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That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


Re: I stopped reading at...

Eeh, made me chuckle.

Have an upvote!

First look: Ordnance Survey lifts kimono on next-gen map app


Re: Batteries not included

My tuppenth worth.

As a climber and mountaineer, I am quite amazed that you would see the paper-based map as a secondary or backup system. Don't get me wrong, I've had a love affair with maps and sea charts all my life and really like many of the advantages that GPS/Phones can provide. Companies like MemoryMap digitised OS maps back in the early noughties which where truly excellent, but sometimes were buggy or simply crashed/conflicted with other apps. Paper-based maps don't require batteries or crash.

Obviously, this is very dependent upon where you are - walking around Windermere or a simple trek in the countryside, then all good, but anyone that regularly spends time doing this sort of thing, would be used to using a mapcase. You simply fold the map so that your proposed route is presented through the waterproof cover. Additionally, the laminated OS maps are simply excellent and well worth the investment.

Being reliant on GPS or a phone is not a good thing. Your GPS/Phone should be seen as your backup. I carry a dedicated GPS with OS 1:50000 maps of UK and have SD cards with various European maps as well. In addition, I have quite a few mapping applications on my phone.

Only saying :)

Data cops: Facebook privacy plans must be 'modified'


Re: Baaa baaa baaa!

Er, no. Doesn't work like that...

Software bug flattens NYSE trader


Re: Interesting stuff this "software"

Wow. That has to be one of the daftest posts on here in a long, long time.

Do you really imagine that something like this would be an open source project? I mean, really.

WikiLeaks punks The New York Times with op-ed hoax


Re: Wait.

Holy crap! That was a good read. He`s not a fan of Friedman then?

Zynga plays BLAME GAME with Facebook as stock tanks 40%



They paid US$200 million for Draw Something. Two. Hundred. Million. Two.Hundred.Fucking.Million.

I keep staring at that, then pause to consider the product, their only product. Then I stare at the figure again.

I haven`t taken any hallucinogens for a while, so it can be me that`s addled...

These people must be on some seriously fucking grade A coke to believe that this can all turn out well.

Story gone


Re: RATS!!!

Boo hiss! Me too. Would love to get my grubby mits on that puppy.

Brooks, Coulson to be CHARGED over phone-hacking


Conviction? Pah...

I would be utterly amazed if any of these lot would get jail-time for these offences. There is a two-tier justice system in the UK that will see these people be "strongly rebuked" by some octogenarian judge, whilst mentioning their previous "outstanding character" or something similar. I really do hope that, if they are found guilty, then they get sent down for serious time and not some pissy two-month stretch in that delightful HMP sponsored hotel near Arundel- AKA HMP Ford.

Boils my piss.

Move on, there is nothing to see here.

Cockfighting Reg hack cursed with cancer


¿Títulos? ¿por qué?

Hijo de puta would be more accurate, as given it is dearest El Reg, chances are it is a bloke!

Slightly off-topic, but what drives someone to post such bile? We can all get angry and throw our toys out of the pram, from time to time, but FFS, that is a seriously disturbed individual.

I`d get my coat, but it`s 32 here and, in my terrible Spanish, es demasiado caliente para un abrigo

Lenovo CEO Yang doles out US$3m bonus to staff


Re: @Brian Miller 1 (was: Honestly some people)

Jake, you really are being a tad foolish today. As people point out, 300 bucks is quite a lot of money for Chinese employees, many making less than 200 bucks per month, so quite why you are being so down on this is quite perplexing. Sure, Lenova is a huge company making huge amounts of bucks, but why piss on everything when a nice feelgood story hits El Reg? Not often we see something like this, so why be such a bellend?

Your opening comment clearly demonstrates you as someone with an inflated sense of ego and a quite irrational view on what most of us would consider a nice little chuckee. Some beer tokens for nought. Bish bosh. As others point out, you agree to work for a company at a stated rate for a stated number of hours, so anything over and above that is fine and dandy. I`m guessing you see yourself as one of these "indispensable" types where the business/client simply couldn`t exist without you around.

Nice one El Reg - we need to have some kind of regular Feelgood-Friday type story that lifts our spirits, given how shitty life can be at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S III


damn your titles...

" This is handy if you’re studying a web page at length and don’t want to keep touching the screen to keep it on. Again, it’s a small thing but it somehow makes for an intimate relationship with the phone."

Is that a euphemism for knocking one out?

Why Zuck will go soft for Facebook Phone - and rebrand Android


Have you seen...

...Facebook´s "official" app for Android? It really sucks. It is utterly dreadful, which given the size of FB and the resources available, certainly says something about their ability to deliver the goods.

The idea of an FB phone slurping all my data - calls, contacts, browsing history, photos etc - is very, very scary indeed.

Sod the phone aspect and focus on the data aspect. This, potentially, has quite serious implications if this turns out to be true.

Google warns against ISPs hard on web filth


You`re shitting me, right?

Daft question, as always, but who the fuck thought the Daily Mail was a representative voice of the "people" and therefore in a position to add balance to this debate? Has the UK changed so much in the couple years I`ve been away, that the Daily Mail is now some kind of national barometer for what the "people" are thinking/feeling?

Have you seen their website? It`s a softporn/grattons catalogue wankfest for pubescent boys and not much more. I showed some colleagues here the DM website and we compared it to El Pais. Talk about chalk and cheese. One contains news and not much else, the other appears to be mainly pictures of women in bikinis or busting out of tight fitting tops and not much else. Guess which one is which?

As for Platell...

UK man to spend year in the clink for Facebook account hack


I agree with many on here, the term seems unusually severe. Apart from the fact that he`ll only serve at 30% before being turfed out and given tag/home custody, it just seems a tad severe. A mate of mine in the UK got done last year for dealing wadges of mary-jane and despite previous for being a bit vicious/fighty in his youth, he got six months and served only three.

It`s all a bit inconsistent.

Pirate Bay struggling to get on feet after DDoS to the knee


Re: Last night

Boils my piss that peeps that use TOR for torrents, although not suggesting that you are. Sure, I am a very naughty boy and snaffle things, but TOR was built for different reasons, very decent and worthy ones at.

Also, TBH, using TOR ain`t necessarily going to cover your tracks.



Re: Strange thing is.... you're lying

The clue was in the of speech marks - "distros". Obviously the OP was referring to other material. Do keep up.

TPB fine and dandy in sunny, sunny Spain. Still, Rajoy (the bastard) is going to change the copyright/pirate law soon, so I`ll have to cover my tracks. Here,currently, you cannot be prosecuted for downloading gazillions of vids, music etc. It`s all very odd and very Spanish.

Yahoo! CEO! quits! after! CV! row!



It really is embarrassing to watch these prolonged death-throes of Yahoo! They`ve not been "relevant" for many, many years, in a space where you need to be evolving existing products and introducing new ones on a regular basis- something Yahoo! has been pretty dire with for quite a while. Sure they have email, but as bad as Hotmail for spam etc. Flickr - sure it`s ok, but it doesn`t set the world alight. Social? Mmmm... OK, they make shed loads in ads, but that revenue is in decline (has been for a while) and will, ultimately, not be sustainable in the face of Google, FB etc. Take away that side of the biz and, apart from a few gems AND badly quoting Dorothy Parker: "There`s no there, there"...

I, for one, think it is quite sad, as there are many excellent people working for this floundering beast, but there is a certain inevitability to its demise. Just a question of time.

As someone else posted, chairs:titantic...

Hampshire council throws BYOD party, hires extra security



...and I was looking forward to an article about bring your own drugs to work. Doh...

Investor sues Oracle over $200m whistleblower payout


Won`t change a thing

Seriously, it won`t change a damn thing. Paying a fine is one thing, admitting responsibility is another. The two do not always go hand in hand, especially in US courts. Oracle seem to believe they are "special" in every way and therefore above the laws that us mere mortals have to observe.

iPhone/PS3 hacker Hotz arrested in pot bust



Slightly off topic, but surely he was aware of this checkpoint? Hell, I live half-way up a frikkin`mountain in Southern Spain and I`m aware of it! There were two articles in the British press about this very checkpoint last week.

Bottom line, if you`re prepared to travel with a little bit of gear, knowing the long arm of the Texan lawman is going to go medieval on you, if stopped, then why bother with the risk in the first place? Surely you can score some puff at your destination and avoid all the shenanigans in the first place. Hell, there is probably an app for that!

Where I live, everyone smokes the good stuff and people give it away ( I kid you not), but I won`t travel in the car with any, as the Guardia Civil on the motorways are much more severe than the local plod in the villages. It`s simply common sense.


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Yeah, but...

CNN and News in the same sentence. Wow.

Facebook IPO: Boom or bubble?

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Damn fine article. Well written and well balanced. Good Journalism.

That`s why I like El Reg.

Keep it coming...

Asus phone-tablet pair set for 2012 launch


...You might be onto something there...

Google opens Android music store in iTunes' face


Flexi singles!

bloody hell! hadn`t thought about them in years.

Reg man the most-flamed recruiter in the UK?


Whilst some of the tone of the original article was a bit shit, many salient points were raised.

Over the past ten years alone, I have recruited in the region of 120 people - Tech/Solution Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers of all varieties, Graphic and Web Designers and bucket loads of other IT related bods. Reckon that gives me a sense of perspective on this.

During that time I`ve seen CV`s that shouldn`t have got passed the agency sent to me. Some of them simply terribly written/structured or full of mistakes. I`ve had direct emails and CV´s from technies that would astonish you. I`ve had a candidate arrested for fighting outside the office prior to his interview. Another turned up dressed like the Queen Mother - I shit you not. He was a taller bugger n all!

On the other hand, I`ve had the pleasure to view many excellent CV`s and interview and subsequently hire, a lot of outstanding people.

It is the same in any trade - there are some people that are excellent at what they do, communicate well, work well with their peers and progress steadily through their respective careers. There are also many who simply aren`t as good as some of their contemporaries and will flounder or flop about through their careers.

Why should IT be different from any other job sector?

Personally, I`ve always found myself to be lucky to work in a industry that pays far more than many other sectors, with work that can be exciting, challenging, sometimes downright fun! Obviously, there can be a lot of tedium, wank-word consultancy speak, stress, shitty politics etc. But sometimes the large salary compensates for that.


Kansas IT boss found faking CV resigns


They obviously should have read the article by Dominic, the recruiter...

Facebook denies silent stalking of punters (again)



"we delete or anonymise this information within 90 days..."

Which is it then? remove or use? Big difference, I`d say.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil



"A supply of tea with milk and sugar would be nice. If it is tea I really like, I like it without milk and sugar. With milk and sugar, any kind of tea is fine. I always bring tea bags with me, so if we use my tea bags, I will certainly like that tea without milk or sugar."

Can someone decompile that for me?

Amazon's Silk looks creepily Phorm-ulaic


Mess with their heads...

A mate of mine used to do a similar thing, pre Internet days. He´d pay a few pennies more on each utility bill, vote randomly and join various political parties, as well as express interest in publications such as People´s Friend (always good for a laugh), Readers Digest (Not Wives) a few more esoteric ones...

Not sure what the net effect of this was, but he certainly enjoyed the sporting aspect of it, as his demographic would be entirely off kilter to any marketing company with access to his data.

Aussie parrots hit the sauce and hit the deck


As your attorney...

The first bit of your post reads like the opening to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Obviously, Sydney´s not a good place to take any hallucinogen!

Facebook cookies 'fixed' as Oz privacy bureaucrats investigate


Am I the only one amazed that these fuckers apparently don't document their code? Effectively, that's what they're implying in their response.


FalconStor founder found dead


He was an immensly talented guy who will be sorely missed. Damn shame, is all I can say.


45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes



There are a variety of reasons people choose Android over iPhone and vice versa. A majority of us choose Android due to it´s far more open approach and ability to tweak our phones to how we (not Apple) want them to be. Whilst I can readily understand Apple`s approach, their "one size fits all" strategy is not appealing to everyone.

Unlike yourself, many of us are technology agnostic and choose platforms, products and technology that fit our requirements, as opposed to purchasing something that GQ or shortlist.com tells us we must have.

There is quite a difference

Laptops en route to Europe by rail for first time


Methinks we might see an upsurge in Train Robberies in the not too distant future...

Finance software bug causes $217m in investor losses



I would disagree with your comments about making devs responsible. If you are writing code that is mission critical to a business, then at least you should have a robust set of test procedures to ensure that code is returning expected results. Unit Testing, UAT and all manners of other methods are hardly new to us.

If your code is flawed and it causes problems or losses, then you must willingly accept the responsibility and face the music.

I led a code review for the London Internation Financial Futures Exchange new back office system many years ago and given the importance of what this system did, it was extremely important to ensure all i´s were correctly dotted etc.

The company that actually wrote the code had done a simply outstanding job of creating the whole end to end test process, so that it actually did what it said on the tin. No easy feat and highly laudible. Wish I could say the same for many other organisations I´ve worked for down the years.

With responsibity comes accountability.

Designer pitches game arcade laundry



Clever bugger or what? Got to admire the thinking behind this one.

Google+ opened to world+dog

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I´d have to agree about the quantity vs. quality debate. I sadly use FB to keep in touch my friends and family back in blighty. The downside is, I get innundated with spam/virus/shite from my nephew´s/niece´s FB accounts on a regular basis.

With G+, I have a specific bunch of people that I can keep in touch with, or groups with common interests and I´m not bombarded with drivel all day, every day. These indivduals and circles span my worklife and the things I do outside of work and are very low maintenance, in terms of interacting with them. Quite the opposite of FB.

As for the Android App, it runs like a treat and hasn´t caused me a single problem. I´d have to say that FB for Android App is a shite. Buggy/unstable and not particularly useful.

Unlikely contender tops rankings in Nokia ringtone quest


I think it is mint! Stuck it on my android. I´m sure the novelty will wear off in a day or two, but fuck it, why not.




Nice little app. Beats the arse of the Samsung Allshare app and Gmote. One negative is the lack of support for 3G. With Gmote, I can play a tune on the PC at home when I´m away - the missus is a sucker for The Cure´s "Friday I´m in love" and being a soppy fecker, I play it on the PC (connected to HIFI) - freaks the shit out of her, naturally, but it´s good for a giggle.

Mine´s the remote-distance stalky looking one...

Hey Commentards! [This title is optional]


User generated threads - Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone´s got one.

Nice one dearest El Reg.

Re User Generated threads. I´m quite divided on this, as there are some reet clever buggers on here, who can provide wisdom and enlightenment on a myriad of technical (and other escoteric subjects). But there are also the usual bunch of numpties that just want to pick fights.

For example, I was thinking the other day "wouldn´t it be nice if I could go to El Reg and post a question about purchasing a new laptop" as I´m looking to do that at the mo. The downside is I would be told repeatedly that I should go for a Mac, HP or whatever bunch of overpriced wanking-spanners that Tosh are selling this week. The post would then be diverted when the Mac crew tool-up and take on the PC Crew (cue Sharks and Jets from West Side Story - interesting image </digress>) and it all goes horribly wrong and pisses everyone else off.

How do you get around that? Start making some of us Mods? Mmmm, tricky one. Otherwise it means a fuck-load more work for your moderatrix (moderatrices? moderatrixes? moderati? Moderators is, well, to normal).

Genuinely curious to know...

Jeff Bezos' spaceship self-destructs in test flight


aw come on...

Rocket Science is easy, it´s Rocket Engineering that is difficult.

Ask El Reg Special Projects Desk...

HP plucks webOS team out of departing PC division


@Stu 18

Does the 18 denote age or IQ?

Rugby World Cup reporters swap identities in login glitch

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Rugger buggers' buggy buggerup - you guys really know how to knock ´em out!

Good stuff

Google rolls out offline Gmail (for Chrome only)


Oh dear

Sounds like you need to have a beer and relax mate. It really isn´t that important.




I´ve not used a thick-client email in nearly a year. Even then, it was for my Gmail accounts and one business account. I use Gmail in a browser and on Galaxy S. As someone else has said, the functionality in Gmail is ideal for most people. As soon as I send a message, it is sync´d to my G S. Ditto drafts etc. It is not always ideal, but I´m pretty chilled about it.

I used to be obsessive about my email and would have Outlook PST backups galore. I used Thunderbird for a while, but got fed up with its "quirks".

So, whilst it might be your cup of tea, there´s a lot of us who are quite happy this way.

Each to their own, eh?

Samsung 'mulls bid for' HP's orphaned webOS


Kies - You´re having a Steffi Graf...

Apart from iTunes and the shite I used to cobble together many years ago, Kies is, without doubt, a festering piece of junk. It´s system overheads are enormous. It has a really naff UI that is hardly intuitive and it´s functionality is quite limited. I usually have to connect my GS to the pc (USB or BT) several times or restard Kies several times, to get the fecker to see my device.

With regards to Sync and Backup, it only syncs to Outlook and the backup only does data. You can´t backup apps or data other than Contacts/Calendar etc. Which is kinda what the sync does, so yes it is kinda useful, but not very.

How to... re-energise your Android smartphone's OS


Always nervous...

...about the idea of rooting my Galaxy S and installing CM. Like you, it is my main phone and despite being a techy for many years, fiddling about on an Android phone is something I´m distinctly nervous about.

Is my paranoia justifed?

Apple after Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs' Apple


a title is required and mustn´t contain rabid fanboi/anti-fanboi gibberish

I´m not a huge fan of Apple products, but each to their own. I have an iPod and iTunes drives me frikkin´ potty. Grrr...

Anyway, what Jobs has done since his return to Apple is incredible. Turning Apple into what it is today has to be one of the legends within IT (or any) industry. I´m sure it´s is or going to be required teaching on MBA´s or business studies courses all over the globe.

They have one of the best Marketing teams ever. I think their early iPod ads, with silhouetted people bopping around, were incredible and iconic. I can´t think of another brand that has such amazing advertising.

There is no denying their product design either. I mean they make really sleek and cute, bright shiny things. People love their Apple kit. Look at all the postings on this and many thousands of forums. Their customers are fanaticly loyal. Why? Because they make stuff that these people want. Failing that, they create new products (iPhone/iPad) that people didn´t know they wanted, but absolutely have to have. Smart. Very smart.

Not many companies can have such a massive, global and passionate customer base.

Whether you think the guy is a cock or God, there is no denying the man is a genius.

Ten... outdoor gadgets


Liquid Image Impact HD720P

I so want a pair of these.

You guys get all the fun.

Re Spot - The Delorme inReach is far superior.