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Anonymous develops secure data over ham radio scheme


No Mention of using Ham Radio Frequencies


If you bother to read the original post above, There is no mention of using Ham Radio Frequencies! Infact no actual frequency is mentioned apart from maybe broadcast FM or AM.

So why did the Register title this piece "Anonymous develops secure data over ham radio scheme"

Why didn't they correctly say "Anonymous develop secure data communications using free ham radio software"

Maybe the writer didnt understand what was being discussed or maybe they knew by mentioning

Ham radio that they would get all the hams posting on here attacking anonymous!

So all you radio Hams jumping on the 'not in my backyard' posts are just showing that you take whatever is written to be correct without actually checking the facts.

So dont worry guys you can rest at ease and continue your 5/9 001 KM23op or whatever! :lol: :D


Re: Sorry to spoil the fun, but ...

What has the FCC got to do with this? The FCC don't rule the world on radio communication and spectrum allocation, typical people only thinking about USA and their rules, Remember if it wasn't for the USA and UK spying on people in the first place this idea would never of reared its head!

A lot of this idea has come from countries where the occupants are being ethnically cleansed and all normal telecoms and internet is either controlled or switched off to stop communication during peoples uprising and to stop them reporting to the rest of the world about atrocities being committed against them! I would not call that FUN! would you?

Yeah lets all cry someone is transmitting on our ham bands and stopping us saying 59/001 1KW or whatever!

You honestly think they would want to use a radio allocation full of over-modulated splatter generating radio operators? REALLY?

The idea, even if it is not a new one can be effective for short term communication and getting messages out from an oppressed people! Yes they can Direction Find etc, that was done during WW2 but the messages still got out and if the people are being killed anyway then what have they got to lose? Do you think they care if their government fines them $10,000 that they don't have, they are fighting to survive!

So don't worry, you can safely sit with your fat backside in your comfy chair calling CQ Contest CQ Contest! and live in your Apathy ridden controlled and legislated world, happy in the knowledge that today your house will not get raided and all your family assassinated!

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BBC engineers see PLT knocking out DAB




Its already been shown how easy it is to hack into networks using these devices!

Identy theft NO not me officer, I didnt steal it he just transmitted it and I acidently picked it up!

You should have seen all the porn he was downloading, and what they get upto on their webcam!

Lordy Lordy!



THEY FAIL EMC compliance fullstop!

When All is said and done these devices DO NOT meet the legal requirement for EMC compliance! wether HF or VHF! And OFCOM who are supposed to police such breaches turned a blind eye! They had an independant EMC report for the devices which they refused to publish showing just how bad the devices were, it took a Freedom of Imformation ACT to get the information released. And even now they still do not appear to be interested in the problem.

And ofcourse we are all wondering HOW MUCH DID BT PAY THEM TO TURN A BLIND EYE!

Because that is how it looks!

Absolutely DISGUSTING!


But then isnt OFCOM a government body! enough said!