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Dratted 'housekeeping', eh? 150k+ records deleted off UK’s Police National Computer database

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Having backups is not a complete solution

I suspect that they have the backups but they need to be done as a full restore and it's probable that it took a few days to notice and now they have more data added.

So now some poor individual is trying to work out if they do a delta on the data added, restore from backup and add the deltas which would mean having to halt data import at some point. The other option is to find some similar hardware, configure it so they can do a restore, work out the deltas and import it back into the PROD system. As the Irish saying goes, when asking someone in remote Ireland how to get to Dublin, "well, you don't want to be starting from here".

Either option is a world of pain and because of this the "leaders" will be avoiding making a decision, like they do. At some point when everyone has forgotten about it they will decide that it's too much work to do (as so much time has passed not making a decision) and will sack it off, hoping that the Official (covering our mistakes) Secret Act will stop people talking about it.

Forget your space-age IT security systems. It might just take a $1m bribe and a willing employee to be pwned

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A life is worth less than 1Million

When dealing with shady organisations remember how much you life is worth. I've never contracted a killer but I guess you could probably get it done for 20K. I'm talking about getting away with it, not paying a couple of crack-heads, them getting caught and dobing you in. Therefore if it costs 25K to pay you off it's cheaper to off you. Now you might disagree with the figure I have suggested and think, or know, how much it would cost for a professional hit so use that figure in my hypothesis.

Spending watchdog points finger at Capita for 1,300 shortfall in British Army rookies

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Re: TBF...

Because it is easier to milk one cow than a thousand mice. How are you going to get a kickback if you employ the people direct or many small business? Greed is lazy.

Smart burglars will ride the surf of inter-connected hackability

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Re: But can the camera recognize approved cats, or not?

I can haz RFID:


Works until the ginger f*** from two doors down hacks it and puts his own RFID identifier in the DB....

Tech contractors begin mass UK.gov exodus in wake of HMRC's IR35 income tax clampdown

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Re: this is an old paul daniels trick...

It's easier to milk one cow than a thousand mice.

First World Problems: John Lewis clients forced to re-register after website 'upgrade'

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Re: Somewhere in this...

"Never Knowingly <something>"

Never knowingly blunder told

Vodafone UK blocks bulk nuisance calls. Hurrah!

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Thumb Up

Re: BT8500 Home Phones

I got a Callguard phone a few months ago and found the same. I have not have to "loose my s***" with anyone on the landline phone since. I also get less grief from my wife for "loosing my s***" in front of the kids. I occasionally check the "failed list numbers" and find they are all scammers which gives me an extra warm glow as I perma-block the numbers.

Pay up, Lincolnshire, or your data gets it. Systems still down after ransomware hits

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TBH I was feeling sorry for Licolnshire Council until I read that last line.

It's made my day that has :-)

North Wales Police outsourcing deal results in massive overspend

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Unless you are really good at producing requirements you will get mugged by outsourcers.

If you are really good at producing requirements you won't need to outsource as you will be delivering successful projects already.

EE recalls all 'Power Bar' USB batteries due to 'fire safety risk'

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Re: I think EE are behaving well.

Well, I was one of the people in the first round of recalls and by the time something worth having in their online store was in stock someone else had "used" my voucher.

Making the redemption code on a £20 voucher the same as your telephone number and not throttling the number of attempts to enter a voucher code on your website is just proof that Marketing don't get IT security.

Didn't bother to complain, Power Bar was free and all the stuff in their store is overpriced sh*te.

Laid-off IT workers: You want free on-demand service for what now?

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Re: You can just see how this will go

Never ever trust an IT professional who you have previously shafted.


Viper sinks fangs into unwary Indian farmer's todger

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NSFW - oglaf.com

(very) NSFW


Life after Nokia: Microsoft Lumia 640 budget WinPho blower

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better than a Lumia 535....

The Lumia 535, the first MS branded Lumia, the illegitimate love child of Vista and Clippy.

Facebook bug could have ERASED the ENTIRE WORLD

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Re: does anyone give a shit?

"Won't anybody think about the stalkers......?"

Routine WHAT NOW? Bank of England’s CHAPS payment system goes TITSUP

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9/1 - New name not added to the legacy "Tea Rota Application Package" system (running on legacy Tandem) that no one thought was used anymore but some Charlie was using to do a lookup for short company name on as it was easier than filling in a change request to use "Core Names Thingy 2.1" and senior management had promised some Treasury wonk it would be live by the end of the week (we will fix it after go live, right Steve?).

Police stats inflate the number of guns actually stolen in Blighty

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Big it up..

ACPO always love to big it up. I'm led to believe the "annual deaths from firearms" figure includes people who where shot by the police.....

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. ACPO are as dodgy as the organisations they are supposed to oppose. It's all about money and power.

Microsoft's nightmare DEEPENS: Windows 8 market share falling fast

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Re: What about Gartner's results

Well done sir. You reminded me of the quote "He uses statistics like a drunk man uses a lamp post. More for support than illumination".

Hey Brit taxpayers. You just spent £4m on Central London ‘innovation playground’

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Re: Sign me up!

You will have been told how to connect to the OBN at public school. GravyTrain2.0 is only available to former users of GravyTrain. Proles may not apply.

Oh God the RUBBER on my SHAFT has gone wrong and is STICKING to things

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Re: Cat

It's just sour grapes because my new cat has got thumbs and a higher Xbox Gamerscore than them.....

NASA: ALIENS and NEW EARTHS will be ours inside 20 years

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A new life awaits...

... you in the Off-World colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.

LOHAN seeks stirring motto for spaceplane mission patch

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faster higher cheaper

superioribus vilius pretium

Survey: Just 1 in 3 Euro biz slackers meets card security standards

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The badge...

The suits just see PCI as another badge and yet another irritation from the underlings.

They want the badge, they don't care how they get it so long as it is the cheapest possible way and they totally miss the point of why they are doing it in the first place.

When it goes wrong they blame the underlings for doing it badly rather than taking it on the chin and saying it was because they couldn't give a s**t and allocated no time or resource.

They get all "tense and erect" in the week before the audit but they soon forget about it all and go back to swinging their d**ks about at each other.

If you try to raise any issues you get marked as a trouble maker. If you raise the issues in the week before the audit you get berated for not letting them know sooner.

PCI, to the most extent, is about covering the a***s of senior management and the CC firms. T**ts, the lot of them.

Foot-loving cat burglar nicks THREE THOUSAND individual socks

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Arnold Layne had a strange hobby....


Twitter: It's JUST LIKE Elder Scrolls (no it's not)

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Take solace Mr Dabbs...

While reading your article I did hear it in the voice of Charlie Brooker. Perhaps this is because you are both misanthropic forty something men. As am I, which is possibly why I like both of your offerings so much.

Oi, bank manager. Only you've got my email address - where're these TROJANS coming from?

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Re: Similar issues...

Most times they don't give a s**t. Just trying to get them to understand you might have more than one email address/your own domain is a job in it's self.

I don't block them anymore, I just forward the email address that has been compromised to one of theirs. Job done (and rather satisfying too).

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I am one of the people affected/complaining

I started receiving the virus spam emails in November and immediately started a complaint. Allow me to share some of my insight/experience.

The article discusses a number of sources of the leak and the user could possibility. I did consider this as I can be a numpty but:

1) I started getting virus spams to two unique email addresses on the same day.

2) This was shortly after the Adobe breach in November 2013.

3) I have a whole raft of unique addresses and I was only getting spam virus emails to two of them

4) The email address was not "Santander" or anything that could be guessed (really).

My guess it was the same crew that took the addresses from both Santander and Sportsbikeshop.co.uk. If I was to get a free bet I would suspect (as I used to work in Direct Marketing for a bank now "eaten" by Santander) that an external agency using Adobe products and the same password everywhere is to blame.

It took me some time to get my complaint listened to. Their Data Protection Officer wasn't having anything to do with me (FFS, What is their purpose!) and I had to raise three complaints before Santander "engaged".

However since "engaging" the poor Scottish chap dealing with the complaint has been great. You couldn't fault him. If you're reading this mate then I owe you a pint.

Indian military pondered attack on Venus and Jupiter

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That's no moon, oh, actually it is


BT in ad slapdown after 'misleading' punters on fibre deployment dates

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It's better on the bus

We have had the "Infinity and beyond" date moved three times now. They even have the gall to stick a "Fibre-broadband is here" on our local green box.

We only get 1.0mbps on the line to our house. I was on a local bus between Gloucester and Cheltenham the other day that had free WiFi. I tested the bandwidth on my phone and got 1.27mbps.

The bus has a better Internet connection than my house, FU BT.

The next Steve Jobs is: Kanye West

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She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, but she does talk a whole load of c**k!

Reg readers say: Having the right info is key to productivity

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They don't do it because they don't know why they should

I suspect the reason why companies like the one I work for (and who's social media policy forbids me from naming) don't do MI/BI is they don't have the depth of experience in their business to know why they should.

Well, that and the fact that it might be used by the board to sack them for being useless t***s.

Why bring your master a stick they could hit you with?

The best sci-fi film never made: Also-rans take a bow

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Halo Jones

The greatest missed opportunity of the twentieth century was Kyle Minogue not playing Halo Jones.


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