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BT's emergency call handlers will join pay strikes

Martin Summers

Exactly Phil. They dig out this hyperbole about their job being so important just because it's related to the emergency services. I think being a content moderator for the likes of Facebook is probably more traumatising and challenging than 999 operator. It's the people on the business end of the calls who should be paid more, and even then they chose to do it as a job, they weren't forced.

Martin Summers

We don't actually get any figures on what they are paid. So it's hard for me to decide if I support them or not. It's like supporting tube train drivers striking when they are on upwards of 50k.

All I know is if anyone tried this in the real private sector they'd be out on their ear.

Martin Summers

Re: Point of Order

Yeah, even the BOFH got the treatment. It's like British readers are no longer deemed important despite the roots of this site. What's the betting this site is being taken over by Conde Nast soon and becomes the tabloid version of Ars Technica? There's actually nothing unique or special about the Register anymore that draws me to it. Sad times.

Testing of Starlink internet under way in Antarctica

Martin Summers

Now they have this, I'd have thought plans for the cable would be completely on ice.

NASA selects 'full force' for probe into UFOs

Martin Summers

Re: $100,000 and Government Panels of Experts

Well you could get quite a few KFC buckets for that to be honest.

Deluge of of entries to Spamhaus blocklists includes 'various household names'

Martin Summers

If you think you've got problems with legitimate email being blocked, can you imagine working for Pfizer!

Russian military uses Chinese drones and bots in combat, over manufacturers' protests

Martin Summers

What a world we live in where there are expos showcasing the latest and greatest ways to kill eachother. That's essentially what it boils down to.

Oh Deere: Farm hardware jailbroken to run Doom

Martin Summers

Re: Not the only company....

Try not to take it to heart

Sony camera feature hopes to make digital images immune to secret manipulation

Martin Summers

My first thought was that this was going to use Steganography to hold a digital certificate actually in the image. I can't really see how it would work otherwise as anything added to the file could presumably be stripped. It's actually a really cool idea and I can see it taking off to being implemented in other products if they licensed it. Manipulation of images is a big worry in this day and age, you simply cannot know if you can trust one.

Good news: Twitter fell over. Bad news: It's working again

Martin Summers

Re: Everything green, nothing working

But sir, are you sure? That would mean changing the bulb!

Martin Summers

Is the picture in your post from the wanted poster?

US EV drivers won't be able to choose vehicle safety alert sounds

Martin Summers

Re: My favorite!

I had to look up what they were called, but we used Kwenchy cups where I come from in the UK or occasionally a discarded can. Both stuck between the rear brake and tyre. Can't have been good for the tyre but sounded great.

UK Info Commissioner slams use of WhatsApp by health officials during pandemic

Martin Summers

Re: Why has IT not locked Access to these back doors?

"But you can't stop "pondlife" from using their own phones or gov provided mobiles for their own purposes."

Yes, exactly the point of the article! Making your rant about IT departments not locking the apps down completely redundant.

API rate limits at the core of Elon Musk’s decision to ditch Twitter

Martin Summers

Re: Ah, twitter

Mastadon has the same flaw as Twitter. It needs cash to run it. Hence why it asks for supporters on patreon. It has a CEO, it may well be a nonprofit now. How long will that last. Who will be able to afford to run the nodes it needs to function, those with money perhaps? It's never quite as simple as that. Nothing is free.

Martin Summers

Re: Ah, twitter

If you let any social network get to the point of affecting your mental health, you're part of the problem. By that point you should be ditching all forms of it entirely instead of looking for more of it. What exactly do you think this new service is going to do when it realises it needs to earn some real money? Or are you going to try and tell me this mastadon is not indeed burning through startup cash until such a day. Or does it have a magic money tree to support all you users of it? Is it not going to end up just as bad as Twitter if everyone followed your advice and moves to a new echo chamber?

Record players make comeback with Ikea, others pitching tricked-out turntables

Martin Summers

Vinyl being appreciated again, oh how the tables have turned.

Citrix research: Bosses and workers don't see eye to eye over hybrid work

Martin Summers

Not judging you, but you will never keep everyone happy and you will drive yourself and your team insane trying to.

Martin Summers

"paying workers a full-time five-day-a-week salary for four days a week of work."

When they get out of this mindset, maybe the average worker will be happier. Pay me a salary to do my job, and not pin it down to some arbitrary and archaic idea of how long I should be physically present somewhere. If I don't do my job, then eventually fire me. How long I spend in one place makes no difference. My work wants bums on seats again, I'm in IT support, I work better at home dealing with people remotely without distractions and demands made up on site.

Not every job can go this route understandably, but it seems like a childish exec mentality where if I have to suffer then so should everyone else. Shouldn't you want your staff to be happier where you can give that gift. If you can't, then pay them more out of your profits maybe?

Your snoozing iOS 15 iPhone may actually be sleeping with one antenna open

Martin Summers

Yes, which is exactly what the article says and you've just repeated it...

Martin Summers

Re: Twas always so...

What on earth has that got to do with the article? When the phone is powered off you wouldn't expect it to ring or do generally anything at all.

This news is hardly a surprise anyway, anyone wanting to stay dark and covert would never have a phone with a connected battery around them if they wanted to stay hidden. This is precisely why.

Elon Musk's Twitter mega-takeover likely imminent

Martin Summers

Re: Oh Lord!

"So is gonorrhea"

Gosh, had some bad Christmas and Birthdays have you?

China again signals desire to shape IPv6 standards

Martin Summers

Re: Just how would everything being internet addressable be helpful for china?

"Last time I checked, my National Insurance Number could not tell me where I am eating lunch at the moment."

Strange, it told me you were eating it at your desk.

Android's Messages, Dialer apps quietly sent text, call info to Google

Martin Summers

I've been an Android user forever. Shit like this is really tempting me to the Apple dark side.

Russian demand for VPNs skyrockets by 2,692%

Martin Summers

And they know these figures how exactly? Where are they getting them from, otherwise I just call bullshit figures plucked from thin air. How would they ever begin to know how many VPNs are in use? If true, Putin would like a word.

Driver in Uber's self-driving car death goes on trial, says she feels 'betrayed'

Martin Summers

You've clearly got to have no fear or respect for your own life, let alone anyone else's to sit in a self drive car without being the slightest bit worried about what's going on outside. Or she was too trusting of the technology, which is an equally insane state of mind.

This is entirely her fault so far as I'm concerned. You're sat there in a moving vehicle and you're meant to intervene if things go wrong. You can't do that if you can't be bothered to look anywhere but your phone.

Huawei UK board members resign over silence on Ukraine invasion

Martin Summers

Re: Thank you for your service. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Because aManfromMars is a mostly senseless bot account that hangs around here, spouting mostly irrelevant drivel. Seems officially sanctioned though.

Hong Kong Watch says its website suddenly can't be seen in Hong Kong

Martin Summers

I'm not entirely sure why they seem so surprised by this...

Expect sales reps' calls if IT wants to ditch Oracle

Martin Summers

It's never a mistake to move away from Oracle. They are appalling. These tactics just add to the proof.

'Boombox' function sparks Tesla recall

Martin Summers

How long before they order them to issue an OTA update to stop the car from driving at all due to a critical safety issue...

Australian court finds Facebook 'divorced from reality' as it tried to define doing business down under

Martin Summers

I find most users of Facebook are somehow divorced from reality.

No, I've not read the screen. Your software must be rubbish

Martin Summers

Re: Users, no matter how long they might use an application, never mind their instructions

My BSM driving instructor told me that I could just put my wing mirror down far enough to see the corner kerb I was reversing around. Which I have never taken advantage of after I'd passed.

'Admin error': AWS in dead company data centre planning application snafu in Oxfordshire

Martin Summers

Gripping stuff...

Fugitive mafioso evaded cops for two decades until he was spotted on Google Street View

Martin Summers

Re: working … under the name of Manuel

Well I'm pretty sure he would have used the line "I know nothing" at least once during his career.

Ceefax replica goes TITSUP* as folk pine for simpler times

Martin Summers

Re: I miss the jokes

"I've no idea how their comments made it from the users' living rooms onto the tellybox"

Imps, listening to everything you say.

If I recall correctly, it was actually done by post. I remember seeing PO box numbers. Could still have been imps too though if your TV was fancy.

The Ghost of Windows Past haunts a street corner in Bermondsey

Martin Summers

"I won't bother naming the brand that failed"

Come on, we all know it's more than likely Seagate.

The Filth Filter is part of the chipset, honest. Goes between the TPM and SEP. No, really

Martin Summers

I actually feel a bit sorry for the kid who was forever tarnished with a reputation for consuming filthy porn.

I mean it's not as if every teenage boy looks at porn is it...

Hmm, well actually. Never mind.

Is VPOTUS Bluetooth-phobic or sensible? The answer's pretty clear

Martin Summers

I find the idea of being able to compromise something in space fascinating. I assume that naturally there is encryption on the links to these various craft. I do wonder what is up there that people can control from Earth with the right resources. More so, has there been or is there any evidence that anyone ever has?

Bloke breaking his back on 'commute' from bed to desk deemed a workplace accident

Martin Summers

Will it now be possible that German companies will want to carry out an in person risk assessment of someone's home? Otherwise how are they going to stem these claims?

South Korea sets site reliability engineering standards for Big Tech

Martin Summers

This and the paying carriers for bandwidth is just nuts. What are they trying to achieve here other than make themselves look good and cover themselves in glory to their citizens? Simultaneously they are making themselves look foolish to the rest of the world that know the private arrangements between citizens and business for provision of services like this are no business of the government. They will keep pushing for more bizzare rules if companies bow down to this stuff. There's regulatory stuff that of course is just the cost of doing business in a country, fair enough. These kind of things are a step too far though. What would it take for big tech to just up and leave though I wonder.

2033 is doomsday for 2G and 3G in the UK

Martin Summers

I think you can safely say if they don't care about those areas now, then they won't care about them 10 years from now either. Or it could make things better when deploying services becomes more cost effective. Who knows. At the end of the day, if the economics don't add up for the provider then they won't do it will they. Ofcom have mandated coverage requirements in licenses before, if you don't think the operators are living up to them where you're referencing then complain.

Apple, Amazon fined to the tune of €200m for colluding over Beats headphones sales

Martin Summers

Re: Competition

"We get our Amazon next-day deliveries via Royal Mail."

Yeah cos Amazon are paying them to fill in a small proportion. Amazing what they can do for a cash incentive.

Martin Summers

Re: Competition

I think the fact they used Royal Mail to deliver the tests back to the test centre from post boxes tells you everything you need to know without being silly about it. Royal Mail quite obviously wasn't up to the task of doing both. Amazon provably, consistently and reliably do next day delivery. Royal Mail, not so much in my experience. Not everything is a conspiracy.

Future of the three NHS bodies managing health tech in doubt after £2.1bn cash injection

Martin Summers

Whatever they decide to do, they need to do it without Accenture.

He called himself the King of Fraud. Now this bot lord will reign in prison for years

Martin Summers

765,000 IP addresses just sitting there being used for bots? It doesn't specify if they were IPv6 or not but I doubt it. Shortage, what shortage?

BT's Plusnet shows Google how it's done as email woes enter their third day

Martin Summers

"What would you suggest?"

Anything but relying on your ISP. Go Microsoft 365 or Google Mail business. People may laugh at the idea but they're solid most of the time.

Remember the 'guy in a jetpack' seen flying close to passenger jets? Probably just balloons, says FBI

Martin Summers

Re: YouTube Stunt

I put this link there and then a 1 million subscriber channel gets deleted shortly afterwards!

Basically he paid someone to CGI a guy in a jetpack flying near an airport and got the television news to air the footage.

Martin Summers

YouTube Stunt


If you've never seen Airrack before you should check out his videos.

Sharing is caring, except when it's your internet connection

Martin Summers

Re: I was very naive in my early IT days ... and was caught be this

I have a feeling that Jenny was someone you wanted a less platonic relationship with. I was expecting that to end with "And we've been married 20 years". So what did happen with Jenny. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know.



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