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Need US mobile data? Cellular data plan launches on the Helium Blockchain

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Re: words

The word blockchain is lube for investor wallets.

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"This is the first time in human history that a cellular operator relied on coverage being deployed by a blockchain community network."

Oddly specific saying 'in human history'. Who knew Dinosaurs or even Apes had 5G?

Imagine a fiber optic cable that can sense it's about to be dug up and send a warning

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"whats the point, you'll never alert them in time to stop them."

No, maybe not,but you will have already deployed your fibre repair team.

Ofcom swears at the general public for five days during obscenity survey

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Re: The C waord

If its Brian Blessed shouldn't that be


Space tourists splash down in Atlantic Ocean after three days in orbit

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Re: When I see...

"How exactly did they raise the money?"

Generally the rich ask those poorer to put their hands in their pockets.

Don't get me wrong, I give to charity and I earn an average amount. What I don't do is give to charity based on appeals from these people. The rich should fund raise amongst their friends and leave it at that. I'd feel so bloody hypocritical asking ordinary people for money for a good cause of I could donate more than most of the people I was asking.

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"Where did you come up with the $200 million cost for the flight?

I haven't seen the actual cost anywhere. This article says tens of millions, others have guessed at different amounts.

But what do you care? A worthy charity got a great deal of money."

Well, I read other news sites, I didn't just pluck the figure of of my ass. It would make sense to cost that amount given how much the Russians were charging for seats to space.

Also, I don't care. I was just pointing out the irony. As for more money being raised for the Hospital from publicity and book deals etc. Well now that just is speculation. Although I'm sure they'll definitely get some side benefits.

Martin Summers Silver badge

The irony is. If the 200m hadn't been spent on the trip in the first place, they'd have immediately hit their funding goal.

Stressed-out IT workers, software devs – we're not being funny but have you tried rebooting your breathing?

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What would stop me being stressed out is

1. Not having arseholes treat IT professionals like second class citizens within the company

2. Not having 'urgent' (read not actually urgent) demands thrown at them by said arseholes.

3. Not having an expectation of unpaid on call or out of hours support by default. Just because.

Sort those things and maybe just a few more and then just maybe, IT pros will have time to breathe.

Can WhatsApp moderators really read your encrypted texts? Yes ... if you forward them to the abuse dept

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Re: AI technology and absolute censorship, no escape from this

"Many people can be fooled by the results"

And indeed I think you've just proven that.

Rumors of satellite-comms-capable iPhone abound. The truth could be rather boring

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See this is the kind of smartphone innovation that would actually make a difference to people. Having virtually unlimited coverage even if it was just in an emergency. Along with an eventual breakthrough in battery tech, having satellite comms would be a killer feature in a smartphone. It might even tempt me to cross to the dark side and get an Apple phone for the first time ever.

More Boots on Moon delays: NASA stops work on SpaceX human landing system as Blue Origin lawsuit rolls on

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What a knob. That is all.

THX Onyx: A do-it-all DAC for the travelling audiophile

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"If you listen carefully, you'll be able to hear the conductor's asthma."

That's on the lossless [of breath] version.

Full Stream ahead: Microsoft will end 'classic' method of recording Teams meetings despite transcription concerns

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If you keep an eye out on Amazon (and sometimes Argos) it is very frequently at least £20 cheaper than that for the family pack. I've never paid £80 for it.

Martin Summers Silver badge

Does everything have to be by bloody powershell? Can anyone really say it makes their lives easier to have to piss about copying commands into powershell (that's if you're not of course blessed with a memory capable of typing everything without reference).

I couldn't care less if they had some kind of turgid interface they made admins use, at least it would be immediately accessible and searchable. They seem to be dumbing down windows on one side, making everything controllable by the crappy app interface, and making things stupidly complex on the other. I just want to change settings in the most efficient manner. Maybe it's just me, maybe some people are manically happy with it. It's odd perhaps, because I've never had a problem using Linux command shells.

Undebug my heart: Using Cisco's IOS to take down capitalism – accidentally

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You're damn right you'll get your coat!

Remember the bloke who was told by Zen Internet to contact his MP about crap service? Yeah, it's still not fixed

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Re: He needs to migrate to Andrews and Arnold (AAISP)

"But then if Zen also matched the A&A prices, they could probably more easily afford it :)"

Well yes, unfortunately its a race to the bottom with ISPs trying to attract customers. If you want decent anything then expect to pay a reasonable price. I would have signed up with AAISP years ago but I'd regularly blow through their caps just on streaming. I've got a 500mbps Virgin connection and thankfully they're actually reasonable now compared to when I left them some years back when YouTube used to buffer.

Audacity users stick the knife – and fork – in to strip audio editor of unwanted features

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"conducive to success; favourable"

Microsoft wasn't joking about the Dev Channel not enforcing hardware checks: Windows 11 pops up on Pi, mobile phone

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Try enabling your processors in built TPM. On Intel processors this is called PTT. It is tucked away in the BIOS settings. Once I did that on mine, the Windows 11 requirements checker I still have a copy of was satisfied that my PC was good to go. Remains to be seen if that stays the case of course. It may just save some pain for some of having to get price gouged TPM's.

Five words everyone wants to hear: Microsoft has 'visually refreshed' Office

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Re: Windows 11 TPM

I turned it on in my BIOS and both windows insider and the checker tool that I still had a copy of both said my PC now met the hardware requirements. Doesn't hurt to try.

Martin Summers Silver badge

Windows 11 TPM

For anyone without a TPM. Most modern Intel and AMD processors have a built in TPM. I've just found and switched on the TPM built in to my processor. It's called Intel PTT, you may need to find where the setting is tucked away in your BIOS. If you enable that and you've got UEFI boot, then you're good to go with Windows 11. Bit of research tonight meant that I don't have to buy one any more. Scalpers be damned!

Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse

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Re: Use Bing!

Apart from the utter, utter feeling of shame?

Apple scrambles to quash iOS app sideloading demands with 'think of the children' defense

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Re: that forever cut...

I was with you an annual fee. Then you lost me at only covering cost and having that facilitated by a not for profit. Apple are perfectly entitled to make a profit and they shouldn't have to just cover costs.

Mind the gap(ing mouth): London's Underground to get ubiquitous mobile phone coverage

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Re: Thanks I hate it

"Don't worry - getting any sort of radio to work in those tunnels is an engineering nightmare"

Channel Tunnel managed it. Leaky feeder cable, as previously mentioned.

What knocked out Brit cloud slinger Memset for the night? A busted fibre cable upstream of its data centre, apparently

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There was a 2 day Virgin outage last week that knocked out our fibre leased line in Birmingham. Someone went through a fibre cable on a building site in Canary Wharf. Apparently the cable wasn't ducted and no-one would let them on the site until 10am the next morning. I'd love to have seen that reported on.

Post-lunch snooze plans dashed as the UK tests its Emergency Alerts... again

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Re: First I've heard of this

I think the key word in the article was 'some'.

Amazon says it's all social media's fault for letting fake review schemes thrive

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The dodgy sellers have moved on somewhat from fake reviews. They now use a decent product with good reviews and switch the product out to something cheap and nasty.

Better still, that product was sold in another country so you couldn't easily see the reviews without an extra click. As not many people really see beyond the star rating they go ahead and buy based on that.

I've reported several products for this and to their credit eventually Amazon have removed hundreds of reviews for the old product. Quite simply though, they shouldn't allow an established product page to completely change. That should indicate dodgy behaviour immediately.

Then don't get me started on companies selling completely different products as different options that are meant to be colour variations all under the same page. Thus combining the reviews. Even big name companies are doing this.

I know it's a big platform, if Amazon don't invest heavily and quickly in winning back trust then they're going to find themselves in a sticky situation at some point when people simply stop shopping there.

FBI paid renegade developer $180k for backdoored AN0M chat app that brought down drug underworld

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Re: A job well done

"why not keep on using it?"

Simply because it would become fairly obvious that the system was compromised if people using it kept getting arrested. Gather the evidence, strike while the iron is hot.

Of course, they're just playing whack a mole and more criminals will pop up to fill the vacuum in the market. It is money we are talking about after all. The world isn't short of criminals.

Antivirus that mines Ethereum sounds a bit wrong, right? Norton has started selling it

Martin Summers Silver badge

Mining software I've installed to try was detected by my AV as potentially unwanted malware. Would be quite funny if the Norton software detected and cleaned itself up.

Former IT manager from Essex pleads guilty to defrauding the NHS of £800k

Martin Summers Silver badge

Not supplying the services you've billed for is above board is it? May I interest you in my services?

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?

Martin Summers Silver badge

Re: Tea

Did you know know you were there to do ITea support?

You didn't actually mention whether you made it or not. I'm with the other guy who said if they're happy to pay me my normal rate I'll happily make the tea. I've long lost any hangups of a job being beneath me if I'm being paid to do it.

Elon Musk hits the brakes on taking Bitcoin for Tesla purchases

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Re: Prime Bullshit Piled High to Protect and Preserve the Perma Bullshitters Hides

You're talking to a bot.

Martin Summers Silver badge

Re: Fantastic Market Opportunities ...... Ponzis to the Moon and Achilles Heel Arrows

I'm assuming you couldn't immediately tell that this is our resident AI bot. Which means the creator is doing something right even if it passes off as a far right conspiratorial loon.

WhatsApp: Share your data with Facebook, or we'll make our own app useless to you

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That'll be a signal to noise ratio problem.

Chinese rocket plunges into Indian Ocean, still lands sharp rebuke from NASA

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Re: Don't worry China

No they don't. It was settled.

Martin Summers Silver badge

Imagine being an unlucky bastard out at sea on your boat and getting hit by a great hulk like that.

Salesman who helped land Veritas UK's 'largest ever' deal was lawfully docked £275k in commission, says judge

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Re: Slice of a bigger pie

Sales people have their place, they are after all doing something your average techy person can't do (with a few exceptions). They deserve the commission they get so long as they didn't completely blatantly lie to make the sale, which is sadly quite often what happens.

The support staff around the product being sold should indeed be compensated well. That however is a different matter entirely, as without the sales in the first place there'd be no compensation for anyone at all. Its quite easy to forget that when you're staring green eyed at the bonus figures and lifestyles sales people seem to have. I've done technical sales, I was on commission and didn't do too badly. I hated it though and went back to a straight salary position as soon as I could.

UK watchdog blesses Virgin Media and O2's union, says there's no risk of market distortion or competition loss

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Re: But this doesn't necessarily mean the merged entity would be inclined

"The proposed 3 / O2 merger was blocked in part due to the impact on MVNOs, but this merger is fine and dandy on those grounds"

A three and o2 merger would have potentially taken away one physical host of MVNO's forcing them to move or quit and reduce competition. Virgin is an MVNO so it would not carry the same threat. Nothing fishy.

FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins

Martin Summers Silver badge

Re: Whose bloody computer?

Precisely Lee. So many people bitching and moaning that the Government is accessing systems, when the systems have already been compromised and accessed. They are slightly better off than before for the action. If they feel they are worse off then they should have patched the exploit and removed the shells themselves when they had the chance. At least the government are trying to tell the owners of these systems that they're vulnerable.

Martin Summers Silver badge

Re: Another reason I sleep at night

They didn't patch the servers. RTFA.

Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99

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Re: Weekend at Bernie's

I was only thinking that today. Imagine being in the position to announce your death before you'd actually gone. You could see all the tributes before you did. Or give someone a very chilling phone call should they say something you particularly didn't agree with.

Martin Summers Silver badge

We only get a bank holiday upon the demise of Her Majesty.

Lenovo's latest gaming monster: Eight cores, 3.2GHz, giant heat sink, two fans. Oh, and it has a phone bolted on

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Re: Oh, and it has a phone bolted on

It's Lenovo, durability isn't something they consider important.

Ticker tape and a binary message: Bank of England's new Alan Turing £50 must be the nerdiest banknote ever

Martin Summers Silver badge

Sadly I've little chance of ever seeing one in the wild! Not one that temporarily belong to me anyway.

Ministry of Defence tells contractors not to answer certain UK census questions over security fears

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Re: I was working for...

"If you put down 'engineering' and give your work postcode as RG7 4PR"

I popped it into Google, quite funny really as it appears the street view car accidently went into their car park and was swiftly spotted and given a talking to by security staff before being sent on their way. Can you imagine trying to drive into a place like that with a whopping great camera strapped on your roof?

Martin Summers Silver badge

It's just a snapshot of the time. 100% accuracy is not really what they're going for. Hence the question about who is staying in your house as a visitor as of whatever the date of the census ends. That visitor can of course fill in their own census with their own address.

Australian police suggests app to record consent to sexual activity

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Re: Threesomes

"Alexa/Cortana/Google Assistant/Siri could "actively" take part - they could affirm consent".

Username checks out.

UK carriers open their wallets as regulator Ofcom doles out more slabs of 5G spectrum

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Re: Quote

"My burning question is what are people using 5G for?"

Easy: Speed tests



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