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Prez Obama slaps sanctions on Norks in payback for Sony hack

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Re: [Sigh]

OpCon is moving to South Korea this year. North Korea has to be painted as enemy number 1 in the region to boost arms sales...

South K, Philippians, Japan all need to keep the orders comming in to keep the complex turning over.


Shock! Nork-grating flick The Interview WILL be in cinemas – Sony

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Nice to see

The Vulture landing on the Twit

But kiss and make up with old Steve Gibson

Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA?

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for Sony, its not the first time its been hacked - and this year alone they laid off almost 10,000 staff...


I wonder if any in this tranche were Snowden level domain admins this time?

Just sayin

John Jennings Bronze badge

Re: Cut off their internet: problem solved.

read the UN letter - they didnt promise revenge - and they didnt declare it an act of war. They did suggest that it was supporting terrorism - which in a way it is - as no film has previously been made featuring the murder of a current head of state (KJI).

I believe Bruce in this one - its a stitch up in any event

Microsoft, rivals together fight US govt's cloud data snatch

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Re: European position

Yeah - they came out against it. There are processes to do this - the court decided not to use them...

But, like the Hague, the US courts ignore it.

John Jennings Bronze badge

Re: Scenario A

Scenario C - Microsoft moves its corporate HQ to Iceland! (not in the hands of the US or EU)....

And if its windows 8 IP, you can keep it :)

DNA survives fiery heat of re-entry on test rocket

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Paris Hilton

Re: Not surprising

I think that the theory doesn't require a lot of DNA to actually make it to earth.... Just a little would be enough to 'infect' the planet eventually.

It does not matter if 99.999% of DNA is burned or damaged beyond the ability to replicate... It takes that .001% to land on the appropriate medium (the sea?) to replicate. If you have 1 billion years, and a frequency of hits on the earth high enough, then you have many opportunities to infect - and once is pretty much enough....

Paris, because she is a star-child :)

Human DNA 'will be found on moon' – Brian Cox

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Atlas was one of the detectors used in the race to detect the Higgs Boson (actually, it was the detector which actually found it). He also worked at one of its predecessors, HERA (in Hambourg)

Cox (according to Wpedia) is a professor (physics),

he has degree in Physics, Masters (same) PhD (same) , and is a fellow of the Royal Society. oh and has an OBE (so to the AC, you can call him Sir :) )

The exams are the least of it. You might not like him (appears fashionable, here) but he has fairly transformed the British medias presentation of science. These days, there isnt a science presenter with a fraction of his chops - David Attenborough is old, Patrick Moore was good perhaps 20 years ago, and is dead....

Call the Commish! Ireland dragged into Microsoft dispute over alleged drug traffic data

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Black Helicopters

Good job Ireland - probably wont make any difference though.

I am surprised that the NSA hasnt got the files already - unless they have, know the contents, but want a discoverable process by which to submit them to an open court....

Nokia's N1 fondleslab's HIDDEN BRILLIANCE: The 'Z Launcher'

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Nokia Strat

I think that this is a spoiling move on Microsoft, and an attempt at keeping the brand.


Nokia are not actually building the new tab (Foxconn) - the brand is what matters

Nokias distro in China/India/Asia generally - its where it has strong channels (and the N is apparently Android 5, but it doesn't have to play in the play store)- BUT it also offers this wrapper in the play store to keep European brand awareness.

The thing is likely to be good - I will be playing with it on a spare tablet - though unless it plays well in the store, its unlikely I would by an NX - Pity - as I always loved the old Nokia brand....


John F J

Comet lander drill cliffhanger as last dregs of power used

John Jennings Bronze badge

you are right - on plutonium

ESA are not cleared to use PU 238 - plus, there are 2 problems with it for RTG (thermal nuclear batteries) - 1 the US does not sell nor produce it any more, and 2 the Russians stopped selling theirs in the 1980's....

PU238 is the most efficient (and low radiation) version, but ESA is exploring Americum 241 RTG's - Euro Nuclear reactors can make it, and though its only about 1/4 the thermal efficiency (by mass), and more radioactive, its common as muck (relatively speaking) (Smoke alarms use tiny amounts of it).

Americum 241 has a half life of 88 years, rather than 15 for plutonium.



Virgin's SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave Desert during test flight

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Current thinking is that the feathering system is at fault. The idea of the engine burning rough is not discounted (perhaps the engine cut out, feathering deployed, and engine spontaneously restarted??)

I doubt if the feathered wings would withstand thrust when the engine fires....

Aparently the engine was recovered intact - might tell something.

Dunno if the pilot must deploy feathering or its automatic?

Probably wont know for sure for some time...

BONFIRE of the MEGA-BUCKS: $200m+ BURNED in SECONDS in Antares launch blast

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I wonder just how much of your alimentary canal would be prolapsed as a frozen sausage with that, if your upper body were at 1 atmosphere and your butt in a vaccum.... I dread to think - its probably been experimented somewhere!

it might take a while to get round, as your poop would be moving at the same speed as the station (more or less), until the next attitude adjustment....


John Jennings Bronze badge

here is an interesting fact.,,,,,

NASA publish a 'notice to Mariners' on http://www.nasa.gov/centers/wallops/home/marine.html

It shows the gps cords and a chart.

Interestingly, you communicate in wallops on channel 12, not 16.

here is the interesting thing - the last notice is JUNE !!!!!

John Jennings Bronze badge

as mentioned above, the range is 12 miles or so deep - so - you are technically 'inshore', and yes, you should have the radio on. a sailboat (it has a mast) will easily have a vhf range of 25+ miles @ 5 watts. it does not have to be on, but it is good manners. as the exclusion is in effect only 45 minutes before launch (mentioned above), it is possible that the vessel was in transit, and was not aware of an active exclusion zone.

John Jennings Bronze badge

Your typical sailboat does (at best) 7 knots... around 8 mph.... assuming it can move at all. There is no excuse for not listening on channel 16, But its not mandatory, especially pleasure boats. The range is over 100 sq miles. If a patrol boat had to go visit (say half an hor from dispatch), it coul take 1 to 3 hours to get out of the way (I imagine that a rocket wont launch in a 'good wind' for a sailboat...) say force 4....

It has nothing to do with 'training' or experience... just manners.

Having accidently sailed a 10mtr motor boat into a live fire range, a small error in navigation in trackless seas can be a bit embarrising (though I was on 16 at the time, I missed the first call being on deck at the time). I didnt miss the destroyer giving me a bollocking....

As said earlier, it blowed up in any event....

Jaguar Sportbrake: The chicken tikka masala of van-sized posh cars

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The pictures...

Bottom page 2 and the last one....

reminiscent of my X-type..... lots of fluids on the ground round it.

Saying that, 140K miles on the clock, and, touch wood, still pulling well.....

Saying that, life is too short to stick with one brand.... (except Lurpack!)

Capita says bye-bye to Updata bigwigs: Been good slurping you

John Jennings Bronze badge


Crapita / Capita - Private Eye for "the world's worst outsourcing firm"


Red-faced LOHAN team 'fesses up in blown SPEARS fuse fiasco

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Problem identified, fix in place

Nothing more to see here.....

'you were only meant to blow the bloody doors off!' (not the fuse as well ;))

Reg LOHAN spaceplane: Punch and Judy show in comedy non-explosive climax

John Jennings Bronze badge

Look to the positives - the Ground Unit Support Staff Event Telemetry Team got a workout...

Best of luck with the rematch.... Still not expecting a pfzzt with the ultimate ride.

John F J

LOHAN's Punch and Judy show relaunches Thursday

John Jennings Bronze badge

Not paid?!?!?!

Surely in El-Reg pagehits, you must have earned the necessary £35 on LOHAN to get full Ground Unit Support Staff Event Telemetry Team (GUSSETT) fully manned?!

John F J

Middle England trembles before roaring LOHAN

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He said Bell End Gwrrr

Frenchman eyes ocean domination with floating, mobile Bond villain lair

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The windage on that sail looks crazy for an ocean platform.

if there are ROV etc hanging off the bottom of this for exploration etc, the last thing required is a crosswind. It looks to have beefy nacelles for propulsion, but why waste extra fuel keeping still over the trench?


Reg readers fret over misty-eyed LOHAN

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Re: Attaboyz

I will book the flights - you buy the beer ;)

LOHAN's handsome young autopilot springs into life

John Jennings Bronze badge


This is one of the most impressive projects on the 'net I have ever seen. With Paris, and now this. Great work one and all on this.

Even if it all ends in a mighty fireball or a Pfft......

Robocars, backseat fun, satnav 2.0: Meet the bit of Nokia Microsoft didn't buy

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I for one...

Wish our new Finnish Nokia well!

Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED

John Jennings Bronze badge
Black Helicopters


Well, that didn't take long!

Neutrinos from another galaxy hit ice with black-hole force

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Re: pedantry

Thanks for the illumination :)

I was wondering what the force of the impact was equivalent to...

That is a crazy amount of energy to be found in a single, sub-atomic, particle.

Review: HTC One

John Jennings Bronze badge

I have the one...X

I dont need to upgrade this year, but I would recommend the X to anyone. My second HTC phone. I am a heavy phone user, and rarely miss out on with the battery...its a 64gb model - and I cant imagine why you need another sd card... i mean - really need it.

Why you need a home lab to keep your job

John Jennings Bronze badge

My gypsy employer said that her budget, for IT training, for over 1000 staff was only 20K. I had to pay for my own training.

I did, and vowed to get my own rigs to test and apply training since.

I basically didnt retire my home PCs, and took decent kit and upgraded as necessary.

I found that a decent core2 Duo proc with enough ram (8 GB for most stuff) is enough to run 3 vms as dedicated dev boxes (web server, database server, appserver). Not ideal, but it can get the job done. A decent shuttle AMD64 runs a a dual media head and general file server. I even have a couple of PIs running as tests....

Cloud storage offers the core backups of dev boxes, along with image saves.

This plan is grand, if its dev work you are interested in. If it were infrastructure/storage, it would be a higher mountain to climb.....


Nokia drops Lumia 900 price to $0 in response to bug outrage

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Good on them!

Though I haven't owned a Nokia in years, I must say that their prompt action (over holidays too!) has to be applauded.

They didn't do an apple. They came clean, and are fixing the issue. Its more than can be said for others in the market.

Best of luck to them!

Ubuntu penguins build Linux TV challenge

John Jennings Bronze badge

Gotta agree with #1 - the XBMC rocks. I used it years ago on an aged Xbox1 - Revisited it during the summer with an old PC - its a fantastic product.

As to controller - no more than up, down right and back can control an XBMC console.

That remote in the link looked scary

Fake doc cuffed in concrete arse shocker

John Jennings Bronze badge


Could have saved herself $650

US military debated hacking Libyan air defenses

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They wouldnt use cyber war when they can use kinetic weapons. Period.

less than 5% of the bombs dropped were émpowering the no fly zone - air defences were crippled in the first 2 days.

Gadaffi was in the poohouse when he signed his agreement for oil to the chineese, and threatened to refuse to trade oli for debt.

First the 'Arab Spring' and that info - cyberwarfare - now people are being murdered in the street in Ejypt... Just lat week...

Note how they tried to embroil syria - that failed - this time....

Now its a probe on Iran with that assination attempt crap.

Its all info/cyber warfare - and its all launched by us.

At least the USSR and China are blocking further madness for the time being @ the UN

Nothing less that our (western) imperialism - makes be sick in my throat.

LOHAN team buried under ballockets

John Jennings Bronze badge

Vectored Thrust???

Our El Reg designers are going to be hard pushed to develop that in a garden shed.

Get the ship to a speed that its control surfaces work (needs some sums here) BEFORE firing your rockets onboard.

Launch at any horizontal aspect (0-say 45 degrees) and let the wings provide the control system (known technology, off the shelf) when speed is adequate.

Use the payload as a launcher (mortar or a launched stack of rockets on a rod).

If launched on a mortar then Lohan needs to be strong enough that her wings dont rp off.

Wings CAN be folded - forward - on an titanium hinge and cross brace (simple design - not that expensive) and spring loaded to snap into place, (they are going backwards momentum will do it and simple construction.)

What size/weight and height is she to fly from, realistically, so that sums can be done?

10-year old hacker finds flaw in mobile games

John Jennings Bronze badge


Good on her.

I wish I could get my 11 year old to try this sort of thisng.

It might not be new, but it is in an original context. I doubt if she knew of previous exploits like this, and even if she did - she got off her arse to present it!

Hacking starts with simple first steps - I, for one, welcome our pint sized overlords!

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely

John Jennings Bronze badge


Hi to lighten the load of LOHAN, would it be effective to put the ignition system on the launch platform, attached to the baloons, rather than the orbiter itsself. Anything you dont need to carry can stay on the baloon. Would advise a second GPS system and drogue to find the baloon in the event of launch when all these super caps etc are onboard...

With 3 baloons, is there a lateral force which would reduce the altitude with the baloons pressing against each other? To avoid that, (if its an issus, I dont know the sums) a truss holding the lines appart, something like a yacht spreader might avoid that - launch weight is less concern if there are 3 baloons....

For vertical stability, a small 4th baloon at very slightly hight pressure could run up the middle - when it pops, you launch up the centre...

would it be feasable to launch the rocket with a mortar on the platform? (there would obviously be a shock) Wire spools unwraps the wings and fires the lgnition of the main rocket engine (from those Super caps on the platform ) when the rockets light, the speed is already such that the wings can stablise... Wires drop off lohan while flight is stablised....

Probably also want to discard the rocket motors as they fire off...


H2O water-powered shower radio

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Old news

Domestic water supplies were used to supply basic power over 100 years ago - a turbine attached to a kitchen sink was used in germany any Britian.

Its not green, its not that bad either, as a battery operated device would have a much higher 'footprint' through the wastage of batteries.



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