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HP unwraps Ultrabook


my EliteBook was dying so I bought a MBA about a month ago. I simply couldn't believe that after three years, with growth of SSDs and (my) decline in DVD use, HP weren't offering something lighter. I'm not bothered about looks (well, ok, just a teeny bit), more about lugging kgs of metal/plastic around everyday.

is Apple the only company to do consumer research beyond what to call shiny new things? or am I in such a small niche?


ps how does this feckin magic mouse work?

Cheap gas is a 'crisis' for Greens, but not for us


depends what you mean by costs.

if you take costs = price then you'll end up in all sorts of trouble.

like financial/environmental/social chaos.

let's hope Governments can take the longer term view.

oh, hang on a minute...

Peat bogs will not cause runaway global warming


it's almost as if the scientific process is at work

so have I got this right. some scientists (or 'boffins' to put them in their place) have done some research and conclude one thing. some other scientists have done some research and conclude something else.

whatever next?! reasoned debate, more research and improved understanding of atmospheric processes.

or Daily Mail-style articles like this.

for another point of view on the role of peat bogs, it doesn't take much to find (in an "academic paper")

'Carbon respiration from subsurface peat accelerated by climate warming in the subarctic', Ellen Dorrepaal, et al, Nature 460, 616-619 doi:10.1038/nature08216

I often wonder why El Reg is 'Sci-Tech News for the World'. Keep it to tech, at least until Nature/PRL/BMJ start reviewing ultrabooks.


DARPA aims to make renewable power practical at last


What about sodium?

7.2MWh sodium suphur battery 'packs' which go onto 2 trucks have been available for a few years. So that’s eight trucks for almost 30MWh with commercial technology. Not unreasonable for a DARPA project to be pushing the boundaries a bit: it's advanced research, not procurement.

And as NaS batteries were developed in Japan by NGK and TEPCO, I have full confidence in their ability to withstand any hazard with no measurable health consequences. errr



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