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Google API spring cleaning ends after four and a half years

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They could have fixed it...

Searching with Google, is annoying when you have a name that is more commonly used as a part of another name. If you look up "John Hopkin " you get results for "Johns Hopkins." Unlike other search engines you cannot add "-s" to omit the results with an "s" at the end.

I am going to miss the image search. It made it easier to find where mime photos actually came from.

Hacks rebel after bosses secretly install motion sensors under desks

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What the hack...

If the device is indeed thermal activated, you could just put a MAC under your desk and that should keep the area warm until you get back. I wouldn't leave a MAC under the desk too long. Might get too warm.

For motion just tie a helium balloon to the MAC. Every little breeze will make it move.

If you use PCs at work, yeah, remove the batteries is the easier option.

Useless 'computer engineer' Barbie fired in three-way fsck row

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Price of banishment!

I just checked bookfinder.com to notice the price of the book. It was originally (US) $4.99. Price has gone up. But you can still get it at UNDER US$100.

Wow. That makes a few used book dealers happy.

FTC fells four tech-support operations in scammer crackdown

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You need to be scammed to report a scam

Sadly, the online form at FTC used to report such scams cannot be filled out, UNLESS you can include the amount you paid, and how you paid it.

Were it not for that, I could report a scammer every week by their 800 number. The website they use to generate the popup ad. changes often, plus you need to find the right page on the site.

Typically, you cannot see then entire page address and the ability to copy it is disabled.

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year

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I hope this works

I don't want Win10, so I have done this:

Type "updates" in the search box

Click on Windows Update

Click on Change settings with the window appears

From the pull down menue select:

Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

click OK

Indianapolis man paints his ball every day – for FORTY YEARS

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Re: Lead Based paint

Lead based paint has been banned in the USA since 1978. If there is any, it must be several layers deep by now.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Southern biscuits and gravy

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Re: Other variations

In California, I have never found an onion in my biscuits and gravy. I hope I never do.

Brit school software biz unchains lawyers after crappy security exposed

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Different views on security for everyone.

The following is a partial transcript of a chat I had, trying to explain a security flaw I found.

7:48:05 PM

Actually it is _________ ________. The upper O is a typo

By having then set to auto or manual, makes it easier to hack in.

Josephine M:

7:49:13 PM

you could also raised your concern at our community

any additional concerns JP?


7:50:03 PM

HACKERS read the community. I don't want to give anyone ideas. If I can write a program that reads the programs think what a JAVA expert could do.

Oddly, [redacted] could fix it with just two changes to the next batch.

Josephine M:

7:51:38 PM

okay. just suggesting if you wanted to post on the [redacted] Community, we'll it up to your choice then


7:52:22 PM

Do you recommend posting whenever you hear of security flaws?


Apple Music: First three months for free? We lasted less than 3 hours

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How do you un-subscribe?

One reason I do not try these offers, is that the process needed to QUIT is rarely fully stated nor easy to find BEFORE you join.

Reviewers would be doing people a service by explaining this trick of letting go.

Forget the beach 'n' boardwalk, check out the Santa Cruz STEVE JOBS FOUNTAIN

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Images per meter

" images of Steve Jobs per square meter in California " If you mean for APPLE and the logo, I can see your point. But for just Jobs, there aren't that many bookstore. There is a street named for Steve Wozniak in San Jose. (Woz Way.)

Google poised to become world's first TREEELLION DOLLAR company?

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The FIRST Trillion $ company? Already done.

Several Banks have reached a Trillion in assets. I remember Bank of Tokoyo being among the first ( Now it is named Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group). the top 26 banks in the world all have over 1 Trillion in assets.

(Well Fargo is #24.)

OK, maths wonks: PRIME TIME has arrived

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The end of an era is niegh

A great prime time! Sadly though I predict a drought of primal days. using day/month/year, December 28 is the last prime for the year (28122013). After that, there shall be no more primes days until 3/01/2017. Right. No prime days for three years.

While I am not suggesting we stock=pile primes, and am alerting all to keep calm, carry on, and don't drink and derive.

JP 6

The end of an era is niegh

A great prime time! Sadly though I predict a drought of primal days. using day/month/year, December 28 is the last prime for the year (28122013). After that, there shall be no more primes days until 3/01/2017.

While I am not suggesting we stock-pile primes, I am alerting all to keep calm, carry on, and don't drink and derive.


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I was reading the news stories for July 29 and notice that most (but not all) have a Registered Trademark symbol at the end of the story. (The circle R, or in HTML: &#174 in case this ® does not translate.)

Some of the other stories have a copyright (Circle C symbol). A few have neither.

The circle C (for copyright) certainly belongs in some stories. The circle R should only be on Registered Trademarks (such as the vulture symbol for The Register®.)

I suspect that any article sent to the trademark officer might be rejected. A copyright should apply. Not a trademark.

I am just so eager to see if this information will affect a change in your archives or future articles intended for copyright by The Reg.

Apple is Superman's digital Kryptonite

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Re: You say sell

FOR THE NOOK, the comics stay on your Nook until you delete them (or your Nook gets deleted). They still exist in your online library. There is a Nook application for the PC. You can read your library from either device.

If you found a way to print them, the publisher would be upset for sure.

So, yes, you OWN certain rights. There is an option to LEND but I haven't used it.

JP 6

Now they are there

OK, the single issue for the Nook are now online. The easiest way to find them at nook.com is to search for Single Issue Comics under Nook Books. Not all are available.

JP 6

Not yet for Nook

So far the only individual comics (of DC) available on the Nook are the ones people have scanned and offered for sale. Finding comics for the nook at nook.com is not easy. The fastest way is to type in "Arts & Entertainment" and select Newsstand. The comics SUBSCRIPTIONS start about the third page.

. There are Graphic novels available.

LinkedIn shows webtastic social media firms how it's done

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Is it worth joining?

Linkedin can be useful if it is better monitored. It is full of fake profiles. It is often difficult to get fake profiles off the system. Here is an example of suggested recommendations for linking:


Microsoft SharePoint exposes privates in sniffing hack

JP 6

Linked in replied?

"LinkedIn said it was investigating the issue."

Was that from an email that said:

"Thanks for contacting us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for informing us of this situation. We will take the appropriate action based on the results of our investigation."

I get one every time I am suggested to link to a dead person. (Jesus Christ*, Steve Jobs, etc.)

Sometimes they take action but it depends on who gets the email. While they took Jobs off of linkedin, they still want proof that Leon Trotsky (listed as "Party Commissar at Soviet Socialist Republic"**) is not a valid member. (on linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/leon-trotsky/7/620/bba )

*He died once and that counts.

** A title he didn't have while alive and didn't have after he died.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

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Reminds me of something...

The canteen will hold 3,000! Any chance of an extra wide TV as well? Then while everyone is eating and watching, some lady athlete can run up and toss a hammer into the screen.

That aside there are no surprises.

Curved windows. Apple has always been big on custom parts.

Can't open windows. Like changing the battery on a MAC.

Apricot trees. The don't allow apple clones.

Custom power supply. (Just like the MAC.)

RadioShack gun giveaway: A clarification

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Coupons, not guns

Another important minor detail. They are passing out COUPONS good toward the purchase of guns. The people still have to qualify for gun ownership.

RadioShack franchises go gunning for business

JP 6

More information

While the store GIVES a coupon good for a gun, whoever has the coupon must still qualify for gun ownership. It is not automatic.


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