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Open source .NET mimic lands on Android


Mono works ...

This argument doesn't make sense, because product x doesn't have feature a, b or c it should be free ? Mono is a great effort and free on its own, Novell invests a lot of work in MonoTouch (for iPhone/iPad), MonoDroid (Android) and MonoMac (for MacOS X) and I don't think anyone can blame them for wanting to recoup their investment with valuable tools like these.

Mono allows use of the same model/controller/business logic code for all these platforms including linux - all using a language that is loved by many who prefer it over Java, Objective-C or C++ - so enough to cheer about.

If you prefer writing your Android app in Java and then converting your app to Objectice-C for the iPhone and then converting it to c# for WP7, fine - go ahead and enjoy yourself :-)

But you should at least be able to understand why some prefer to use the same non-GUI codebase across there platforms and only customise the GUI part.

One doesn't have to be a Microsoft lover to appreciate .NET and C# as a language.