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US government clears debt collectors to go after Americans through their social media accounts


Misinformation — that's how I handle the likes of Facebook, Google, Quora, Twitter, etc. My personal information is MY personal information, and is NOT "for sale". Let these miscreant personal data harvesters harvest my fake information all they want … and sell IT to "third parties" … works for me! …

AdBlock Plus man disputes Mozilla add-on tests


AdBlock Plus, NoScript and Firefox ROCK!

Steve Evans, above, said everything I wanted to say about this article -- and said it well! I shut down my computer every 3 or 4 MONTHS ... if that often! Like Steve, I hibernate it, then unhibernate it when I need it, with Firefox OPEN CONTINUOUSLY and I NEVER have less than 125 FF tabs open always in 5 or more FF windows. The SCRIPTS that FF "hangs on to" are my biggest problem, as FF RAM footprint simply enlarges with each webpage script I allow to run (thank you, NoScript! NoScript ROCKS!). Once a tab/webpage is closed, FF MOST OF THE TIME DOES NOT RELEASE THE RAM OCCUPIED BY ANY SCRIPTS I ALLOWED TO RUN ON THAT WEBPAGE! With both NoScript and AdBlock Plus -- inarguably the two best and most important FF extensions of all time -- installed and running, and with judicious use of NoScript in allowing only well-trusted scripts to run (users eventually learn the “bad scripts!”), I have not needed or bloated-down my computers with antivirus software since 2004 and my computers all pass occasional online root kit malware and virus scans with “flying colors”. Kudos to AdBlock Plus!! Kudos to NoScript! Kudos to the Mozilla community for incessant difficult work on continuously improving an already awesomely wonderful web browser, Firefox! ~~~~~ ><(((;> ~~~~~ JLH 20110412Tu2019PT


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