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DoD hopes $30M BEACONS will light the way to next-gen American battery designs


Re: Something OTHER than Lithium

Lithium ion batteries actually contain very little lithium, when they catch fire it isn't due to the lithium just the large amount of energy they store... it has to go somewhere!

Rocket Lab launch streak goes up in smoke with 41st mission


It's hard

Rocket science is easy... Rocket engineering is hard

pointy end up, burny end down, better luck next time !

Google rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliations



Until I read this I never even noticed that android had a lower case "a" I also don't give a damn about the logo, it makes no difference at all to the way I use my phone.

So a pointless (and probably expensive) waste of time

India lands Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on Moon, is the first to lunar south pole


Re: Milestone moment

Must be cows, where else would the green cheese come from?

Judge denies HP's plea to throw out all-in-one printer lockdown lawsuit



What technical reason do they give for locking out the scan function when the ink runs out? (apart from an attempt to take your cash)

On the record: Apple bags patent for iDevice to play LPs


but can it play wax cylinders?

India's space agency set to launch lunar lander, rover


I hope they succeed

California man's business is frustrating telemarketing scammers with chatbots


After many many calls from a firm asking about the accident I never had (once 3 times in the same day) I asked to be removed from their list, when they called again a said "I hope you get cancer and your children die in a fire" For some reason they never called me again... was it something I said??

Virgin Galactic finally gets its first paying customers to edge of space



Is this cheaper than zero G in the vomit comet, or does the zero G last longer?

One year after Roe v Wade overturned and 'uterus surveillance' looks grim



I'm so very happy not to be living in the hell hole that America has turned into!

Microsoft Windows latest: Cortana app out, adverts in



Why would I click cortina or whatever it is then talk to the 'puter (risking misunderstandings) to launch a program when I could just click on the shortcut for the program? (when did programs turn into apps anyway?)

Why you might want an email client in the era of webmail


Never used!

I have a webmail service that offers IMAP, so I just use a local email client (Postbox) and never, ever get to see the wonderful advertiments that are splattered across the web client... works for me!

Nvidia's RTX 4060 and 4060TI are actually priced like mid-tier cards


Will it?


will it run Doom??

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is a worthy heir to the Note


How much?

$1200? don't be silly!

YouTube's 'Ad blockers not allowed' pop-up scares the bejesus out of netizens


I used Firefox but switched to Vivaldi (with Ubloc origin) a few years ago, works well for me



Why should I be forced to watch an ad for some crap I have no intention of buying, letting it ruin the flow of the thing I actually want to watch?

I gave up on live TV years ago because of the ads spoiling the programs.

ESA's Jupiter-bound Juice spacecraft has a sticky problem with its radar


Simple fix

Simple fix, just needs a little percussive mainainance!

Chinese company claims it's built batteries so dense they can power electric airplanes


What is the life of these super batteries, how many charge - discharge cycles??

Yes, Samsung 'fakes' its smartphone Moon photos – who cares?



As usual ads = lies

Tech demo takes brain scan, creates a picture of what you're looking at


If it produces an image of what the subject is looking at, all the images should show the inside of the scanner!

Smart ovens do really dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi



not having any smartcrap, what happens if you just don't give them access to your wifi? Do they just sit in a corner and sulk?

Finally, ransomware victims are refusing to pay up


Infected? Re format, restore from (off line) backup. back in business

Mixing an invisible laser and a fire alarm made for a disastrous demo


What's wrong with a water cooled laser?

Huawei teases bonkers gadget combo



Why bother?

Never felt the need for a Smartwatch and I am able to survive for more than a day without earphones in.

NASA's Artemis mission finally launches after faulty Ethernet switch delayed countdown



I am amazed that it worked, pleased - but amazed.

I don't see how this can be a long term system though, it's mainly a collection of ex shuttle parts, apart from the capsule very little new stuff being made to replace the bits that just get thrown away on every launch.

Look! Up in the sky! Proof of concept for satellites beaming energy to Earth!



The problem would be the loud moaning of the Karens, they think that 5G causes cancer, so what will they say to orbiting microwave ovens beaming death rays at them?

Mars rover Curiosity reaches sulfate-rich Mount Sharp after 10-year journey


You spelled sulphate wrong ... again!

NASA OKs spacewalks, upgrades helmets after fishbowl mishap


Re: ...developed a hardware solution...

Always know where your towel is!

Aerobot designed for hell-world Venus first braves something worse: Nevada


You spelt sulphuric wrong!

Those screws on the Apple Watch Ultra are a red herring


Me, I don't feel dressed without a watch. ~It goes on when I get up in the morning and comes off when I go to bed. No need to mess about pulling my phone out of my pocket every time I want a quick time check, so much easier. (but then I'm classed as an official old fart!)

Teardown shows Apple iPhone 14 Pro is not pro-repair


This kind of thing is why I don't own any Apple crap and never will

Blue Monday for Blue Origin as rocket bursts into flame


While I'm no fan of BO's up and down space ride, it is good to know that the escape system works. Looks like a rough ride, but not as rough as staying with a failed and burning booster

Startup wants to build a space station that refuels satellites by 2025



Minor typo, geostationary orbit is 35,785 km not 300Km small difference, but probably important when you are low on fuel!

NASA identifies landing sites for America's return trip to the Moon


Wilfull ignorance?


Re: Return to the Moon?

We did in 1969, the landings were in the middle of the cold war, you can be sure the Russians tracked the Apollo capsule every inch of the way, any fakery would have been headline news in Pravda.

Someone put the laser retroreflectors on the surface (they can still be used today)

We were promised integrated packages. Instead we got disintegrated apps



When did programs turn into apps?

AI chip adds artificial neurons to resistive RAM for use in wearables, drones


Is "Productization" a real word??

Rocket Lab to search for signs of life in the clouds of Venus



Peter Beck is crazy.... but he's my kind of crazy!

Good luck to him

Facebook hands over chats to cops in abortion case


You are now entering America, please set your watches back 50 years

Russia fines Google $374 million for letting the truth about Ukraine be told



"Google also stands convicted an "indifferent attitude to the life and health of minors"

Who is bombing residential areas with lots of children in them??

Is the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope worth the price tag?


Just a point, 95+% of the billions spent on the JWST are not in in space, they are here on the ground. The engineers, scientists and technicians spend their wages here on Earth, pay taxes etc.

These centrifugal moon towers could be key to life off-planet



It would be interesting to what happens when the abrasive lunar dust eats away at the bearings (interesting to watch from a safe distance that is)

Pentester says he broke into datacenter via hidden route running behind toilets


Urine trouble now!

The Raspberry Pi Pico goes wireless with the $6 W


Re: Pounds?

Well $6 = £6 because, reasons (or maybe greed!)

Chinese boffins suggest launching nuclear Neptune orbiter in 2030


Don't go waking the Ice Giants up!

NanoAvionics satellite pulls out GoPro to take stunning selfie over Earth


Re: Clever

It's not flat, it's flat ish (I can see hills from my window!)

Actually the fish eye lens distorts things so you can't see it's really triangular!

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11


Wyndoze 10 working well, no TPM on my aging motherboard so no upgrade to 11 (not buying a new motherboard, CPU etc just for the latest OS) when the security updates stop I will probably move over fully to linux

Vivaldi email client released 7 years after first announcement


I have been using the Vivaldi browser for a couple of years now with no problems, for email I use postbox, it works well and I can access my emails even if I have no internet. I will try the Vivaldi email thing but unless it has something really special, I probably won't change

Makers of ad blockers and browser privacy extensions fear the end is near


Currently using Vivaldi with UBlock Origin, never see adds on anything, not websites or Youtube, I can't imagine the hell of being without it!

Ransomware the final nail in coffin for small university



Question.. why is Lincoln College shuttering, what's wrong with shutting? Shuttering seems to be a weird made up word that appeared in the last year or so!