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JavaScript is everywhere. So are we all OK with that?


Re: "too expressive in some ways, with features like closures..."

Javascript is not a functional language (look at F# etc. for functional language), it is a scripting (the clue is in the name) language and was deisgned not for developing main stream applications!

Silverlight's star shines in Microsoft's HTML5 show


Hmmm - I wonder...

Is the computer industry leading the end user down a dead end?

If we push all applications into being dependent on a browser and browsers dwindle down to just 3 say; IE, Chrome and Safari, then there is not much choice for the end user.

Also, if we developers are herded into a 'Cloud' only type environment, we are then dependent on Microsoft, Google and Chrome to ensure that our applications work, perform and are secure. To me that is a worrying position to be in.

At the moment I can write in any language I want to and deliver it on Windows, Linux (Redhat, Suse, Centos etc), Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, BSD and OSX.


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