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Microsoft will release a web browser for Linux next month. Repeat, Microsoft will release a browser for Linux – and it uses Google's technology



I use Edge to download Vivaldi (used to be Firefox until it went all weird on me) that's the only time I use it.

Why would I ever want it on my linux box?

Future airliners will run on hydrogen, vows Airbus as it teases world-plus-dog with concept designs


Bring it back

Bring back the horse drawn zeppelin!

Shine on you crazy diamond: We don't know who needs to hear it but NASA's explained the weird shape of the Bennu asteroid


Re: Discworld.

but.... the turtle and elephants??

Samsung says it makes the world’s best holes. Yes, holes. Holes so good they even get a brand



What's the big problem of having a "notch" anyway What are you watching that must use every millimeter of screen?

Anti-5G-vaxx pressure group sues Zuckerberg, Facebook, fact checkers for daring to suggest it might be wrong



Firstly you just can't fix stupid!

Second, how come these anti science groups always seem happy to use the internet and computers to spread their silly ideas, do they think computers are somehow "natural"?)

I suspect that the same people who distrust the medical science are quick to ask for medical help if they break a leg

Can I get some service here? The new 27-inch iMac forgoes replaceable storage for soldered innards



£1,799 for a machine I can't upgrade? I think not!

Cornish drinkers catch a different kind of buzz as pub installs electric fence at bar


Re: Great idea

Welsh has vowels?

Amazon's not saying its warehouse staff are dumb... but it feels they need artificial intelligence to understand what 'six feet' means


Re: What does 'six feet' mean?

It's the length of one average crocodile

Smart fridges are cool, but after a few short years you could be stuck with a big frosty brick in the kitchen


Updates for "up to" 10 years... 3 weeks falls under "up to"

Repair store faces hefty legal bill after losing David and Goliath fight with Apple over replacement iPhone screens



I have no intention of ever buying Apple stuff, it is over priced and the repair system is crap (but I admit they do look pretty) Anything I buy is then my property to do with as I wish, if I decide to use a non Apple repairer that is nothing to do with Apple - the equipment belongs to me not them, but I would not expect an Apple repair centre to fix it afterwards

SpaceX Crew Dragon docks at International Space Station


Why the delay?

Well done to everyone involved, but why did it take 3 hours from docking to opening the hatch, did they forget the key?

I know they needed to equalise the pressure and temperature, but I would think that 10 - 15 minutes would be enough for that.

FYI: Your browser can pick up ultrasonic signals you can't hear, and that sounds like a privacy nightmare to some


What's a TV advert?

I record everything and skip the adds, havn't watched live tv for years

Iran military manages to keep a straight face while waggling miracle widget that 'can detect coronavirus from 100m away'


Why was the guy on the left wearing his face mask half way down his face? I'm sure I could see his top lip over the top of the mask!

Budget 2020 in tech: UK.gov splashes cash on broadband and R&D while trying to limit impact of COVID-19 outbreak


A lot of talk about money being promised.... nothing being said about how we will pay for it

Good luck pitching a tent on exoplanet WASP-76b, the bloody raindrops here are made out of molten iron



If it's tidally locked (so not rotating) and the iron is being transported from the hot side to the cold side, it will eventually all be on the cold side so the iron rain will stop. Am I missing something??

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42



42 years?? there must be some mistake, I'm not that old! (am I??)

US's secret spy payload offloaded: Rocket Lab demos missile muscle with second Electron guided home


Just after?

"main engine cut-off occurring just after two minutes, 30 seconds" ...... so would that be two minutes 31 seconds?

Canadian insurer paid for ransomware decryptor. Now it's hunting the scum down


Not paying!

Infected? OK, no prob, re format and re install from my off site backup, back in business in 90 minutes :)

We strained our eyes with Lenovo's monster monitor: 43.4 inches for price of five 24" screens


How do you stop the annoying reflections on a curved screen?

Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple emits new 16" $2.4k+ MacBook Pro



It's still Crapple

OPPO's Reno 2, aka 'Baby Shark', joins the deepening pool of high-spec midranger mobes


Just bought a second hand Oneplus 3 on Ebay for £90.00, does everything I need and lots of things I will never use, why spend more?

Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts



5G is at a higher frequency tan 3G or 4G, that means it will penetrate the body LESS not more, so it's actually safer. Some people need to get an education!

Belgian F-16 pilot rescued from power line after emergency ejection


New secret equipment

It was a trial of electric powered flight, he was just just trying to connect a long extension cable to the aircraft!

Flying priests crop-dust Russian citizens with holy water to make them stop boozing and bonking


Holy water?

Is it true that they make holy water by boiling the hell out of it?

No it's not Russell Brand's new cult, it's Microsoft's Office crew rolling out their Save Experience



There is no "cloud" - just other peoples computers!

Ransomware attackers have gone from 'spray and pray' to 'slayin' prey'



It may be different for a large organisation, but if I get attacked it's just a case of re format, re install and restore from an off line backup. I can be up and running in a couple of hours.

It's Friday lunchtime on International Beer Day. Bitter hop to it, boss'll be none the weiser


Can't beat a well kept pint of Timothy Taylors Landlord bitter, better than your eurofizz lager!

Meet ELIoT – the EU project that wants to commercialize Internet-over-lightbulb


Re: One way?

Don't let your dongle dangle!



I'm in the dark about this!

Apollo 11 @ 50: The long shadow of the flag


Re: The most expensive dick swinging contest in history

At the height of the cold war, the Russians tracked Apollo every inch of the way to the Moon, any fakery would have Pravda screaming huge headlines about it. We can still detect the laser retro reflectors left on the surface, Pictures of the landing sites and tracks of the later Lunar rovers have been seen by a recent Lunar orbiter. Also with over 400,000 engineers and technicians involved how can you expect them ALL to keep a secret like that for 50 years???

50 years ago today Apollo 11 slipped the surly bonds of Earth to put peeps on the Moon


BBC Podcast

BBC Podcast about the landing, very interesting, lots of technical stuff, interviews, recordings etc.


Bonkers British MPs rant: 5G signals cause cancer


5G is at a higher frequency than 3 or 4G, this means that it will penetrate skin less. So for a given power level, 5G will have less effect on the body than 4G

If Uncle Sam could quit using insecure .zip files to swap info across the 'net, that would be great, says Silicon Ron Wyden



My company recently installed a large amount of scanning devices for a major UK company, they would scan a document and send it as an email. Part way through the install someone decided we had to set the machines to use encrypted, secure email, this worked fine, except if they needed to send a document to an external user they had to incude the password with the "encrypted" document so making the whole process useless.

Must watch: GE's smart light bulb reset process is a masterpiece... of modern techno-insanity



Words fail me!

Gonna be so cool when we finally get into space, float among the stars, work out every day, inject testosterone...


Re: We dread to think what fiddling around with needles in space is like.

You might feel a little prick!

Nope, we're stuffed, shrieks Apple channel as iPhone shipments enter a double-digit spiral


Re: "(alongside Tag, Omega, etc)."

What do these overpriced watches do that my £100 "ordinary" watch can't?

Give my regards to Reigate: Print biz Canon to up sticks in the sticks


Canon is to shutter its Reigate office

"Canon is to shutter its Reigate office" , is this different from "shut the office"??

I always thought a shutter was part of a camera, but then it is Canon :)

NASA goes commercial, publishes price for trips to the ISS – and it'll be multi-millionaires only for this noAirBNB


Yes, but would you want him to return?

Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers


The guvmint has had almost 3 years to sort out brexit, now we are just days away and they still have no idea what to do. They couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel. We should replace them all with gibbons, couldn't do a worse job and may be more entertaining!

Boffins put the FUN into fungus by rigging yeast to squirt out the active ingredients in cannabis


Mmmm... fun buns!

Western Digital deploys heatsink on remodelled M.2 to tempt gamers


Re: Window dressing

Just use black photons and it will be fine

Ever feel like all your prayers go unheard? The Catholic Church has an app for that


Re: No point

Why, he knows how devoted you are!

The communication seems very poor, every year the pope seems to pray for peace in the world, doesn't seem to be working.

Prayer seems to have the same effect as talking to yourself (I wonder why?)


No point

I never understood the point of prayer, if god is all knowing and all seeing, why pray ... he knows what you want before you do! Don't waste his/her/it's time telling him things he already knows, he is busy keeping the gravity working and the planets moving!

Come mobile users, gather round and learn how to add up




2 + 2 = 3.999999999999.......

What's the fate of our Solar System? Boffins peer into giant crystal ball – ah, no, wait, that's our Sun in 10bn years


Lucy is here!

Lucy in the sky with diamonds??

New Horizons probe reveals Ultima Thule is huge, spinning... chicken drumstick?


Well done

Well done to everyone involved :)

Falcon 9 gets its feet wet as SpaceX notch up two more launch successes


Even when things go a bit wrong it's still impressive!

NASA's Mars probe InSight really has Mars in sight: It beams back first pic after touchdown


Well done!

Well done to all involved, you have earned a pint!

30 years ago, NASA put Challenger behind it and sent a Space Shuttle back out into the black


I saw it fly

By pure luck I was able to watch the launch from Florida, I was on holiday doing the Disney thing with my kids. I got talking to someone who realised that I liked "spacy things" and offered me a free ticket to see the launch.

I think we were about 5 miles from the pad and it was one of the loudest things I ever heard, I had seen other launches on TV and heard the sound "crackle" I just assumed that this was the microphones overloading, hearing it live and the thing crackled like gods own crisp packet!

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit

Thumb Down

My printer

It's my printer, I paid for it and I own it. If I want to fill it with a mixture of carbon black and liquefied dog turds I should be able to it



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