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Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband


BT continue to mis-sell

BT have twice sold me broadband - not fibre, just bog-standard broadband - and twice I've told them it doesn't work. They then had the audacity to charge me a cancellation fee! Which I eventually got refunded, but only after a long battle with them. The computer says we can get BB as our exchange is superfast enabled. However, we're 11 kms from said exchange and thus it is technically impossible to get a service to me. Therefore, we don't even have basic broadband - nothing. BT/Openreach won't install necessary infrastructure to provide my village community a service as we're obviously not economically viable for them. I hope with the pending 'breakup' of the two companies we might, one day, get a broadband service. Until then, I will have to continue to use satellite broadband :-(

Ofcom to force a legal separation of Openreach


Good! Perhaps El Reg could investigate how much of the UK doesn't even have broadband, let alone FTTP :-(

In today's digital society, how can it be that I live 10 mins from Junc 8/9 of the M4 yet BT cannot provide me a regular broadband service - let alone anything 'superfast'? We live 11 km from the exchange and BT will not lay the infrastructure to provide broadband to my community as we're a small hamlet and are clearly not economically viable for them to do so. Perhaps we will get it now Openreach is to be split off..... here's hoping!

Tupperware vehemently denies any link to storage containerisation


There's being the brand police and just lacking a sense of humour - #fail on both accounts Tupperware :-(

So where has the legal 'right' to 10Mbps broadband gone?


Don't get me started......

We don't even have a broadband connection, period. Let alone anything SuperFast........ SuperFast Berkshire has spent millions with BT but for those of us that don't have broadband to upgrade to SuperFast we're just forgotten and keep getting told that 95% of the county has it. And because our exchange is broadband enabled, we come up on their coverage map has having superfast, so the numbers are completely skewed. Statistics, Statistics and damned lies - that's Government for you :-(

'80s hacker turned journo, IT crime ace Steve Gold logs off


I worked with Steve back in my modem days at Hayes, great bloke and journo RIP.

Virtualising your infrastructure? Get your numbers right


Whether you like the terminology or not in this well written article, you should heed the advice! Planning is essential and Centrix Software recommend to analyze and plan. Analysis using WorkSpace iQ analytics software will give you not only installed apps but usage too - essential for sizing infrastructure. Why build back end resources to support desktops and apps that are never used?!

Five desktop virtualisation tips for IT project managers


First tip before considering desktop virtualization

Sage advice here from Robin, but one key element is missing. Before you consider any desktop transformation, virtualization included, you really need to build an inventory of the current desktop assets including endpoint devices, applications and end users. Plus you must understand which applications are being used, by whom and how often. Also understand if they are being used online/offline and what computing resource they consume. These factors all need to be understood with fact-based data BEFORE even considering desktop virtualization. Once you have this empirical data then you can determine the best end-user computing platform for your users, or group of users. End-user computing analytics are required for a successful implementation and in more cases than not will highlight a blend of application delivery is best fit - as one size does not fit all.