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US Army journal's top paper from 2021 says Taiwan should destroy TSMC if China invades


I don't know - I'd prefer AI to rule the place.

California files appeal in latest bid to intervene in Activision Blizzard's $18m discrimination lawsuit settlement


"Providing sexual discrimination training for executives and HR staff"

looks like a huge step in the wrong direction!

2033 is doomsday for 2G and 3G in the UK


American Evangelicals have it, that Jesus returns in 2028.

That means you don't have to worry about 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G 7G, whatever they come up with.

Its like Elon Musk wanting to go to Mars...

Good luck to him, but I will be all set to live or die with the earth. Life on Earth has been good, and she can have all those atoms I borrowed back, when the time comes that I don't need them anymore.

Elon will put a Neuralink into the people's brains before they "go" and maybe they will truly believe they are on mars...

Speciality electronics outfit boasts of 64-fold density increase for its latest space-ready MRAM parts


Spintronics is clearly a parasite to the space time continuum.

A work of the demons, it will destabilize the fabric of space and time - unnoticeably at first, then more rapidly, as the knitted sweater unravels.

A giant black maw will open up and swallow everything. Your hair catches on fire as all temperatures and locations become one.

This prediction is true and correct, it has been peer reviewed by the people who organized the ceremony of the Goddard Tunnel's opening.

Only the City of Davos will remain, on the back of a giant centipede.

Intel, Samsung join Apple, FTC firing squad against rival Qualcomm


There's more to this story than the article lets on?

Ignored was for example how Apple neglected to keep its master software agreement terms with Qualcomm. And how the media is apparently also in bed with Qualcomm's enemies. Like the WSJ misrepresentation of the dispute a day before Qualcomm's earnings announcement etc.

And the FTC is in a number of tech companies' pocket anyway, doing the bidding for those companies affiliated with the CFR in one manner or another.

Until we get to the lawsuit, or maybe even long after, I'd suspect media coverage is not to be believed at face value.

Intel finds critical holes in secret Management Engine hidden in tons of desktop, server chipsets


"Securing the Nation"

Globalists banksters have no concern for your nation - its a throw-away tool to them at most.

You appear to be caught in their maze of mirrors, if you believe in the politics show on TV.

Sick burn, yo: Google's latest Pixel 2 XL suffers old-skool screen singe


One reason I don't buy Samsung...

I'll take an LCD phone over an OLED phone any day...

I think its all designed to incentivize you to buy a new phone every year...

Burn-in, Batteries that can't be swapped and soon, non-physical electronic SIM cards, where you have to go begging your Telco to switch your phone to a new SIM and then wait till they actually do it.

Forget about putting a local SIM card in, while you're overseas, the process will take longer than your trip and of course there will be fees...

And the sheeple will condemn you to go along with it eventually, by their docile acceptance, voting for that garbage with their dollars.

WDC's My Cloud Home Duo is a natty piece of kit but beware iContent


@ Chris Mellor - the layers of barbed wire around the Apple ghetto are already known - why

waste so many words on "incompatibilities" with Apple stuff?

Some questions to WDC about security would have been in order - instead of bantering on about the on-off switch and box design. Design is a subjective item everybody can easily decide along their own preference, making it irrelevant in a review... Personally, I'd prefer a "basic" box made from a material that improves cooling, rather than an "interesting" plastic box that hampers cooling - especially with 2 drives in it. I saw no question about thermals from you to WDC either. Or how about WiFi-free syncing of your devices over USB instead of filling your house with electro-smog?

Its like a review for ditzy people

Why the Apple Watch with LTE means a very Apple-y sort of freedom


eSIMS are another one of the devil's works

If you want to be begging to your Telco every time to let you change to some other Telco, go vote with your sheepish dollars for this shite.

If you like to have control - like when you travel abroad, put a SIM from a local Telco into the phone and switch back and forth whenever you please, do not spend a dime on eSIM devices.

If nobody buys such crap, we're safe until they force everybody to get chipped...

When we said don't link to the article, Google, we meant DON'T LINK TO THE ARTICLE!


Re: This will be tough...

Reading comprehension?

That company IS indeed guilty of fraud - just a different type of fraud.

So instead of blocking, they should just correct the notice of what type of fraud they commited.

Any corporation committing fraud should be dissolved. That would teach corporate foam whippers to treat real people with the utmost respect.


Re: I don't think this is censorship either

The trouble is with deciding what is actually factual.

There will be 7 billion different opinions on what is fact and what is relevant and wether the difference between being guilty of one type of fraud and another type of fraud is reason enough to have the information censored.

After all, it is about somebody who is willing to commit any kind of fraud people need to be able to protect themselves from. Burn that miserable corporation.

Corporations are the natural enemies of actual humans - false entities with better rights than actual persons. A fraud to begin with, if I ever saw one.

China's phone quartet is shouldering its way into Western markets


Re: Interesting

I'd rather have the Chinese spy on me, cause they really wouldn't care too much about what I bought in the last month or where, cause it doesn't do their advertisers any good and the Chinese government also isn't concerned with me, since I'm not one of their subjects.

In a word, they don't give a rats ass about me, unlike Google and the global central banking cartel.

Now, if I was Chinese, I'd likely prefer Google to grind through all my data, down to when I fell asleep without brushing my teeth with some toxic fluoride concoction.

IBM's pension fund sells most of its IBM shares


Re: we are probably due another crash in the next 2/3 years

I don't think we have that long.

But I'll be pleased if you're right and I'm wrong :)

WD slims down SSD to squeeze into little Black drive range


Re: skill level of changing your own oil or replacing the air filter.

Give me a break! Changing your car's oil is a massive and messy undertaking compared to this.

Its a single little screw!

Ok, If you don't know how to open the case of your device, fine, let your 14 year old do it for you.

Micron wheels out 'highest density' SATA SSD on the market


Re: Tell me again - why is anyone bothering to make hard drives any more?

I don't know about everbody elses reasons, but they are far more reliable as back-up drives to put into your bank deposit box.

An SSD you don't continually use has a strange propensity to quit. I forgot the reason that was given for this, but I've lost 2 SSDs just from being away for a year and when I tried to start up my desktop upon return, the SSD was dead. Twice with different brands, one OCZ and one Samsung.

My HDD backup drives live forever so far. As long as you only start them to do a backup (or self-refresh the drive), they've literally had a 0.0% failure rate so far and I have some drives that are from the 90's still sitting as a backup of a backup of older data :)

Portable drive, 5TB capacity. Hmm, there's something fishy here


How much is Seagate paying for this advertorial...?

comparing a new drive to the totally outdated drive on your desk is as irrelevant as it gets.

I'll stick with my 2.5" 4TB Samsung drive that still came out of an actual Samsung factory and

... it didn't come with a shitty, failure prone Barracuda.

Also look at the difference in first year failure rates between Seagate and HGST drives: almost 20% vs 1.5%.

You'll probably be better off with your old HGST.

LG’s V20 may be the phone of the year. So why the fsck can’t you buy it?


Re: "the boot loop issues are very real "

The boot loop happens when that was the only way to prevent the battery from going critical, probably...

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion


This report's starting conclusions are pretty ridiculous and imaginary.

If the 800 pound phone gorilla falls, its SOMEHOW bad for the other guys?

AND The phone market "needs a high margin leader" Maybe so, but anyone of the other capable companies can take over that position. Could well be Sony, the most prominent brand name among the competitors, or the Chinese giant, but they have an unpronounceable name and aren't even well regarded in Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

Its not like we're loosing Google, who really is the 800 pound "leader", not Samsung.

I doubt anybody is ready to count out Samsung yet. The reputation gained from a long line of reliable and capable phones over many years doesn't die from a single massive mistake.

But yeah, you can see how and why Corporation's products, strategies and especially their words can't and shouldn't be trusted. They're almost as incapable of telling or admitting the truth of anything as Secret Services are, like CIA, MI6, FBI, NSA, KGB etc. And their pure focus on money taints everything.

Hey, you know what Samsung is also burning after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? $2.3bn


Re: Maybe

You should remember, that all businesses involved with phones have the ultimate goal that nothing is user-replaceable on the phones, including the SIM card.

Crapple wants to virtualise SIM cards, so we have to come begging to the Telco to switch our electronic SIM every time we're travelling in foreign countries - for a fee, of course.

So, its a fee to use it, its a fee to change which company gets the honor to stick it to you and, of course, its a massive fee to change the battery - so large, you'd usually want to just get a new one.

But the final goal is to make it so that the phones control us, not the other way round. Television may have been the greatest tool to control human minds to come along so far, but the potential of phones is even greater.


Samsung just moved Sony's smartphone division out of the red...

Its not like Samsung buyers are going to switch to Apple.

Sony on the other hand may be a relief - not least because their Android overlay is rather unobtrusive and most Sony apps can be removed by the user.

Too bad their current design is also incompatible with user-replaceable batteries.

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge


Some lawyer should jump on helping this chap with this...

I saw an interesting little snipped a while ago, it went something like this:

First they came for the homosexuals, but I didn't stand up, cause I was not one.

Then they came for the deviants and I didn't speak up, cause I didn't know what exactly that meant.

Then they came after the <insert random race> but I wasn't one of them either.

...I forget some lines here, but you get the point

When they came for me and there was nobody left to stand up.

I guess the UK doesn't have an EFF or anything? The intellectuals are all busy arguing theism vs atheism with hideous abuses of logic on both sides?

Seagate's south UK factory hasn't a future but HDDs do (it hopes)


Re: Too late...

Just remember, SSD's are great at speed, but mechanical hard drives are far better long term storage, if you only run them at back-up time and leave them off, mostly.

SSD's start loosing data if you don't power them up for more than a few months.

I have mechanical hard drives I used just for backups, that are still good since the 90's.

As long as you do a read-rewrite every ~5 years, data loss will be minimal.

Lawyers cast fishing nets in class-action Seagate seas


Hey Reg, could you pass us the lawyer's email?

Surely many of us can contribute some helpful details for them...

I certainly have some specifics on a few fraudulent Seagate methods...

About time someone puts an end to Seagate getting away with murder for 3 decades.

Euro IP study finds 25 Tor-and-Bitcoin-loving pirate business models


Re: The Pope may, in all actuality, be Catholic

Actually, no... the Catholic pope has been removed. The satanists have moved in.

Smartwatches: I hate to say ‘I told you so’. But I told you so.


Only zombies need electronics to 'track', body functions, fitness

If you are alive, and your nerves and brain are still fully integrated in your body, your direct information about how your body is doing is perfect and complete.

A fitness wristband seems like a weird and crude joke.

On the other hand, if you are a self described zombie, who believes the body is just a jar holding your brains, with little added function other than arms and legs for transportation and to stuff your face with fast food and fondle the TV remote, fitness trackers must look like a miracle...

Samsung chuckles, swerves around Apple's Q1 phone sales crash


Re: It's the simple things

Well, you can't actually remove the back on the S7...

Was this a canned comment from a couple of years ago?

I stuck to my Note 4 instead of "upgrading" precisely because I can still swap the battery and I have a micro SD card slot - and of course, Big Brother Apple isn't present, which started to bother me mainly because it wastes too much of my time to keep jail-breaking the f*kkers for each update.

Samsung's garbage is less difficult to get rid of - permanently...

I'm no fan of any corporation's bullshit bonanza, I'll just take whichever is the lesser annoyance.

Foxconn to slurp Sharp for US$5.6 BEELLION


That's sad...

I guess one can hope Sharp will continue to sell IGZO displays to all comers.

It would be extremely annoying if access to those displays became even slightly limited to Foxconn's manufacturing customers...

like disgusting Crapple

Microsoft axes ‘dozens’ more from former Nokia phone biz


Re: I still don't know why

Every so often, a CEO must create some kind of massive tax write-off, in order to stiff the countries they operate in.

These are best done by destroying some competitor if it can be arranged.

Autodesk vapourises ten per cent of jobs to go completely cloudy



under the bridge

Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple


Crapple, Greedle and Microshaft - get them out of your life...

But jeez, just cut the stupid internet connection :p

It won't be going to any sites.

Still, your overall point is true enough, hence the title

The goal of software companies has changed from enabling business to blocking you and wasting as much of your time as possible, if you remain unwilling to get sucked into Farmville and the like.

AMD to nibble the ankles of Nvidia this summer with 14nm FinFET GPUs


Re: power consumption

It seems you're refusing to see, that saving 100W of power from being converted to heat in your computer system is going to make for a less noisy, less annoying computer system.

Not to mention that all your components will live longer if your GPU isn't causing a 10 or 20 degree temperature rise for all other components.

Lastly, a LOT of people would be extremely happy if they didn't need a large metal box to play computer games or farm bitcoins anymore, but could do it on a reasonably sized laptop, like Razor's Blade 14. The GTX 870 in mine wasn't bad, GTA5 ran well on it. And it didn't bake itself into oblivion yet. But I could easily see much better than this.

Nvidia hinted, that with Pascal, laptops may not require 'm' versions of their GPUs anymore.

If the power savings mean nothing to you, portability and noise does mean something to me.

Also, your calculation is flawed, because you're assuming everybody keeps their GPU for only one Year. I keep mine for 3 years, so I'd be well ahead on the FinFet adorned GPU that cost 40 bucks more.

Feds widen probe into lottery IT boss who rooted game for profit


Yes, there's a tax on stupidity and....

...those who get smart go to the slammer.


"The System" is the original fraud...

Then they act surprised that people add their own little frauds on top of it?

To all the 'cops and robbers' playing children: go home, its such a stupid and boring game.

Riddle of cash-for-malware offer in new Raspberry Pi computers


Re: Malware?

First, its nothing more than an assumption that linguistically challenged Linda was offering Malware.

By her own words, all she wanted was to install a shortcut to her website on the desktop.

Second, it is assumed, just by her lacking English skills, that there's something shady.

Sure, she's a perfect target for ridicule, but there's plenty of Chinese business that just don't have anyone who speaks very good English: Perfectly good product + unreadable manual

But anything else, I'd like to see some proof before it gets turned into a headline. Should have led her to send that exe. file and check it out... Now, maybe there's be a story that's more than just gossip.

Google filters most of these kinds of messages out for me these days, but I remember reading all sorts of things worded like that.

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?


Crapple missed a huge opportunity to sue soap companies for sales going back centuries...

Windows 10 won't come to old WinPhones until some time in early 2016


Re: no GWX

Your one in 50 smart mobe owners is way off.

Most people who actually own one of those are probably using something else by now.

And it only affects those still using an old beater, so your simple math doesn't hit all that close to the target.

Double blow for AMD as CPU brainiac jumps ship to rival Nvidia


I think AMD needs to split off ATI into a separately operating division soon.

MSFT boffins bust mobile data bottlenecks with iOS app


IOS app

This is hilarious...

Useful app for sure.

Please make one for Android next.

Then, later, you can get Android apps working on Windoze mobile and everybody can use it.

Microsoft really only can get beyond Gartner's recent estimates if they first get Android apps running and then upstage Android by making their own Windoze apps more useful than the respective Android apps.

Yeah, that's a very long shot, but who knows, they did make One Note...


Microsoft's main issue is this:

1) it takes them 3 versions to get something right.

2) since ~2007, they abandon everything before ever getting to the 3rd version.

That means no new usable software is coming out of Microsoft anymore

BlackBerry makes Android security patch promises


Re: bye bye Samsung

Its been bye bye Samsung for me for the whole year already, with their favoring of fashion over function, Knox being of benefit mainly to Samsung and Touchwiz getting ever more intolerable after using Sony's Z phones.

TalkTalk claims 157,000 customers were victims of security breach


Business disruption eliminated.

I bet what we're seing here, is just the old Telco boys getting rid of a scrappy threat to their business.

hack 'em, get it all over the media and ride on the story till those folks are out of business.

Business disruption eliminated.

Sales down, profit up, 1,000 bods chopped: Your one-minute guide to Planet Microsoft


Re: Microturd

Microturd... that's a keeper...

Certainly nails their absolute ignorance and indifference to what people want or don't want.

Wisely, they made Windows 10 free of charge, cause nobody would be willing to pay to bug their own house.


Re: Loonia

Planet Loonia....

Microsoft is severely unreliable.

They announce this, they announce that. At first, it doesn't work, then later its deprecated, cut, superseded, whatever.

In the past, if a Software shop relied on Microsoft, it was a sure fired way to very good profits.

Now its a sure fired way to waste your time and money and possibly go bankrupt.

And I can't remember a company Microsoft bought, that they didn't strangle to death.

Corporate liars and foam whippers. I bet in the upper floors of any corporate office, you only find cockroaches and centipedes, dressed in fine suits, searching for something disgusting to eat.

New Nexus 5X, 6P smarties: Google draws a line in the sand


Without MicroSD slot, that's not even a piss in the sand

Its like who cares what Google makes if its only for people who never travel, but always stay in their little high bandwidth area between work and suburbia...

I travel, so I can largely only buy Japanese or Chinese phones now: Dual SIM, Micro SD slot. Useful stuff.


And weren't all the pundits obsessed with metal? The entire retarded hall of mirrors was calling for Samsung to get rid of that "tacky plastic", even though Poly-carbonate kinda beats metal when it comes to your phone surviving a drop. In the process, Samsung lost its trademark features people were buying those things for.

But not a word of complaint against this tacky plastic Nexus? It does look like something you bought at Target or Walmart. Cheap.

So its neither technically useful, nor does it make a decent accessory. Sit down, Google, thanks for playing.

NOxious Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal: Chief falls on sword


Re: Has anyone got any real details?

Why we should all piss in the tank before we drive off.

Of course it'll get annoying if the wife always honks the horn to get you to come down and supply some urea for her motor...


Re: Taking a (golden) bullet for the team

Yes, it was the only move to dodge all the bs coming down the pike.

Even a person of below average intelligence should have been able to call that.

Its like avoiding the unnecessary amputation of a leg - not that hard to figure out.


He doesn't need a CV at his age, he can just go retire.

I do wonder how many more skeletons there are to be found in the world's car companies.

I always hated all that electronics crap in cars:

- made them fixable only by people with the proper connections to the car mafia

- allowed the car mafia to sell $35 circuit boards for $1,600 as a spare part you can't get around buying.


Re: transport horses

Whatever happened to walking, rollerskating, bicycling?

I haven't bought a car in 13 years.

While I do admit to renting cars occasionally, when I need to transport something heavy, I think cars are so massively over-used, that a bad ending seems unavoidable.

Just don't forget, that Ford, Exxon and Goodyear conspired in the first half of the last century to dismantle public transportation in Los Angeles, in order to sell more cars, tires and gasoline.

And in the latter half of the last century, Coca Cola corporation offered to help fund Los Angeles public schools with just one condition: remove classes on proper nutrition from the curriculum.


Re: Not all need to be recalled.

I think they all should be recalled for installation of smarter software, that not only recognizes when a test is performed, but also when someone is trying to find out about the software itself.

To those who are babbling about restricting access to markets: You are mistakenly thinking we live under that fabled political system called "democracy". So you believe in the puppet theater front of a new, modern fascism, where corporations call the shots and the input of elected officials is a carefully kept up illusion. (TTIP anyone?)

You might think Hitler did a disservice to fascism, with the term getting confused with all sort of other things. But he worked out quite well for the corporations and bankers who funded him. They never expected or intended for him to win his strange crusade. As a whole, it worked out even better than all the other wars, where banksters have been digging up crazy people to start wars and then financing both sides for endless fun and profit...

In modern fascism, wars are all waged at safe distance and to 'bring democracy' as the most easily corruptible form of government. No corporation or bank will ever really be harmed by a government. Individual employees who write bad software, maybe... But the ~140 families (see Swiss statistical study) owning 90+% of the worlds largest banks and corporations will never be touched.

If you think Lehman Brothers was an example to disprove this - no, that was just several banksters taking out another one, which they had grown particularly tired of.

So, nothing will happen to VW, aside from the possibility of some people looking at other brands to buy. Either way, if I was a car buyer, I'd rather buy a car that spits out too much nox, than a car with ignition key issues that could lead to accident and immediate, personal death.

Winterkorn was pretty clever to get out right away... he couldn't have held on for very long anyway. And he would have just gotten tarred and feathered over and over.


- The intelligence of a species is inversely proportional to its distance from the center of the galaxy it lives in. This perfectly explains why this planet is such a loony bin and why our idiotic culture still revolves around the biggest monkeys trying to keep all the bananas for themselves.

WD storage technology exec defects to rivals Seagate


Since I still use rust for archiving, I'm pretty glad a HGST guy runs WD, no matter who else defects, cause HGST drives are still the most reliable of the bunch with the lowest failure rates.

Maybe all of WD's drives will improve over time.