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Steve Jobs' death clears way for rumoured 4in 'iPhone 5' screen

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

Jeebus said - "So is there anything his death hasn't opened the doors of then?

Seems like it's been a really good thing, what with all these new opportunities and products coming about."

Since his death did not

A) Open The Gates of Hell and unleast demons to kill us all

B) Mark the start of The Zombie Apocalypse

I suppose it will at least give apple a bit more leeway in introducing more products...

iPad chargers can open beer bottles

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

I can say with confidence that this method works with both the ipad charger and earlier apple FireWire chargers of similar design! A word of caution - this only works with genuine Apple chargers, the cheap Chinese clones usually have a plastic rather than a metal tab like the apple product in the photo above.


Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

I also recommend watching Part Two of the video. Apparently, Much Fun Was Had By All.(tm)

Official: The smartphones that suck much more than others

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

Anonymous sez -- "Is this just a UK thing where the race for the gutter always seems to win over the race for decent service? Or does it happen in the rest of the world too?"

I was under the impression that it was primarily a US thing, particularly with the prices they pay over there. Example: 5 Gb bandwidth = $60USD/mo

And a few decades ago several tech pundits predicted data usage would be so inexpensive to provide that it would be free before the next century. (*this* being the "next century" they were talking about.)

Psst, kid... Wanna learn how to hack?

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien


Sort of reminds me of the Z80 and 6805 kits that were around in the late '70's and early '80's.

In other words - simple but fun.

I'm quite looking foreword to the RaspberryPi kit, as it seems like a good dev platform, plus it's basic specs blow the BasicStamp and Arduino (and their clones) out of the water. Plus the price is right - unlike chip mfgs dev kits that cost as much as a cheap laptop in some cases.

Careless tweets cost lives, warns MoD

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien
Big Brother

Loose Sheep Sink… oh, nevermind…

Ooooo! "Loose Tweets Sink Fleets"

Catchy, eh? Indeed.

AMD balance sheet not exactly an Intel clone

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

Yup, ****ed themselves long-term

IMHO, few corporations - particularly those HQ'ed in the US - give a tinker's dam* about any profits past a quarter or two in the future. Outfits in other countries are sadly following suite. *sigh*

[*NOTE - "tinker's dam" is indeed the correct term per various texts published by The Oxford Press, makers of The Big Dic. (The OED) As to the term "following suite" I was too lazy to look it up. XD]

Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense

Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien
Jobs Halo

sorta... but different...

Is "Opera is better" the Reg equivalent of yelling "FIRST!" on a Cheezburger blog?

ummm, I think it's more like yelling "fanboi, fanboi,blahblah,fanboi" in regards to an Apple i-Anything post. LOL

World pays tribute to Yuri Gagarin

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Oh, we've not stopped...

We seem to be going in reverse as far as education in nearly all the sciences. Every country in the EU, the folks in the US and nearly everyone else has cut back or dropped science and engineering programs from their university schedules due to lack of enrollment or lack of funding, while the number of students enrolled in MBA programs and the like keeps rising. It seems also that The West has shipped many of it's "thinking" jobs elsewhere so as to cut costs and dodge taxes.

Everyone wants to be an investment banker or stockbroker, making money off other people money. (Which isn't even real money, witnessing the number of countries going bankrupt over the past half-dozen years, the money is handed out per a bunch of imaginary numbers on brokerage house spreadsheets.) And if a project can't show a profit within its first quarter, what good is it? The science gathered from space and defense programs of decades ago are just now reaping benefits. Things like research take time, sometime lots of time, to get from lab to prototype, then from prototype to production. Everyone want's to make money NOW rather than waiting decades for assets to mature and dividends become available.

It's as if no one really cares any longer, and many just want the government or corporations to handle things, as - you all know - they have only our best interests at heart.

Yea, I think I'll have that second pint (of vodka) now... while I watch the news out of China for The Next New Thing.


Solomon Emmanuel Goldstien

Another round...

Будем здоровы!!

(a beer, as there is no vodka pic)


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