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John McAfee launches cert authority but it's got a POODLE problem


Re: Another venture?


Facebook unleashes mighty data trove to learn how you laugh


No emoticon can express how I'm feeling right now!

Torvalds turns to Sir Mix-A-Lot for Linux versioning debate


I see 4 as a rewrite of the kernel and not an incremental increase.

If we take x.y.z as our version scheme then 4 is code base, y is feature and z is fixes. You can amend an additional octet for build number.

I appreciate that no one ever uses version numbering the way I envision it. I can't see the first octet being changed if you aren't doing a rewrite.

Anonymous loose cannon admits DDoSing social services and housing websites


Re: Some people really should get out more.

It makes Beirut look nice. Go the Strand and see the mall of the 70s with 4 open stores.

If you need directions the homeless and/or drug using folk will be all to happy to punch any part of you they like.

If learning is your thing, don't forget to miss Hugh Baird College. Ask for Charles Rothwell and say you're Gordon from Alive.

Latest NORKS Linux and Android distros leak


Re: I love the aerial on the tablet

Do you mean the Prophet DuARTe?

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)

Paris Hilton

I personally believe the biggest mistake that Microsoft made was not killing XP sooner. I had this discusion recently with a friend.

So I went from 3.11 to 95 then 3 years later I had 98. I then waited 2 years and I got ME (let's try and forget) which was such a huge mistake that XP was forced upon the world. So in 2001 I started using XP, not XP SP3 which some people are happily using now or XP64 SP2. Then the release schedule seemed to be extended, we had 6 years before Vista. I liked Vista, I had machines that could handle it. Then we waited a standard 2 years for 7. The release of 8 was 3 years later which is again a reasonable timeframe for updates.

So the problem is not that XP is awesome (it's not). It's that people got left alone with XP for 6 years. This would normally have seen 2 releases in this time, instead it saw none. This led to complacency in the market and has led to the problems now.

Remember, new is always better. They should have killed XP support in 2007 and have replaced it in 2004 in my opinion.

Facebook to scrub itself clean of filthy malware links


WOT anyone? I use it to check all links and don't bother with the red ones.



public void Title {

Post = "We are all going to die!";


German chemical giant depending on biscuit-based security

Black Helicopters

More Tea Vicar?

I guess someone is having to eat a lot of biscuits.

I can't help wonder why they don't build SCIFs and the like. Something proven to block the outside world.

Microsoft warns on support scams


I got one of these calls...

I was so excited, I never get these kinds of scammers calling me.

He had a thick Indian accent and I'd just got home from a business trip.

He told me he was calling from " The International Internet Router Team". He told me it was showing that I had slow internet speeds.

I played along with the dumb idiot and started with the "Oh, it has been slow" bit. Then after a few moments I asked where he was calling from again. He told me then "BT, TalkTalk or one of them".

I was up for a laugh, and asked which one. He sounded confused and then hung up.

HTC U-turns over Desire Android 2.3 update


People need to read

You can install Gingerbread without Sense and have no issues.

To install Gingerbread with Sense you need an EXT3/4 partition, as there is no room for apps.

If HTC release with Sense, they might require a section of your memory card been used for ALL apps or more likely they will strip out much of Sense.

No Gingerbread snack for Desire owners, says HTC



Your ext3/4 partition is what you're missing. Try using it without your memory card to hold ALL your apps.

Also S-OFF your Desire and you can change the partition tables.


Sense 2.1 and Gingerbread

For those who are saying they are running Gingerbread with Sense 2.1 witch such ROMs as RCMix.

Remember you have to have an EXT3/4 partition on your memory card. Without this it would be unusable.

Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud



Simple fact is that XP is too old. It was designed for an age before multiple cores were a common thing, before virtualisation was our friend.

Next argument will be about upgrading away from IE6.

If you want to use new services, expect to need new systems.

Breaking wave 'big as the USA' spied on Sun's surface


"NASA boffins, staring into the Sun..."

Every 5 year old knows not to stare directly into the Sun.

Tory terror changes promise moon on stick


Doctor, Doctor...

I feel like a terrorist.

Apple embraces 'n' extends messaging


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I've had several guys add me on BBM randomly and ask if I'm a girl. Strangely they all delete themselves when I say "not anymore".

Spam is alive and well in the propriety IM world.

Coders run Android 3.0 on Honeycomb-less tablets


This is news?

A half functional port of 3.1 is news? What about the works of RCTeam to port Sense 3.0 to the Desire HD? A phone that is HTC's Flagship only to be told it won't have the next iteration of Sense.

Google rolls out fix for Android security threat


I do look daft

Just read the email from Dan where he says to read the article again.

Mine's the one with my glasses in the pocket.

Paris Hilton

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Are they making this change server side or client side? I would presume this would be server side, as there are just too many variables to consider client side.

Paris, because there is no Google icon.

PARIS team to tackle the ultimate post-pint snack



That looks like vomit. I actually think I'd die if I was near it.

Email in the cloud


Wet Email

If I put my email in "The Cloud" will it get wet?

Mine's the one with the hood, to keep me dry.

99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials


Titles are people too

"the device connects to them by default" really?

Paris Hilton

Shock Horror!

I guess Wireless really isn't secure.

Paris, as her phone always leaks "personal" information.

HTC Facebook branded, buttoned phones appear online


Titles are pointless

If I delete the app from data/app or system/app will the button stop working? I assume I can map it to something else. This could lead to some amusing apps that remap the button.

Mine's the one with the HTC Desire HD running RCMix Kingdom v0.1 with Sense 3.0 with a Facebook button on the home screen.

Vodafone, Three to offer hyped-up HTC handset

Black Helicopters


Both the Desire and the Desire HD have S-ON. In both instances the protection has been broken and engineering bootloaders have been flashed to my handsets.

There is a great number of people who want to crack this, so just wait.

Android book-scan app tames untidy tomes



Books? They still have those. I thought they were all destroyed.

Mine's the one with the kindle in the pocket.


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