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Beeb coughs to Panorama WiFi-scare travesty

Bill L

Now if only we can get such a review of all the pro-business news passed by mainstream

Even such sloppy investigation should have at least spurred some inquiry of whether WiFi is safe.

Now with this knock-down no one will dare speak up if it does emerge as a danger.

With all the pro business news and information that is passed by mainstream news sources, you'd think there'd be some balance in investigating biased news.

I'm sure that near the holidays in the UK as it is in the US a major time waster is report after report on the supposed major past time of shopping, leaving out the great non-affluent masses.

But, the rest of the year, promotions of particular products singularly or en masse (such as those promoted by the egg industry lobbyists, etc.) are dished out with vigor by mainstream news all the time. I never hear of any blow back for such biased pandering either.

Electrical supe charged with damaging California canal system

Bill L

The Man Caused More Than $50000 Dollars in Damages

So, of course we'll need to spend $100k to convict him and maybe even more than that to hold him for a few years and monitor him for more to make sure he doesn't get near any canals.

I wonder if possession of a bottle of water will be something that will send him back to jail.

You'll never take me alive, coppers!

Only bicarbonate of soda can save mankind!

Bill L

You know D*** Well What Would Happen

Some terrorist would pilot a plane full of vinegar into the mound, which would be pretty spectacular a scene if there were red dye mixed into the vinegar and the hill sized pile of sodium bicarbonate was thinly protected with a waterproof covering.

Science club here we come.

O.K. Well, all the good responses were already done above so.....

I'm waiting for the guy who figures out how to take the carbon and using natural forces creates diamonds from them.

Americans clueless on NASA budgets

Bill L

Why can't we use the money on major diseases and alternative energy?

Personally, I'd like to see more spent on AIDS, Malaria, Mutliple Sclerosis, other diseases, and Stem Cell research. There should be lots left over for developing Alternative Energy like solar, wind, geothermal, that is doable here on earth. One year I read that only 1.4 million dollars were slated by a Bush administration energy bill for alternative energy development. I doubt that's enough to develop an alternative ice cream cone, given the way the government handles it's accounts.

I don't think sending NASA out to find new energy sources is a good way to spend even .6 % of the national budget.

We have so many tech billionaires playing Jor-El and trying to get into space themselves.

Let them work out their kinks, test new products, and we know they will sell what they find to other businesses for a fair price so we taxpayers don't have to worry about another very expensive way to funnel new technology to fat cats, and exploring for new energy sources for Bush administration favored energy companies.

BTW, much pro-NASA Internet action is paid for by us, American Taxpayers:

Here is the text from the subcommittee approval of the 2005 NASA reauthorization bill. This was reported on a forum. The original wording could be found and confirmed at the House Committee on Science and Technology on Aug 8, 2005 when the original post was created, but has since been hidden or its location changed. (We checked it out back in 2005.)

Quote: "The Committee directs NASA to engage in a national awareness campaign. The purpose of such a campaign is to provide NASA with a venue in various media (print, radio, television, Internet, etc.) to articulate missions, recent accomplishments and recruitment efforts to young Americans."Unquote

The bill was passed earlier (in early July of that year IIRC).

Here (http://gop.science.house.gov/press/109/109-105.htm) is a reference at the House Committee of the national awareness program (where is Joseph Goebbels when you need him?).

Now during the flight of Discovery that July, big forums were swamped with talking points people yodeling about all the great products that were the result of NASA testing. But no one told people how much Big Business pays for licensing of all the products developed through space exploration or otherwise how how most of us down here really benefit from NASA's wanderings.

Another point is to forum and comment readers. Just because you read it in a post (in science as well as politics venues), doesn't mean it hasn't been paid for.

Bill L

Just ask AIDS or Stem Cell Researchers What Can Be Done With .6% of the US Budget

We get bombarded by the NASA trolls in forums about all the things that that were tested in space before they were turned over to Big Business to make products to grace our consumer shelves (yet we wonder if the fat cats ever paid adequately for the technology or if NASA is basically a way of handing favored businesses contracts and technology).

I'm thinking what if we were to hand that dough to other favored beings who could use it to find a cure for AIDS, Malaria, Multiple Sclerosis, not to mention Sars, bird flu, and that new killer cold going they've discovered here in the States. And then there's stem cells.

But that wouldn't be useful for giving the little Bushster a JFK sheen, and maybe a little closer look is being made of where earthbound science uses it's money. Or maybe it's just the bigger contributors are in the space industry.

What we are looking at though is the possibility that the great war boondoggle plug will be pulled by the American public so I'm sure they're counting on the great space race boondoggle to keep things going. (I wonder if Blackwater guys can fit into those space suits. OK, just kidding there.)

Now I have to go, but I'll be back to see how long it took for the paid NASA troll to come and "refute" my comment with his or her paid propaganda. (Please don't try to deny it. I've seen the record at Thomas.loc.gov of a bill passed just to fund NASA Internet trolling.)

Holy pancake appears on eBay

Bill L

I See Two of the Three Kings Bringing the Lord a Bread Maker

And arguing whether the stable will have someplace to plug it in at.

Finnish school gunman posted warning on YouTube

Bill L

Yeah, but the US has 300 million residents. How many does Finland have?

A nation with so many fewer bad apples would, of course come up with a malicious type of jackpot later and less often than the over a quarter billion of us in "the states".

I'm not judging Finland's laws, politics, or people. I'm just saying a lower number of people equals fewer nutcakes, everything else being equal.

US mercenary outfit shoots 11 Iraqis - and self in foot

Bill L

This is Being Smoothed Over Quckly

The government has released an "incident report" that contradicts Iraqi eyewitness accounts and even Blackwater's previous testimony.

The story now is that Iraqis started shooting at them and the Blackwater boys just shot back at those who shot at them. (Iraqis say that a car bomb someways off triggered the attack on Iraqi civilians. Blackwater previously said a nearby carbomb started it.)

But rest assured the poor Bw kids were under such heavy fire that they waited for a tow truck to haul their damaged vehicle out of there. Instead of , you know, piling everyone in the vehicle that still worked and getting the Hell outta Dodge.

So I guess the price of one Blackwater wagon is 8 human lives. It sure tells us a lot about what is happening there.

But Condi's schmoozing things over with Maliki.

And I'm guessing little will actually happen to the mercenaries.

BTW, it wasn't so long ago that, even to the US armed forces, any dead Sunni was automatically upgraded to "insurgent" so maybe Blackwater hadn't read the new rules, or maybe there were no new rules and this still happens all the time.

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'

Bill L


Please remember, it was Sheriff Lee Baca who release Hilton, not Paris herself.

Baca is the typical right wing minority hassling crap most places have for sheriff (yes, I have heard of personal encounters). The LA County Sheriff department does the same things as the LAPD, but hasn't been caught in a big one yet.

I'm no celebrity pimp or fan. I see them a lot, and they're too skinny, but I think those people that constantly dump on them should get a life of their own. Really, the rest of us are tired of hearing and reading you work out the dissatisfaction you have with your own lives in practically violent hatred of people just because they might get on the covers of a few tabloids.

BTW, While you're shopping for a life, look for a brain, too. You are being led around by the nose by the less than honest tabloid and gossip industry.

I bet you don't know that every national tabloid in the US is put out by the exact same company. There is no competition.

Most gossip sites just repeat what the tabloids put out.

It's all one small group of people playing games with your minds.

And, unfortunately, they've shown that it's easy to do.


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