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Cable thieves wreak havoc for cops, BT punters


No one gives a damn except those affected!

You might think that was a good idea and worth encouraging. Do everything possible to catch these thieves and punish them as much as possible when they are caught! However the coppers couldn't give a toss!

Early one morning at around 5am I was walking past some boarded up maisonettes, which have since been demolished. I saw a man on the roof trying to gain access in order to steal any metals or other items he could sell. When I got home, a few minutes later, I telephoned the security firm whose number was on the metal shutters which say that all metals and other valuables have been removed from the premises. The person that I spoke to said it's not their responsibility after x o clock, after that time it's the police who are responsible for the security.

Therefore I telephoned the local police centre, I thought that 999 was a bit OTT as it didn't seem an emergency. I got transferred around and the person that I spoke to told me that I should of called 999 in a "why you bothering us with this?" sort of way. I asked him whether he was going to do anything about it and he said he would find someone to deal with it and he put me on hold. I held and held and held for about 10 minutes and nothing. Basically he couldn't be bothered!

If you wonder why so many people are doing this kind of thing, then think about the response I got. With so little chance of getting caught, the police not bothering, security firms "it's not our responsibility", is it any wonder why this is happening?

Flood-hit WD takes half-billion kidney punch from Seagate


WD....serves you right

I had a high end WD Raid drive fail after about 18 months loosing a pile of precious irreplaceable TV transport streams in the process. I have been sent a crap green drive which is no where near to the class of the drive that I RMA'd. Add to that being messed around and I'm not a happy chappy with WD ATM.

Samsung, faster and cheaper but with crap warranties.

It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK


Seagate drives just get worse

It seems like the older they are the more robust they be.

That one which is still working after many many years, I have a 250GB Seagate that is still working and has been on a daily basis for about 7 years and my most resent Seagate I purchased 2 years ago which has had to be RMA'd a few days back.

On the Seagate RMA, a very quick turnaround, sent very late on Friday and was told that it wouldn't go that day and Seagate emailed me on Monday saying that they had received it. Tuesday I got an email saying that they had despatched a replacement but no tracking info. Now two days later and still no sign of it or any tracking info. It is DHL [none]Express.


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