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It's open season for bug hunting – on Microsoft's Azure cloud



Actually it's more MSFT are suggesting your software might not be fit for computer consumption, and want to debug it for you. Whether you'd want that or not, is another question!

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn


$26bn? That must be a typo...

Twenty-Six BILLION dollars. On a circlejerk of sharky recruiters and lying job chancers.

To put things in perspective: Google bought Youtube for $1.65bn 10 years ago. Skype was $8.5bn.

Last year they sold a stake in Uber. What is Nadella smoking?

Britain needs more tech immigrants, quango tells UK.gov


They don't all suck

I work for a tech company in Bristol. I get training, visits to dev conferences, lots of brand new, self-chosen hardware, opportunities to learn, an interesting product to work on, use of new technology, chosen by developers. A pretty decent benefits package too.

Occasionally i find frustrations with my job. But then i remember where i used to work and realise how lucky I am. I have to go now. We have some live music in the office this afternoon. There will probably be beer.

Full metal jacket: Nokia launches new Lumia 925


Re: Full Metal Jacket?

What's wrong with 1GB RAM? Comparing compute hardware specifications across platforms is meaningless. I want the best balance of power consumption and a smooth user experience. If the sweet spot for WP8 is 1GB then so be it.

16GB outside of Vodafone is a bigger issue for me, especially given the encouragement to use that awesome camera.

Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 delivers modest improvements


Good stuff

Been using the CTP for a while now. The unit test support for WP8 is good, but interesting. It creates a test app that runs on an emulator or a developer unlocked phone. This is all well and good (it pokes the phone's APIs properly instead of some mocked / artificial APIs).

The downside is if you have a build server that runs your test suite as part of a build process, and that build server lives on a VM which isn't hosted by some very recent VMWare version... you're screwed. This is because Hyper V et al don't support nested VM instances and the phone emulator runs in a Hyper V instance!

Apple files 'iWatch' patent application


Re: Didn't Nokia have a video of something like this

Yea, Nokia Morph: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX-gTobCJHs

Same shit, different form factor.

RIM ends Reg headline pun filth (and launches two new phones)


Consolation prize...

el Reg, you may have lost the RIMming puns, but think of the possibilities ahead... Blackberry World? Someone really wasn't thinking when they approved that name.

Boffins build elastic wires with liquid metal


Xmas cynicism below...

'Extending' (sorry) the network cable analogy, I expect margin-eeking manufacturers to sell 97cm as a metre if they use this stuff.

Nokia uncloaks Lumia 620: A 'budget' $249 Windows 8 mobe


Heavier than iPhone 5

Yea, because comparing a $249 phone with a phone that starts at over $600 is awesome journalism.

Honest to god I reckon you reg hacks have a quota on mentioning Apple shite to drive SEO or something...

Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


Re: @Simbu It depends....

Actually in my case all of the above, but I think you're concurring with my point - it's a difficult issue to reproduce and on that basis, not many users will be affected.

Nonetheless, MS can't afford the negative publicity, so what might be a fringe-case issue will still get serious attention from MS and the WP8 OEMs.


Re: Reg Readers these days...

This almost religious attitude to OS platforms is pathetic and quite frankly hilarious. People seem to think that choosing one over another is 'making a statement'. I choose whatever I think will best suit my needs. If you're judging me on something so insubstantial as what phone I'm carrying around then you're not worthy of my time or attention.


My Lumia 920 has been faultless. I suspect this is going to become a largely over-reported problem that a small minority of users will experience.

On the other hand it doesn't excuse the problem but I don't think MS has that arrogance towards users (especially in mobile) any more - so it might actually get fixed promptly!

WinPhone 8 preview SDK limited to established developers


Re: Is there a reason to?

There are still aspects of the UI and OS platform that haven't been publicly announced.

These could be exposed by an SDK, so MS will probably be getting people to sign NDAs and whatnot if they want access to an early SDK.

Fired Toyota coder trashes systems, steals data


Re: Outsourcing and work visas really saving them money

What has the idiot contractor's immigration status got to do with his shitting the joint up after being fired?

Raspberry Pi now comes in Firefox OS flavour


Re: Nokia still have engineers!?

Hmm Asha phone series, the Maps, Drive, Music, Reading, etc etc clients that sit on Lumia devices, the Pureview tech, the shedload of patents Nokia still registers every year... all magicked from nowhere right?

Lenovo: 'Us, buy Nokia? Surely you jest'

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I suspect the market is taking a 'wait and see' approach to Nokia, to see if Windows Phone 8 is the success the company needs it to be. Their Q3 is likely to suck a bit after the "no WP8 for WP7 devices" news.

By the information available so far, it looks to be a very good consumer OS, and has an excellent chance of mopping up all those business customers who are giving up on RIM. WP8 really is going to be the next best thing for enterprise, with excellent Office / Outlook integration, hardware encryption, secure booting and sideloading via Company Hub.

I await the haters who are desperate for WP8 to fail, but can't really give a good reason why. The reasons to not like it are disappearing fast.

Surprise! BT pockets £70m North Yorkshire broadband rollout


Ordinarily I'd agree. However, BT are contemptible cretins who will do as little as possible as cheaply as possible.

Windows Phone beats iOS sales in China

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Sounds like a nice bit of news for Nokia, who I imagine will be responsible for the vast majority of those sales.

Plastic that SELF-REPAIRS using light unleashed by prof


Re: Not great for glasses..

If i scratched my glasses I'd be seeing red for a while anyway.

Nokia, Microsoft bung student mobe devs £7.5m to 'ideate'

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Good idea

Microsoft get an injection of content onto the Marketplace, and developers get (rightly) rewarded for their work.

I await the Apple / Android drones crying over 'bribery'. Because Apple and Google never financially incentivise developers...

Braben sticks knife into secondhand games market


Bollocks and increasingly irrelevant

The argument that second-hand sales kill off new sales is bollocks. This argument doesn't hold water for DVD films, cars, phones, whatever.

The increase inthe use of digital downloads, however makes the argument a moot point. You can't transfer purchases between digital accounts (unfortunately) and when these become the norm, everyone will be ponying up for a new copy of that game.

Facebook goes titsup in Europe


In other news...

European work productivity skyrockets!

Extra points if you recognise the irony of me posting this, and you reading it...

AMD uncloaks (more) next-generation graphics cards


Re: really?

You're confusing 'drivers suck' with 'NVidia bung money to developers to optimise for GeForce'.

I expect AMD do it as well, it's just NVidia do it more.

Ten... gaming mice


Think of the lefties!

So, any recommendations for a semi-decent FPS mouse for us deviant lefties? I physically can't use alot of the mice you feature here!

Apple: We never said Siri would actually work in the UK


Besides the point..

UK iPhone users are frustrated because they have a phone that has the technical capability for a feature they cannot use, when other users can. They paid a premium for the device, and yet the most cash-rich company in the world that sold it to them does not care to spend the money to make it work.

Legally, Apple are ok. Morally... draw your own conclusions.

Huawei pitches 'first ever' 10in quad-core tablet


Re: Huawei fruit icon

Not until you've taken a bite from it.

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Re: Re: It's no suprise...

There's more...

'shopped over the 'Apple thin device' hand... (quality MS Paint arrows in that image too)

If cheap web sites mean better product R&D, why not?

Virgin boss victorious in .xxx Branson pickle


"Virgin is not a porn company"

Have you seen their air hostesses? They ought to be!

Nvidia suffers as TSMC's 28nm ramp steeper than expected


I know TSMC is a huge company with massive manufacturing capacity... but both major players in GPUs hedging all their bets in one supplier has always seemed an odd and unsustainable situation to me.

Considering they're both using the same fabbing process, how do TSMC decide on priority for manufacturing? I imagine both AMD and NVidia are constantly pushing for more output from TSMC.

Overclockers UK swallowed by private equity firm Afinum

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Scan are the people to go to if you want actual customer service. Only E-tailer i know of that have actual enthusiasts working for them in tech support roles.

No, i don't work there :rolleyes:

Chip sales definitely not down – but almost – in 2011


I guess no-one told Intel...

...to have a crap sales quarter! Record revenues was it?

Tell them to get on and release Ivy Bridge.

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 DNA splice is on - report


@Ralph 5

The article suggests the two platforms are similar to use. They are not. Your argument of rebuilding an application for each platform because they use the same developer tools / framework doesn't validate the article's opinion. Without going itnto the minutae of different development kits, If i re-write a C#.NET Winforms app enough, i can make it a Windows Mobile 6.x, WP7 or even ASP.NET app. All use Visual Studio, C#, the .NET framework but they are in no way similar enough to say "UI change and we're done", and the user doesn't interact with them in the same way.

Arguments from a dev's point of view aside, the point being made in the article was that OSX and iOS are similar to use to the same degree as being proposed by Microsoft with Windows 8 / WP8, like MS are playing catch up with Apple's level of integration between two OSes. This just isn't true. Zune and iTunes is a better comparison.


"As far as appearances go, Microsoft would become more like Apple in having its desktop, laptop and tablet software and its phone software look and behave very similarly."

What? How does OSX look like iOS? They don't run the same apps, or look similar. They are seperate platforms. I seriously wonder if el Reg consciously try to cram an Apple mention into as many articles as possible as some half-assed SEO policy.

Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone


It should succeed

Even if you don't like WP7, you should be encouraging its success. The market needs the competition. iOS is still out of the price range of the majority of consumers. That means your choice will default to Android if you want a smartphone. Blackberry is going to die, and then Android (as good as it is) will own all of the smartphone market where users can't afford or don't want iOS.

It's not about if you like WP7 or not (and it IS a nice OS), it's about encouraging its success because a competitor to Android is good for everyone.

Dim-but-rich buyers targeted with million pound laptop


Pre-emptive pricing!

The vendor got the price right, he just put up the Euro value instead of the GBP value. He's been watching the news...

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe



RAID 1 style perhaps?

O2 leaks 3G users' mobile numbers to every website visited

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Piggybacked carriers?

Does this affect carriers that sit on O2's infrastructure? I want to be able to mock my Tesco Mobile-touting cheapskate friend...

Romanian who hacked NASA spared cooler stint



I wonder how hard the Americans tried to extradite this one?

Skype is coming to Windows Phone - really


Yanked from Android, iOS?

<tin hat>

It wouldn't be a massive surprise if Microsoft did this, and instantly gave WP7 an awesome unique selling point. Anyone who wants to call internationally would then be mad not to seriously consider WP7.

The question is, is Skype enough of an emminent presence in the VOIP arena to get away with it?

</tin hat>

Nice to see WP7 continuing it's progress as a serious OS option. Haters aren't obliged to use it, so why hate at all?

Acer intros skinny 15in notebook


Not Ivybridge?

With a Q1 launch i assume that means Sandybridge processors?

As good as SB is i would have thought Acer would wait for the benefits of IB for what looks to be a high-end laptop. Not even like they'll miss out on many sales this time of year anyway.

Videogame piracy figures show decline


Pirate BF3? Why bother?

I assume you still can't play online with a pirated copy and the single player game is forgettable and not very interesting. The multiplayer action makes BF3 (it's kinda the whole point) so why miss out?

Anyway, things like Steam sales (or pick your discounted content delivery option of choice) makes pirating a game difficult to justify these days. I bought LIMBO for about £3 and it lasted much long than the pint i drank whilst playing it. It's not just short indy games either. OF:RR was about £5 at some point.

Exotic Russian rock CAME FROM OUTER SPACE


Scientists got trolled...

Them rocks ain't naturally occurring, they was planted there by little green men for us to find!

Next week... scientists find anti-matter debris from a warp-drive engine!

Why there's real hope for webOS - if HP is committed


No, consumers aren't allergic to a bargain. A large minorty of those TouchPads will already have Android flashed onto them. The rest just saw an oportunity for "a cheap tablet". There's no market loyalty to WebOS like Android and iOS.

This is the same coconut WinPho 7 is currently trying to crack. Build up enough market interest in what is essentially a very good OS to make it commercially viable. The difference is MS are spending the money, HP are and will be thoroughly half-assed about it and eventually give up. There's lots of 'ifs' 'buts' and 'maybes' in this acticle.

Open source won't work for a consumer device. Users want a well-supported OS with a recognisable face behind it. And open Web OS won't give that. In my experience open source makes things more complicated for the user, not easier. Who wants a gadget that's 'complicated' to use?

Android malware victims offered free WinPhones by MS


Ah the voice of the uninformed...

Apparently Jack Daniel hasn't actually used Mango then.

Red Cross: 600m videogamers may be war criminals


Shot themselves in the foot!

If they have the resources to spend money discussing something THIS stupid... they clearly don't need any more charidee money!

iOS finally gets Palm compatibility

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Did someone say...

Space Trader for Palm OS on my shiney shiney?!

Does your smartphone run Carrier IQ? Find out here

Black Helicopters

Excuse me...

While i wrap my jesusMobe mk4 in ton foil and pour concrete on it!

08 Wizard


Why pay...

When i can use one of several free apps that does the same thing? Or use the saynoto0870 web site.

Database quality between these apps is probably very similar too.

Demon Currys iPad showered kids with HARD-CORE smut


Something's missing...

Where are the demands for compensayshun?! Poor little Timmy's mind has been scarred! They clearly need a free iPhad each...

Preferably pre-loaded with a fuck-tonne of porn.

Ofcom: ISPs can cripple the web as much as they please


Kiss private investment goodbye...

OFCOM fail again shocker!

Now that ISPs have effectively been told they can piss about with their service however they like, what incentive is there to invest in infrastructure? Things getting slow? Lets throttle P2P! It's still slow? Throttle video streaming! Still slow? Throttle gaming! Where does it end?

This is one massive financial incentive to spend as little as possible.