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A year of software testing appears wasted as ‘upgrade’ shutters Australian stock exchange on its debut


No suprise... with the Google-style No QA Engineers... what do you expect. Testing budgets whacked, oh boy this is easy it is only testing.

America's largest radio telescope close to collapse as engineers race to fix fraying cables


Re: Why it occurred?

I knew some mommas-basement-dwelling-dweeb would get all TDS and blame someone we know and love.

Former HP CEO and Republican Meg Whitman – who split HP with mixed success – says Donald Trump can't run a business


It has taken a worldwide pandemic, millions out of work, and millions on unemployment to bring the economy down to the level that was the height of the Obama era.


Carly is full of it

Guess which single former CEO forwarded the offshoring of American Hi-tech jobs more than ANYONE else? That's right Carly Fiorina. She also made a huge business model training other companies on how to offshore. Then Carly gets up at the Republican debate and has the GAUL to say "We need to keep more jobs in America!"

Really Fiorina, give it up. You always were a Democrat.

VMware to stop describing hardware as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in new terminology guide



"SCIENCE !!!" ... except for DNA

Mad Leo tried to sack me over Autonomy, says top HP Inc beancounter


Oh Look... HP CEOs fail at failing, then get huge bonuses

There were emails going around at HP about how bad the deal was. Not to mention the "other deal" that was horrific.... the acquisition of Palm/WebOS for 1.3 Billion dollars. Yup, fail fail fail and get paid paid paid as a CEO. Meg sucked too so did Hurd.

Meg fired Leo siting the stupid deals and ALSO the attempted first breaking up of HP into two crappy pieces. Meg thought it was a bad idea then. Then of course ended up doing just that.

Many bad business executions and of course millions in Exec bonuses. Sometimes I think working at HP was like working for the government.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


Curious how the dashboard and fabric in the car will look after a couple of years under intense sun

Curious how the dashboard and fabric in the car will look after a couple of years under intense sun.

Because you know how cars degrade under the sun... LOL

Dell board meeting: What've we got on the table? Sparkling, still, sarnies... and oh, IPO?


Re: Financial engineering

Learn who makes what before you stick your finger up your own arse there sparky.


Re: Financial engineering

LOL... talk about "sticking fingers up maybe their own ass." LOL

Brace yourselves, fanboys. Winter is coming. And the iPhone X can't handle the cold


oh god forced diversity

Here we go with the forced diversity garbage again... maybe some ethnicities or certain genders don't want to work at Apple or engineering in general. Oh no it is due to racism or sexism. The NFL is over 80% non-white.. is that "equal" yet??

User asked help desk to debug a Post-it Note that survived a reboot



Came here looking for swarmy Edgelords in their mamas basements poking fun at "normal users" because they "just don't get computers"....

Leaving here completely satisfied.

HPE HQ to leave Palo Alto birthplace as it 'consolidates' offices


I WONDER if these newly moved employees will have to suffer through having active SEAT SENSORS under their seats to verify they are in their offices?? Happened before.. will happen again.

Thank you HP for such a wonderfully craptastic experience.

Google: This may shock you, but we also banked thousands of dollars to run Russian propaganda


Laugh at the "oh Russia ads broke the US elections"

Yeah ok... this "admittance" by Google and earlier Facebook that "oh we are so sorry we took all this money for ads from Russia because they totally made Trump win the election. The fact that Hillary and Bill are criminals and Hillary is a screaming socialist that would have moved the southern border up to Kansas.... STOP IT ALREADY

Hillary lost due to 12 to 20 Trillion climb in National Debt under Obama giveaways and handouts. Free iPhones.... multi-generational welfare... 20 million new illegals under social security welfare healthcare and it wont cost taxpayers a penny lie.... please STOP IT STOP IT trying to blame Russia....

HPE sharpening the axe for 5,000 heads – report


Seat Sensors

HP doing what HP does best. So Meg, the seat sensors at the HP Marlborough facility really were about studying real estate usage, right? Closed that huge facility down faster than you taking your golden parachute...even though you said that CEOs will no longer get golden parachutes. Another executive stool....

Chairman Zuck ends would-be president Zuck's political career


LOL... FAKE NEWS is A-OK as long as it is about the Right.... but suddenly the Left gets hit and it's all like OUUAUOIIIAII WE NEED TO STOP FAKE NEWS...

TELL ZUCKERTURD to go back to Hawaii and try to steal some more land away from the native Hawaiin's.... !

HPE slices and dices globo org chart


So I guess those seat sensors that were being used at the HP Marlborough facility really didn't do anything to help the bottom line....

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired


Grip of Death??

Gads I LOVE the Apple fanboys coming on here saying "oh samsung deserves this" since Samsung continues to beat the iPhone....

Oh let us NOT forget the GRIP OF DEATH iphone issue a while back... LOL LOL LOL

President Trump to his council of industry CEO buddies: You're fired!


Oh look blaming Trump

Oh look, blaming Trump for racism. Martin Luther King was against the gay life style just ask his daughter Bernice. No problem.

How about not getting all George's Orwellian on statues in the first place moron liberal moonbats....

Axed from IBM for remote working? Don't go crying to HPE


Load of bullcr$p

Load of bullcr$p that Meg is...

As a former employee of HP at the Marlborough, MA facility I can tell you that the company had installed seat sensors at the facility, yes to detect employees actually sitting in their seats. So nothing that HP/Meg does surprises me. HP is a joke and one of the big companies that practiced the horrid "Rank and Yank" employee ranking system. Yet another way to get rid of 5% of the workforce.

Thankfully Microsoft, HP, Computer Associates, GE realized that "Rank and Yank" was demoralizing all employees. It is funny how these big corporations always seem to come up with ways to make employees miserable.

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers


Smells like Rank and Yank to me

Having lived through the notorious Rank and Yank at HP (and IBM, Microsoft, Computer Associates, GE, et) . This is yet another way to not "motiivate" employees and is really just a way to cull the HURDS without paying severence.

So Yahoo did this and now IBM is doing it. Two female CEOs.... Coincidence?

Boss swore by 'For Dummies' book about an OS his org didn't run


The Moral of the Story is ....

Yeah this is proof positive that government workers are overpaid slackers... just sayin'.

Google employs super clever rich people to basically rip off Slack



Considering the founder of Slack is a commune-borne hippie and that Slack has a "diverse" work force, that alone should move Slack up the "must have" ladder for all Left-wing wankin' companies.

Wow, did you see what happened to Veracode? Oh no, no, it's not dead. It's been bought by CA


Rank and Yank... CA took it to a whole new level

Oh joy... Computer Associates.. they elevated Rank and Yank to a whole new level... not just putting good people in the lowest "Unsatisfactory" bucket but also actually posting the whole employee rankings in the areas where employees sat. Thereby guaranteeing cutthroat behavior. CA (like HP) gets everything they deserve.

Did you know? Amazon does film production – and it treats those workers like dirt, too*


Union "workers" sitting by the punch clock waiting to punch out

Oh the Union workers are better? Don't think so. I worked at a union shop (Raytheon) where the union "workers" actually had couches next to the timeclocks... and would sit by them for 10 to 15 minutes or even longer before they punched out.... ridiculous


Re: Poe's law

Oh so "Atlas Shrugged" disagrees with you? You must be a Liberal... oh your are European... even worse.

Amazon S3-izure cause: Half the web vanished because an AWS bod fat-fingered a command


Move everything to the cloud yet have a single point of failure...nice.

"Those two subsystems handled the indexing for objects stored on S3 and the allocation of new storage instances. Without these two systems operating, Amazon said it was unable to handle any customer requests for S3 itself, or those from services like EC2 and Lambda functions connected to S3."

Move everything to the cloud yet have a single point of failure...nice.

HPE's started firing people at Simplivity, say former employees


HP joke

The only "bullocks" on here is your anti-VMware rants there sparky.

HP... where seat sensors were actually installed under employees seats. Yes this really happened in the Marlboro facility. That and Rank and Yank employee weighted ranking nonsense. Everything that happens to HP is deserved by HP.

Facebook scales back AI flagship after chatbots hit 70% f-AI-lure rate


Zuckerberg tried to rob native Hawaiin's of access to land that Zuckerberg "owns. Zuckerberg is the biggest liberal hypocrite there is... next to Clooney and other hypocrites that is....

Radioactive leak riddle: Now Team America sniffs Europe's skies for iodine isotope source


dumb arse Euroflags

Oh... so Europe hates the US... but OH NO when a radiation leak is detected..... ZOMBIES where is the US to save us.... once again.

In colossal shock, Uber alleged to be wretched hive of sexism, craven managerial ass-covering


Re: I don't work at Uber but...

Be grateful you didn't work at HP! They were masters at the RANK and YANK stacked review process where 5% of a managers employees were REQUIRED to get a FAIL (or bottom) grade. Then those people were automatically put on performance reviews. HP was a SUCK PLACE TO WORK. EVERY YEAR a few good people were let go...sometimes a deadwood but most of the time it was always good people. Thank you to JACK WELCH former CEO of GE who introduced SIX SIGMA and the usually following behind that RANK and YANK employee grading and yanking system.


Come on.. a self-righteous Google child/spinoff... acting ridiculously sexist??

Come on.. a self-righteous Google child/spinoff... acting ridiculously sexist??

OF COURSE! The self-righteous Left arm search engine of the Democratic party ... acting HYPOCRITICAL??? OF COURSE !!! One of the those "social responsible" companies that is always first in the face of Trump??? OF COURSE !!!

Republicans send anti-Signal signal to US EPA



Sure... instead... lets just leave our top secret emails on an unsecured email server... that will solve this discussion...

Here's how the missile-free Royal Navy can sink enemy ships after 2018


Swordfish radar cross section.... may be mis-categorized as a magma displacement or a seismic anomoly.... just sayin.

Big Tech files anti-Trump brief: Immigration ban illegal and damaging to business


Hi Tech hypocrites !

Got to love the big Hi Tech companies.... crying because they wont be able to go offshore for cheap labor, then try to disguise their pseudo-outrage in the wrapper of "diversity". What a bunch of phony money grubbing pandering idiots.

Hey Facebook/Zuckerburg, why don't you NOT try to steal 700 acres of land around your Hawaii'n compound from the natives, you hypocrite!

'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard


Re: Doesn't anyone test? Agile sux

Oh here we go..."Doesn't anyone test?" Yeah because thanks to Agile software "development" and micromanaged and miniaturized time schedules, software doesn't get tested the way it should with the proper bake time. Please don't try to justify Agile either... that is why medical companies, NASA, automotive, you name it companies where lives actually count on the software to perform properly DO NOT USE Agile. Get it?

HP Ink buys Samsung's printer business for a BILLION dollars


Seat Sensors

HP will probably install employee seat sensors like they did in the Marlborough, MA facility. Yes they actually did that. Also they will implement Rank and Yank as other companies get rid of that atrocity.

A cracked window on the International Space Station? That's not good


CHINA made a huge mess blowing up a satellite

Well CHINA blowing up one of their satellites into a Bazillion pieces certainly did NOT help.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise axing services techies again


Rank and Yank was horrible... but the seat sensors sent us over the edge

HP practiced that horrible Rank and Yank nonsense that started with Jack Welch and his Six Sigma nonsense. What a horrible place to work. Not to mention that one particular HP facility in Massachusetts actually had seat sensors installed to detect how used the cubes were.

Carly Fiorina was the Queen of Offshoring. Made a business out of it. Now she says we "have to keep more jobs in the US". just wow.

Twitchy Google GAMES YouTube – hits 'play' on MULTI-BEELLION dollar market


Has humanity really descended to the point of lack of motivation that WE NEED TO WATCH OTHER PEOPLE play games?

Late night server rebuild led to 'nightmares about mutilated corpses'


Was it a Banyan VINES CNS or the newer ONS ?? Idiots ran Banyan...

Put your private parts on display if you want to keep earning a living


HEWLETT PACKARD had seat sensors at one facility at least

Hewlett Packard in the huge but mostly empty Marlborough, MA USA facility had installed "seat sensors" at random seating locations. A colleague spotted one under his seat. Did not take a photograph as far as he could tell, wasn't even sure how it worked. Yeah, HP, great place... not.

I have you now! Star Wars stocking fillers from another age


oh gawd... all the basement-dwelling fanboys flexing their nerd muscles... Really guys need to climb out of their mom's basements....

Skilled workers, not cost, lured Apple to China says Tim Cook



No ... really.

Remember when Microsoft started the big offshoring push many years ago? Stating that they could not find enough "skilled tech workers in the US" ? It's all about money don't let lying Cook fool you.

Also Carly Fiorina, the QUEEN of OFFSHORING has the gaul to say that the "US needs to keep more jobs in the US". REALLY?? You were the one that made a business out of it at HP. Another liar.

US Navy's newest ship sets sail with Captain James Kirk at the bridge


LOL... the Internet 101st Military Intelligencia is here

LOL LOL and LOL, all the know-it-alls whose furthest adventure is out of their mamma's basements to get new batteries for their wireless mice. Really try reading Jane's if you "really" want to man-up on military might. "oh... it's one shot and dead"... lol good luck with that knuckledragger clownshoes.

Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth


Re: Mistake or Hack?

LOL... insinuating that MacOS is better? Insinuating that there are no defects or procedure slips in any other development process ?? Welcome to AGILE .

Why ever leave home? Amazon wants to turn your kitchen into a shop


Whist wait till Obama gets hold of this service , you will NOT be able to order anything unhealthy...

Furious HP staff stage protest over job cuts


Douche Canoes CEOs and Board

Our CEOs have failed us. Our Board of Directors have failed us, and this is the result. You would feel significantly different if you were one of those getting axed. Combined with the ridiculous forced distribution of grades during the yearly reviews, HP has become a joke onto itself.


1% turnover is a lie

With the ridiculous forced distribution of grades during the yearly reviews, HP is looking for at least 5% of employee attrition. This is the new way HP lays off employees.

Project Ceylon – Red Hat builds Java killer replacement


Two words

Two Words... SCALA !!!