flaw revealed


Dumbass defended the protocol

"Eircom's director of communications Paul Bradley defended the protocol, however, saying "WEP is an industry standard protocol used by telecoms providers around the world.""


They need to fire him then, because everyone knows WEP is a _broken_ protocol, and MAC filtering is _inefficient_

Amazon: James Blunt is still a tedious w*nker


Priceless really

Still, after all these years...

The day this gets old is the day I die.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'


This is simply awful, I can't believe what you're all saying !

Vista can't be that bad.

It's worse.

I should know, I've used it for ~3 months before getting so fed up with it that I upgraded to XP...

I'm completely at a loss for words at the "positive customer response" bit from MS, El Reg, you shouldn't quote such things.

Did you know that repeating a lie is also lying ?

Just like forgetting to mention all the DRM crap in Vista is lying by omission, from MS.

To all the MS fanbois commenting like "If you didn't like vista, you didn't try it long enough", I suggest you shut the hell up.

People have a right to despise an OS for what it is, bloated, slow, resources hungry, and unfit for business (or even gaming, tbh) purposes.

Sony poo-poos £299 PS3 claims


This console just sucks

€600 PS3 or €240 Wii ?

Look here, I just want to play, not buy a console that'll only be worth it on a 2 meters wide HD TV with ultra double max plus dolby surround live gold (tm) compatible speakers.

The Wii is kinda innovative, very reasonably priced and has _fun_ games as opposed to _realistic_ ones.

Games on my Sega Genesis/Megadrive weren't realistic, but hell were they fun.

Sony's getting it all wrong.


And don't get me started on game prices:

Wii: €40-60

PS3: €50-70 (more?)

Did I mention that the Wii is modchip'able so you can dump your very own games and play on DVD-R, as opposed to the very fragile original DVD your 4yo son is gonna disintegrate just by looking at it, and that the vendor won't replace ?

Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'


Yeah whatever...

I don't hate google quite as much as I hate microsoft for now, so I'll stick with the former.

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop


Bare PC vs Loaded PC

People don't seem to get the point do they?

Sure you can ask for a bare PC (and be told to get stuffed most of the time), but you're going to end up _paying_ more for it.

So a Windows PC comes at $500 and an OS free one at $550 ?

Why is that, the hardware for an OS-free PC is more expensive ?

I think not.

Just because it costs the manufacturer more to deliver a bare PC isn't _my_ problem, I'm paying for the hardware, not for their deals and arrangements with software suppliers.

The hardware and software should be billed separately.

Perhaps you guys in US don't have a choice, but in the EU laws tend to protect the customer and indicate that they should not be forced to buy bundles.

You see a pack of 6 batteries?

Well, if you only want to buy 2, you can.

And not pay the price of the 6.

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007



Look guys, don't be so gullible.

It would have been believable if they had claimed the bug affected Excel 2003.

But Excel 2007?

It doesn't even have a user base :p



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